Family Friendly Eco Adventure with Treks in Resorts World Genting

Last father’s day, my family and I were invited to spend the weekend exploring the jungle in the vicinity of Awana Resorts, Genting Highlands where 130 million years old untouched rainforest lies. Being a nature lover and an Adrenaline junkie, is an invitation that I could not resist. A weekend away from the concrete jungle? I always say yes to such an invitation in a heartbeat. I never liked to stay at home anyway. At least, not on weekend. It is just so depressing and suffocating.

Dragging my husband and son along with me that fateful weekend, we spent 2D1N exploring a 130 million years old rainforest in Genting Highlands, a place very rich with biodiversity for nature lovers to savor.

Yes, you are reading that right. I mentioned Genting Highlands. The place that is commonly known as a city of entertainment and is well known for its casinos and live performances. This may sound strange to some, but here’s a newsflash for you.

There is more to Genting Highlands than just its hotels, indoor theme parks and casinos. Genting Highlands have much more to offer than just that.

Resorts World Genting is currently working alongside with Treks Nature Enterprise, a company that aims to present nature to visitors in a fashionable way.

Attractions that we experienced during our 2D1N eco escapade was:

Nepenthe’s Conservatory

 photo FB_IMG_1467284380756_zps7lcolovm.jpg

Here at the conservatory, we were shown to all sort of Nephentes, or the common name for it, the pitcher plants. Read more about it HERE

The Fashion Forest

 photo FB_IMG_1467284796314_zpshupa8x9t.jpg

A forest concept where Treks aims to showcase the forest to visitors in a safe and fashionable way. Read more about it HERE.

The English Garden

 photo FB_IMG_1467284729507_zpsrhpix9ia.jpg

A beautiful garden with magnificent views. Read more about it HERE.

A ride on the cable cars in Genting Skyway

 photo FB_IMG_1467284741673_zps0m1tff6d.jpg

One way to reach the top of Resorts World Genting is via the cable cars in Genting Skyway. Read more about it HERE.

Birdwatching at IBA

 photo FB_IMG_1467284809520_zpsprtt9f7i.jpg

Birdwatching at Awana IBA, where we managed to see some migratory birds. More about it HERE.

Jungle trekking

 photo FB_IMG_1467284853611_zpsean36lep.jpg

One of the activities offered by Treks is jungle trekking. More about it HERE.


 photo FB_IMG_1467284895168_zpspuenpdep.jpg

Herping is a term used for searching for amphibians and reptiles. Definitely not for the faint hearted. And you may read more about our experience HERE.

If there is something I must say about programs offered by Treks’ is that it is not only a family friendly program, but the activities gives opportunities to discover nature in the most fun and up close and personal way. It also helps to stimulate people and help them develop as nature loving individual. If asked if I would go for this again, I definitely would not hesitate to say yes.

The Treks programmes begin in June 2016 and are available from 9am to 10pm.

Pricing for the programs is as below;

Self-Guided Fashion Forest walks:
RM35 per adult (12 years and above); RM30 per child (11 years and below)

Guided nature walks:
RM75 per adult; RM65 per child

Special-interest walks (Birding/Herping/Black Gibbon/Helmeted Hornbill):
RM250 per person

For more information on programmes and prices, go to Treks’s website and Facebook page or please call 03-27181118 or logon to

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