It’s okay if they go MIA

It’s no secret among my good friends that I love little girls and always dreamed of having a little girl of my own to spoil and pamper to the max. I always imagined doing girly things with my daughter. Shopping for cute little dresses, playing dress up and stuff. But it will remain nothing but a dream cuz I don’t have one! I only have a hyperactive and overly macho little boy who is never interested in doing all those things with me.

I’m officially deprived of the love of a little girl who will tell me that I look beautiful with my new clothes or my new hairstyle. And so, when my period went MIA for more than a month, I got rather hopeful and excited. Yes! Hopeful and excited. Can you believe it? I’m well known for complaining about my parenting woes all over the Internet whenever my boy test my patience, but I felt amazingly anxious and excited when my period went MIA. =.= (Yea, I’m quite desperate for a baby daughter)

I did not tell my husband about it. I wanted to be sure before I share any news with him, cuz it’s not uncommon for a woman to miss her period even though her cycle is like clockwork. After all, I have been under a lot of stress lately, and missing period could be contributed by that. And so, I secretly bought a home testing kit that contains 2 testing kits.

They gave me this result: one pink line.

I was not satisfied. I know that to be sure, I had to get the doctor to confirm it to me. And so I did. I went to the Hospital Danau Kota to have pregnancy test and blood test done. You see, the pregnancy kit is not always accurate. They don’t always detect pregnancy hormones during the early stages of pregnancy. Some pregnancy test kits does not even detect pregnancy hormones until you’re further along.

It was a busy day in Hospital Danau Kota. There’s plenty of patients there and I should have gone for a drink at the mamak stall next door or go for window shopping in KL Festival City while waiting for my turn, but I was too anxious to go anywhere else. You see, I’m scared of needles and more often than not, doctors, especially gyne intimidates me.

And so, I waited patiently for my turn in the waiting room and saw this video  interview of Professor Peter Davies on children and their needs of sugar as a source of energy while growing up. Professor Peter Davies  is a member of Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) who happens to be here in Malaysia for Paediatric Medical Conference. Do click on the youtube video to see what it’s about. Pretty enlightening, I must say.

According to the video, it is a myth that children needs a lot of sugar during their growing up years. Many may not know this, but if extra added sugars are consumed by a child, those extra calories will simply go towards laying down excessive body fats and it may contribute towards to various health problems like obesity, diabetes and dental cavities.

Glucose syrup solids, corn syrup solids and sucrose are all added sugars. They are no good and can be found in alot of children food products, especially in growing up milk powder. Too much added sugars is definitely not good for growing children as these empty calories can lead to overweight and obesity, which can increase the risk of diabetes, heart disease and other terrible incurable diseases.

Yes, children are at risk of these disease if they consumed too much added sugar in the long run. Not only adults or the elders are at risk of these diseases, mind you. Illness like these does not discriminate, I’m afraid. So be careful of what you feed you young children, folks. The added sugars in growing up milk serves no nutritional purpose in growing up milk, and so it is okay if they just go MIA, so be sure to check the label twice for the presence of added sugar before you buy any growing up milk powder for your children. 😀

Speaking of MIA…I did mention that my period went MIA didn’t I? Well, that’s the real reason why I was at the Hospital Danau Kota; to confirm on whether I was pregnant or not. I wanted to do the lab urine and blood test to confirm it.

If you’re a lady and is a mother, you’d probably be able to tell through the home pregnancy kit that I was not pregnant as the result was negative. =.= And it happens that the stick did not lie. *BOOHOO*The blood test came out negative too and it happens that my period was delayed because of of stress and because my blood pressure have been rather low and the doctor simply gave me some pills to allow my period to commence again.

I was rather disappointed because I was not pregnant and the prospect of having a baby girl is no longer there, but then again, it’s all right. It’s not meant to be and if I’m really honest with myself, I’m not really ready to be a new mother again.Thinking back, it’s quite a relief that I won’t be having morning sickness and bloody episiotomy(no pun intended) again in the near future!

The urine and blood test may have burned a hole in my pocket, but I did not regret it cuz I learned alot of things that day about children and their dietary needs during their growing up years while waiting for my turn to see the doctor.




  1. Kai says:

    Seems like these days parents are much more health concious than before. Last time, nobody give a damn about added sugar whatsoever… in fact, our parents will feed us milk mixed with milo powder!

    • Cleffairy says:

      We have to be more concious…this is because our lifestyle is already bad…we take food that’s made in plants more than we take food that’s grown on plants…it’s the least we can do that we ensure our have an early start.

  2. Starla says:

    Jie… nvm la, can try again for a new bb. I dono that children dun nid so much sugar wan…hahas! I tot children nid alot sugar to grow up wan becoz they burn whatever they eat veli fast.

    • Cleffairy says:

      😀 it’s true that children have higher metabolism than us adults, but that duzzin mean they need to be overdosed with excessive sugar. It can make them sick. 🙁

    • Cleffairy says:

      Cis… u dun bluff bluff me la… u see my MIL… she’s strict vegetarian, but all her anaks are all boys! Den u see my parents, both oso almost a carnivore and if u ask them what is veggy, they will tell u french fries…and both of my parents anaks are girls. LOL!

      Oooo… bila mau go visit tok pakistan? I oso missed itu baby food. LOL!

  3. bigfatmama says:

    I dun bother with all these growing up milk powder. Since my daughter weaned off her growing up milk, I only give her fresh cow’s milk or fresh goat milk. I think they are better than these growing up powder. Not only no added sugar, but dun have any preservatives too.

    • Cleffairy says:

      I know a couple of parents who prefer to give their children fresh milk…depends on parents preference, I think. Not that I’m saying fresh milk are bad, but I think children could enjoy the benefits of DHA, Gangliosides and whatnot if we give them specially formulated growing up milk powder like Anmum Essential.

  4. S. Wan says:

    I’ll probably consider this after I stopped breastfeeding. I think BM is still the best for young children, and I won’t encourage any parents to go for all these milk powder until the kids are much older. Remember, mother’s milk is the best.

    • Cleffairy says:

      Yes, yes, nothing beats breastmilk. 😀 It’s something that nature designed especially for babies and it’s full of goodness. I myself breastfeed my son full-time when he was still a baby.

      But we got to wean our children off breastmilk at some point of their growing up phase… and during that time, parents should make an informed decision… don’t choose growing up powder that contains added sugar as it will not be good for them. 😀

  5. about to be a gynae says:

    to have girls shud eat MEAT not vegs as written by others! but if want boys must eat veg. so that your body is more alkali n of course the “intercourse” matters a lot too! If the man is too fast to ejaculate, then sure the baby is a girl as the body of the woman is still acidic n the Y genes swim faster n will surely die fast due to too acidic n then left the X genes which are fatter and last longer so if the ovum meets the X genes, then a girl is formed.

    At the same time, the man must eat lots of meat if he wants to have a son!
    (Other words, eat opp. what the wife eats!)


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