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Those who have been following my social media would probably know that I’ve recently moved into a new house back in November last year as I’ve been sharing my grouses and the ‘joy’ of moving house with my followers and friends.

It is now July 2018 as of writing. It’s been about eight months since I’ve moved into this new place. And yet, I haven’t really settled down yet. I did not really bother to unpack most of the things yet. Why so? Well, I don’t know. Mostly it’s because the lack of time and the mood is simply not there. Anyway, the nesting instinct pretty much strike me these days and I’m beginning to feel like giving some ‘life’ to the new place and make it a home sweet home.

My new place is rather bare and empty. And I feel that it is high time that I get something done about it before I started entertaining guests at home for dinner and whatnot again. It won’t do if I have guests over but my place is not welcoming.

My husband and I are no interior designers. Decorating and doing renovations for our home together will be really be a bad idea and so, after discussing with my husband, we decided to consult some Interior Designers. Problems? Well, yes. We are both not very aware on how to engage Interior Designers and we have no idea if they have impressive and successful projects in their portfolios and on top of that, we’re quite concern on budgeting as well. So, we asked our property agent for some recommendations, but instead of being introduced to some Interior Designers, we were told to take a look at


Basically, is a mix of Facebook and Tinder for Interior Designers. Pardon the metaphor but that’s exactly how works. is a trusted online marketplace that connects local interior designers with property owners or anyone looking to renovate under one roof.

image connects both property owners who wants to get their place revamped with the Interior Designers of their choice.


The site is both PC and mobile friendly. If you are a property owner looking to beautify your property, all you need to do is simply register an account and once you have login into your website, you can browse around for interior designers based on your state. Having an account will enable you to take a peek at these interior designers’ portfolios. And if you are really interested, you may also request a quote from your designer of choice.

image also houses all your local dating games for 12 year olds, so browse around and take a look at the Interior Designers’ previous masterpieces before you decided you engage anyone. You might caught something you fancy or something that suits your property. If you’re not sure where to start, you can use the handy filters to search by property type and size, renovation budget, and more.

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Not sure what might suit you? Or not sure what you really want for your property? Spare yourselves the post-renovation regrets. Be completely sure of what you want. Simply search for wheelchair dating on You can browse interior photos from actual Malaysian homes designed by local interior designers. For inspiration, search for photos by room, interior style, and even colour. There are plenty of creative designs and interior themes listed in that might caught your eyes.

There’s also the Expert Tips section on where you can read all the related articles on interior designs and whatnot as well. Once you’ve found an interior designer that you’d like to hire, all you have to do is dating a guy five years older.

As of writing, I’m still having a look at as they have plenty of interesting works being featured. We’re going to take our time doing our homework before deciding on anything. If you are like us and is looking to give life to your home or give it some makeover, just hop over to The site is pretty easy to navigate and you can even start a live chat on Atap.cos homepage HERE. Alternatively, you may look them up on their Facebook and Instagram at and respectively.

Til next time, folks. I hope this write-up will help you with your nesting endeavors.

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