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Some of you were quite concern about me as I appeared to feel stressful and in distress lately, and for that, I thank whatever power above that there are people who cares for me genuinely.

Do not worry about me. I’m expressing myself in a rather constructive way.

This is what I’ve been doing:


Yeah… been at it since 1st November 2009. Writing a novel. Writing therapy is good, I must say. I get to kill and revive people as I pleased. And here’s an excerpt from my novel this year, and I’ll be damned if I don’t finish this one this year!

A dark, shadowy figure sat on a tree watched a sleeping young lady from afar under the moonlight through her window. The beautiful lady slept peacefully while the one who was observing her jumped down from the tree branch that he’s latching swiftly, as swift as the wind. Sadness and grief followed his footsteps as he silently walked beneath the silvery moonlight. He could not bear watching her any longer. It breaks his heart badly.

“Sire?” a voice squeaked out, breaking the silence of the night. The man did not startle despite of the invincibility of the owner’s voice.

“She couldn’t remember me….she couldn’t, Zephyr…she couldn’t, and she wouldn’t” a smooth voice replied, shattering the silence around them. The voice was almost inaudible, as if his words were not meant to be heard by anyone.

Wind started to blow, engulfing the dark figure and his supposedly companion, revealing a very handsome young man and a winged horse. The man was wearing a cloak, shielding him from the cold. Such strange picture against the modern world setting, as if the pair just came out from a strange world, or rather, a fairytale story.

As a car drove by and almost hit the two figure. The winged horse leap and took flight and soared high in the sky, causing the driver who witnessed the whole process to watch in disbelief with his jaw gaping open.

“So what are you going to do, Your Highness? The Queen could not remember you anymore…her people needs her…” the horse said and once again, breaking the still of the night as the man on his back patted the horse’s head softly. Navigating away from the sparkling city, the pair bump into the clouds, and as it burst, a lush world came into view. A beautiful world that is far from modern or tainted with the buzzing vehicles.

“As what I always did, Zephyr, I will claim her. I will claim her all over again, and she will remember what I meant to her.” the man said, and his words were like a vow. He definitely meant to do it.

I don’t usually put up my work in progress for display, but I’m in need of constructive criticism, cuz my novel is in the danger of being nothing but a fluff romance. So, comments, anybody?

Cleffairy: I know the book cover sucks. Hey, I’m no graphic artist. LOL…I’d be glad, though, if someone out there who is a graphic artist would care to ‘donate’ me a book cover if I ever to publish it.


  1. Christopher says:

    I have been reading a lot of novels lately but all are sci-fi stuffs. Dunno how to comment on your fragment of work as I’m not really a romance novel fan…haha… Thanks for sharing.

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