Loosing innocence…

When you see the tissue with blood spots in the picture below…what does it reminds you of?

Would you think about innocence lost? Loosing virginity?

Perhaps you should not go that far. It’s just blood spill. And blood spill would mean that someone is hurt and in need of help, and instead of imagining things or just do nothing, one should think of offering help instead or ask if that someone is all right or not.

It’s human nature to be curious about things that happened around them. For an example, typical Malaysian would stop their car by a roadside just to watch an accident instead of helping out.

There would be so many spectators during accident that they would cause the road to be congested. But seriously… how many of those spectators are helpers? How many of them called an ambulance or police when an accident occurred? How many of those spectators are the members of St. John Ambulance or the Red Cross but did not offer any help just because they are not wearing their uniform and think that it is all right and nobody would know that they are one if they never say a word?

How many, you tell me? How many of you thought of extending a helping hand to the traumatized victims instead of busy snapping pictures so that you can blog about it or jot down the registration number so that you can buy 4D or toto later on? And how many attempt to talk to the surviving accident victims and ask if they needed to contact their family and inform them of what had happened to them?

I don’t have the answer for that. I was once a victim of an unfortunate accident once, and not many extended help. Instead, many are busy snapping pictures with their camera phone or busy creating stories and speculating on how the accident happen.

Each time I see a tissue with spots of blood like this… it would remind me that someone out there might be hurt and in need of help, and if would do good if each and every one of us keep in mind that we should extend help to people first when they needed it, not do other things that will benefit us at the expense of other people’s life or misfortune.

Cleffairy: Innocence is never lost if we have a mind to be innocent.


  1. http://cleffairy.com/online-dating-is-a-waste-of-time/ says: http://cleffairy.com/dating-short-men/

    Most of the folks are there to kaypoh…. and later gossip abt it. Some even take pixs and blogged it, and worst still, they caused traffic congestion.

    Frankly I think most of the folks don’t want to get into the trouble of helping and wasting their time and efforts with a mind your own business mentality.

    It really takes courage to help out and I see very less people doing that.

  2. manglish says:

    hahhahahahhahah dont u think that the person needs help too if those are virgin’s blood? hahhaha u may not know she can be in a lot of trouble after that hahahahahha…..

      • donna says:

        i typed a very long comment just now, then the stupid connection lost.. and everything is gone..

        =.=”.. *retype back
        just now at work cannot read, so now then read.. =____=”
        seriously, i never witnessed serious accident b4 (got also small one, where the car owner still very much alive arguing at road side and caused the traffic jam)

        so, i am not sure what will i do.. Coz sometimes were fake accident, if you stop by to help, you get robbed/raped. this is what i am worrying.. T.T

        • http://cleffairy.com/interracial-dating-london/ says:

          Wahhhhh….aiyohh… Malaysian inet connection memang sux wan lerr, Donna. LOL…I sometimes have the same prob when i post my entries, damn celaka wan… lost all sumore. So stupid!

          Actually, i just hote those kaypochee… dowan to help, den move their but out of the scene lorr… yerr… make traffic jam nia! Sien wan!

          For me horr.. I would probably just make phonecall to the ambulance or police, den cabut lorrr… at least got ‘help’ make phone call ma. LMAo….

  3. fatty oldman says:

    thats our bullehland…instead of helping they spectating…everyday i saw blood no matter from my mouth or from my shit…hehe

  4. Bananaz says:

    Reminds me of nose bleed but on deeper thoughts usually would roll the tissue like a cigar and stuffed it into the nose. So next choice would be blood from a cut finger while preparing lunch. You have spoken the true facts of the mentality of the public here.. *sigh*

  5. Gratitude says:

    People here are generally selfish. The only time the pay attention to others is when they wanna kaypo which is once again, a self-serving gesture coz it entertains them.

    I also wonder, why are Msians generally so kaypo on the roads? Not only the affected side of the road, but also the other side that wld be congested just bcoz people slow down to see what had happened.

    Btw, Donna is rite. The tissue reminded me of the many times i pressed my zits! lolz

  6. foongpc says:

    Hi, first time dropping by here from Manglish’s blog.

    When I see a tissue paper with blood, I’ll say “Yucks! Whose tissue is this? Why leave it lying around? Don’t know what blood is that! Throw it away!”


  7. foongpc says:

    Hi, first time dropping by here from Manglish’s blog.

    If I see a tissue paper with blood, I will say ” Yucks! Whose tissue is this? Why is it lying around? Don’t know what blood is that! Throw it away!!”


  8. kelvin says:

    My 1st thought was tat the blood is wat after squeezing pimples lol.

    i got banged by a car at the age of 14, luckily for me, some passerbys help to guide the traffic and some ask for my home no. and some call the ambulance. I think i will be dead if they did not help:)

  9. eugene says:

    HMMMMMMMMMMM, i did not lose my virginity with the prove on blodd stain in the tissue, ok ok , cleff, when i see blood on the tissue, i would first determine big spot or small spots ,then i will do what is necessary.

  10. jen says:

    sad to say, i’m with the majority but it doesn’t mean i am cold blooded lorr. nowdays very dangerous mahh, who knows if someone purposely creates accident to rob us, especially when we girls are alone. i think i read too much on those forwarded e-mails liao, takut jorr

    • http://cleffairy.com/interracial-dating-london/ says:

      Yeah… that I know oso… but some of it is real lerr… can see wan ma… the victim all bloodied and yelling with entire family inside. I really hate those spectators who stops the car aside and do nothing but ask “What happened ah?” So stupid… oredi know it’s an accident, summore wanna ask? Call the ambulance lorr, for God sake. Aihhh…the most geram thing is that they make the road jam for nothing! grrrr!

  11. shakira says:

    Now, I maybe weird but when I see accidents, before I have kids , I will stop to help, cause I was a Red Crescent member.

    Now, I have also helped people when I have my kids and you will be surprised by how many times these people are not thankful.lol

    So…what I do now is I will call the police and will leave only when I know that HELP is there.

    Whenever I am in the hospital, I try to help in whatever way , not just when people bleed. I offer food and a listening ear.


    p.s not only malaysians are kaypohs ler…human nature to be I guess.

  12. Jeremin says:

    First impression of the photo is the blood after squeezing the pimple or acne.

    Even s’porean are not helpful when ppl is in need of help. I think the ppl in this world are selfish creatures, except a small minority.

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