Meeting Micheal Shumacher and Nico Rosberg

On normal days, if you happen to look up from the ground of Concourse KLCC area, it will look like this:


Or maybe like this

But yesterday, the crowd was really crazy. It’s like this

Horrifying? Yes. It nearly give me a heart attack, but I’m really a huge fan of F1 racing…ahem…make that Micheal Shumacher’s big fan. I’ve been following his career ever since I was a kid.

My boys are a big fan too, and so, when the kind folks from Petronas updated me that Malaysia Mercedes F1 racers will be here in KLCC for a children’s outreach program and a meet and greet session would still be on despite the fact that the one to one media engagement session as well as the press conference has been cancelled, I knew that I’d have to conquer my fear of being in a massive crowd so that me and my boys could meet the racers in person. My boy was really excited about it, and he wants his red cap to be autographed.


It was a real challenge to get near for the autograph. The crowd was wild and crazy and the bouncers are aggresive and rude. They do not hesitate to push people away if they think we’re getting too near. Media and the public alike receives the same treatment.Security on the other hand are really strict, but not as horrible as the bouncers. They’re the worst lot.


I managed to bring the boy close to the racers,somehow…

Quite a miracle, I must say.

Managed to get the young and dashing Nico Rosberg


And the dashing and charming Shuey himself to sign the red cap for my boy…

We not only managed to get the cap autographed, but managed to snap some pics and shake their hands too. And on top of that, Nico and Shuey gave us these as well…


Autographed biography cards. Shuey was so nice to draw a smiley on it too. 😀

It was really exhausting and terrifying to have to deal with the crowds…but everyone was happy by the end of the day. It is wonderful to get close to the racers in person and not just on tv while they’re racing.

Nico Rosberg was really shy in person. He was blushing all the way,but the same cannot be said for Shuey. He’s very friendly and a real charmer. He’s also very good with children and very warm kind of guy.

Cleffairy: Tsk…my love knows no bound. The things I’ll do for my boys…who would have thought I’d survive the crowds?


  1. Gratitude says:

    Double wow! You got to meet 2 wonderful drivers, although me thinks Shuey is possibly the greatest F1 driver ever! ^^
    Will you be going for the upcoming race?


    • Cleffairy says:

      Hahaha… yeah… cool isn’t it? Well at least for a fan, meeting them would be very cool. Yup yup… Shuey is great, but the late Aryton Senna will always have a special place in my heart. Neway, Shuey is all smiley and very friendly… *charmed* Can’t wait for the upcoming race in Sepang. 🙁 No… not going, I’m broke and I have no sponsors for the tickets. LOL!

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