Knowing the Perfect Time for Real Estate

When it comes time for you to look into making a purchase, there are always reasons that you should be looking to buy and reasons that you should be cautious of the market. As simple as that may sound, people will get caught up in the market and will oftentimes just want to put their money into a home due to momentum, and their general worry of being caught up in massive market increases across the real estate spectrum. While you may want to avoid any sort of waiting because it could seem like the prices of homes are just going up and the good homes are being sold, pay attention to the following because there are times to buy and there are also times to hold off and wait.

Do Buy Special Circumstances with Motivated Sellers

There are times and circumstances when the party who is selling a parcel or property knows they aren’t asking top dollar, but they still want to sell anyways. This could be due to a death or divorce. It could also be due to a job transfer or even a job loss. When people are looking to make a clean break and they don’t want to (or don’t have time) to doddle, then according to Divorce Net, they will take much less than the actual price. And, while these sorts of things might seem terrible to act upon, you also have to think about it from the other point of view.

If the individual who is selling absolutely needs to sell, then if they put a piece of real estate up on the market for a given price you shouldn’t feel bad about buying what they are willingly selling. In fact, if you choose not to buy out of feeling sympathy for their situation, you may be preventing them from getting rid of the stress and could put them in a worse off situation. There are always times when people choose to sell low, and if you can find a property that is absolutely undervalued for one reason or another then you can definitely grab a deal and make up some equity at the same time.

Don’t Buy During Peak Season

Sometimes people will get ready to put their house on the market and then they will want to sell right during the peak season. This might be good because if everyone else knows that houses are on the market and will sell fast then you may just get a quick offer. However, you also need to be aware of the fact that if you turn around and try to buy during the peak season, you could wind up falling into the same trap and buying a house that is extremely overvalued or overpriced because you didn’t wait. The key is to do a thorough search for real estate with PropertyGuru Malaysia so you can find the right property at the right price. Sometimes it takes time and you might see a parcel you were interested in get scooped up. However, it’s better to let someone else overpay than to do it yourself.

Do Buy with Off Season

The converse of the previous point is that as long as you have the opportunity to buy all of the time, then when the perfect time comes along you should buy.  According to Business Insider, the best time of the year to buy a home is in October, and that is because too many people will be desperate. They will have been in the same buying mode all summer, and now that the winter is right around the corner they will wind up wanting to unload it for a very favorable price. If you simply prepare for the off-season of selling and then strike when the market is cold, you can command your own price in many cases.

Don’t Buy When Market Prices Are Spiking

If you think that real estate starts to climb to an all-time high, you may also o want to pump the brakes and wait a while to make sure nothing silly is right around the corner. As silly as it sounds, you don’t want to jump into a market when there is a potential bubble in the housing market. You need to honestly consider the prices and ask yourself if they are too high. At that point you should be able to tell if you are buying just based on the idea that prices are going up, or if you are buying for a good deal.

When you think about buying real estate and other properties, there is no such thing as a perfect home or a perfect deal. However, if you consider the specifics that surround any real estate transaction you could wind up getting a tremendous property at a tremendous price, so long as you pay attention to when and how you are buying. The circumstances matter and can affect everything.

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  1. Ciana says:

    I agree with what you’ve mentioned about real estate and the perfect time to purchase properties. The economy also plays a factor – if the financial market isn’t doing well, it’ll affect employment and in turn lead to property prices being slashed. I guess it’s the same as the marketing ideology of supply and demand?

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