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From the words of a famous Disney character, Stitch ‘Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind, or forgotten.’. Yes indeed family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten. I’m a family woman and a firm believer of spending time with my family, so I’ll grab every single opportunity that I have to spend fun, quality time with them.

Speaking of fun, quality time, my family and I were given a chance to spend some quality time together in the newly revamped Klang Parade along with a bunch of other bloggers in their Bloggers’ Day Out last Saturday.

Klang Parade underwent a massive makeover  and was refurbished since June 2013, introducing structural additions to the mall including two new brightly lit atriums drenched in natural sunlight during the day, new travelators and a sense of serenity. A product of very careful planning and design by the mall ‘s owners ARA Asset Management Limited, a new al fresco food and beverage area has been established in front of Klang Parade, replacing spaces previously used as a carpark ramp.
Being one of the largest malls in the area, Klang Parade definitely has gone the distance to guarantee a pleasant shopping experience for shoppers like me, paying attention to the assortment of international and regional brands open to the public.

 photo IMG-20141214-WA0008_zpsckw1e8l7.jpg

Klang Parade Blogger Day Out. A group photo before we literally hit the mall.

 photo IMG_20141213_164417_zps6gomv3eg.jpg

There was a surprise funky dance performance to welcome us too. 8tv’s  Showdown and Astro Battleground dance competition, Rejuvenate Dance Crew, showcased breathtakingly energetic movements, just outside their soon to be opened dance studio, called the Peanut Butter Studio.

Awesome, don’t you think? Should you want to learn how to dance like them, you could look up the Peanut Butter Dance Studio in Klang Parade soon. 😉

 photo PC137170_zpsvfp8usbs.jpg

After all the funky dancing excitements, we were ushered to Firezone Family KTV. The Firezone Family KTV is located on the 5th floor.

 photo IMG-20141214-WA0030_zpszmegzczu.jpg

There’s plenty of rooms in the Firezone Family KTV, a one stop family KTV with Wifi, Cafe, Snack & Pool KTV. Firezone Family KTV in Klang Parade has 44 units of small, medium, VIP and VVIP rooms.

 photo IMG_20141213_171750_1_zpsujmztriw.jpg

1 hour of karaoke session for us bloggers was definitely not enough. Here’s girlfriend Wendy and Rane singing their hearts out. Song selections was pretty decent, I guess. Quite a safe bet if you are looking for a fun karaoke-ing time with family and friends.

 photo PhotoGrid_1418633482861_zpsbuvpa0jc.jpg

Snacks are readily available to order to in Firezone Family KTV. Not sure if it comes with the hourly karaoke packages, but do look it up if you ever drop by. Their pizzas is actually not bad. Pretty decent for a KTV.

Firezone Family KTV Klang Parade reservation No: +6-03-3359 6303.


After an hour of singing, we were let loose in Circus Circus Arcade on 4th floor.

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While the Firezone Family KTV is mostly catered to teenagers and adults, the arcade on the other hand provides hours of entertainment for both small children and adults alike.

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Arcade video games are readily available. I was a tad disappointed to discover that my all time favourite arcade game, Tekken is not there, but I had a go at the classic Street Fighter arcade video game machine nevertheless. Brings back the memories of yesteryears, really. 😉 I used to play similar games when in was still a teenager.

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Here’s me, having fun….after going a few rounds at the Street Fighter arcade video game machine.

 photo IMG_162596027767511_zpsap8untz0.jpeg

After indulging our inner children at the Circus Circus Arcade, it’s time for the Klang Parade Mall Hunt. Bloggers were assigned into three groups for the mall hunt, and here’s my first stop. Tune Talk Service Centre. We were introduced to the Tune Talk services and packages and was given an assignment, which is to pose crazily before we were given our very own Tune Talk simpack. 😉 I was a very happy girl…as part of the number for my simpack and my husband’s simpack is 520. Our anniversary date, and also means ‘I love you’ in Cantonese.

 photo IMG_20141213_185819_zpssk6dbs8x.jpg

After unleashing our inner models, we head out for our second station; the Fresh Fruits stall where our task was to make our very own skewered fruits.

 photo IMG_20141213_185708_zps6pde0vna.jpg

Here’s my good friend Rane with her fruit stick. Will you just look at that! So much fruity goodness!

 photo IMG-20141214-WA0029_zpsd0xx1fv6.jpg

Third station is the I.GF Nail Spa where you could have some R&R doing pedicure and manicure.

 photo IMG_20141213_190825_zpsqoqjafbf.jpg

Cute setting for manicure session, don’t you think? Very feminine and girlish.

 photo IMG_20141213_190907_zpssm1rhrls.jpg

Comfy chairs for pedicure sessions.

 photo IMG_20141213_191801_zpsecyc7hdl.jpg

There was not much time allocated for us here so we were told that we could only get one or two of our nails done instead of the entire set. So here’s me, getting my nail art done.

 photo IMG_20141213_193618_zpsk6a4j4rp.jpg

My husband joined the fun too and get his done too. Here’s us, fingers intertwined. 😉 A note on their service: A first class service with attentive staff and nail artists. Highly recommended and a must visit if you’re into nail arts. Will be writing more about them soon, you can count on it.

 photo IMG-20141214-WA0010_zps0ysvkt5j.jpg

By the time we are done with our nail art at the nail spa, we were famished and headed over to the food court in the vicinity of the Klang Parade Mall to fill up our tummy. It was about 8.00pm.

 photo 1511904_908734865803403_7579524531253819266_n_zpshmt08tsb.jpg

The Next Food Junction. There was plenty of stalls in the food court, separated into two, the Halal section and the Non-Halal section.
 photo 10850089_908734955803394_8988241569521850914_n_zpsx1i05fe8.jpg
The non-Halal section

I’ll be frank with you. The food court is rather disappointing in terms of food availability and service. Service is rather slow at the Halal section even though it was not really crowded. I suppose the staff was not really trained in handling the crowd yet, especially the drinks stall. Customers were not ushered to wait at one side of the counter for their drinks after taking their orders. Instead, they were allowed to wait in queue, resulting in massive queues and long wait by other customers in line who want to place orders. I seriously think this ought to be rectified.

Some of the stalls were also already out of food by 8.00pm. 🙁 I wanted to have a go at the Japanese food and try their Bento set and sushi, but I was informed that they have no more rice and they are not going to cook anymore. Uhh…what? It was only 8pm and I assume the food court closes at 10pm when the mall closes. How could you not have cooked to cater more diners? It’s really a shame, so I had chicken rice at their neighbouring stall instead.

 photo IMG_20141213_201842_zpsd70cvtnr.jpg

Taste- wise, the chicken rice was mediocre. Portion wasn’t that big. Nothing to complain, nothing to shout about either. Price-wise…it was economical and affordable.

While the experience at the food court was not so pleasant in terms of food availability and service, I have no other complaints. It is nice to note that Klang Parade divide the halal and non halal section and I noticed that cleanliness is top notch. Having said that, I am grateful nevertheless that I managed to get my tummy filled.

 photo PC137396_zpsmeioe22s.jpg

After dinner we proceed to the Upin and Ipin meet and greet and had photography session there. My son had loads of fun meeting the animated characters live, and our nights ends there.

Overall… We had loads of fun, and I suppose I will be visiting again to check out what else they have to offer in Klang Parade Mall. I have yet to explore the entire mall yet…and I’m looking forward to spend time with my family there again.

For more information about Klang Parade, visit their facebook page HERE

Klang Parade
2112, KM2 Jalan Meru, 41050 Klang, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: +603-3343 7889


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