Merry XMas

Here’s wishing all Over A Cuppa Tea readers a Merry Xmas and happy holidays with family and loved ones.


Oops, my apologies on the picture above. I’ve always mistook Xmas for Holloween. Even though Xmas have always been my favourite time of the year, seeing people are more generous and cheerful, however, the horrors of Xmas never seems to ease from my mind ever since I was a little girl.

As much as I loved the festive season and good tidings around, there are things about Christmas that scares me and displeases me. Want to know more about my fears, dear readers? Read on, but be forewarned though, as by the time you finished reading, you’ll probably think I’m a freak, or maybe related to Ebenezer Scrooge or Mr. Grinch-

  • Since I was five years old, I fear Santa Clause as much as I fear the clown. They freak me out, literally. I hate the thought of some strangers coming into my bedroom. When I was a little girl, refused to sleep on Xmas Eve and I stayed awake til after midnight so that I can scream my head off when Santa comes into my room. I used to think that Santa Clause are some sort of Satan that will lure me with presents and toss me into his gunny sack before taking me away from my parents. Hence, I nicknamed Santa Clause as Satan Claws.
  • When I was in kindergarten, I thought the flying reindeer were some sort of weird dog mutants or some alien from outer space. The image of flying reindeer scares me.
  • Then when I was 6 years old, I found out that Santa are actually fake, because my kindergarten teacher, who’s a middle age black woman, dressed up in a Santa suit, complete with beard and all, gives out presents to the kindergarten kids. Since then, I knew Santa was fake and I started to labeled adults as liars, including my own parents for telling me that Santa Clause are real.
  • Xmas always makes my tummy ache. Xmas is actually the mother of all festival horror, cuz the food could really make my digestive system work overtime.
  • I’m scared of turkey. They are too big, and like Santa’s reindeer, I used to think that they are mutant chicken.
  • I thought that elf are little people who will bite me and pull out my teeth when I was asleep.
  • I always thought the Xmas tree was so huge that it could come down crashing on me and squash me to death or worst, electrocute me!


  • I grew up, and found out that I had wild imaginations, but that did not stop me from having fears towards Santa, as I keep imagining that a strange man will break into my house in Santa suit during the night before Xmas and steal my belongings or worst, murder me or rape me. What else could a strange man do when they enter one’s house during festive season while everyone are sleeping, anyway? They do the naughty, the bad and the evil things, of course.
  • There are many drunkards during festive season, especially Xmas. Living in a condo, I’m not spared from seeing drunkards who just came back from their clubbing or drinking session on Xmas Eve. They disrupt my sleep with their loud and inconsiderate noises and completely disgust me.
  • There are many assholes out there are on prowl during Xmas and they’re waiting for a chance to spike those ignorant girl’s drink and make her have sex with them. Worst, their acts could have been recorded and they will be blackmailed!
  • I kept thinking on how many girls lost their virginity without their consent on Xmas Eve.
  • I felt that sometimes Xmas are too commercialize that it’s now all about presents and gifts and no longer about spending time with family and loved ones.
  • It scares me to think that some people are surrounded with debts as they tend to shop more during festive season like Xmas.
  • It upset me that children these days do not know what is the real meaning of Xmas as they are only given toys and presents during Xmas.
  • I felt bad celebrating as there are many orphans who celebrate Xmas in orphanage and not much people are giving a thought about them. They must have felt inferior to those kids who were lucky enough to get presents on Xmas.
  • I feel sorry for the doctors and nurses in the ER, as during Xmas, there will also be a lot of accidents as a result of drunk driving.
  • I hate the fact that the mat rempit will go on rampage during Xmas too. ( I almost accident because of one, as one of em threw the Santa hat onto the road!)
  • I hate the fact that the mall are making a lot of money just by luring people by putting up a Xmas sale.

If I were to write why I’m horrified by Xmas, I might as well write a book about it, but before the readers call the asylum for my paranoid thinking, I’d like to assure you that I do love some part of Xmas and they are as listed below:

  • When I was a little girl, I used to go caroling door to door with boys and girls my age. I really missed going caroling when I came back to Malaysia.
  • I love the fact that my mom and dad would spend more time with me and my lil sister on Xmas eve and Xmas, and never failed to cook good food for us to eat.
  • I love the family gathering.
  • When I was a little girl, I absolutely adore the time when I were told Xmas stories before going to bed.
  • I like the good tidings and seasons greetings from people around, and those who are celebrating Xmas are easier to deal with. They make me smile with their cheerfulness.
  • I absolutely love the fact that my loved ones will be at home and nowhere else during Xmas season, so I’m all warm and happy inside.
  • Being an adult,one of the things that I love about Xmas is not really the food or shopping, but the tradition that I made up for Xmas, which is to watch While You Were Sleeping and read A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens on Xmas Eve while cuddling with my other half before going to bed. This is what I love most about Xmas

And so, before you guys scream at me for putting up the horrible pictures, below is the REAL Xmas message to all of you from me. LOL. Merry Xmas and enjoy the holiday with your family and loved ones.


And below, is a message for my loved ones…you know who you are, I don’t need to mention here, do I?


Cleffairy: Xmas is the time for family, joy and cheer. Please be safe this Xmas. Make sure you take all precautions to make your home as safe as possible from thief, don’t drink and drive, and last but not least, do not take drinks from strangers if you’re to celebrate it in a pub with your peers.


  1. amoker says:

    I agree with your posting on Christmas. For my family, it is always a day in the church, with family and mostly to do things for others. It is the day for Christ.

    Nowadays, seems like almost everybody is holding a Christmas party. It is Claus-mas , the homage to the God of feel good that was enhanced by Coca Cola’s marketing. It is sad that drinking and partying is giving the celebration a bad name.

    But, the personal little tidings comes from our session with the orang asli and a session with orphanage. These are volunteers from different races who gave their own time and money to real people in need.

  2. cleffairy says:

    Kikey, have a merry Xmas with your girls, Kikey. 😀

    Arc… thank you for thr greetings and happy holidays to you. I have to tell you though, last night I was cursing like mad cuz some bastard mat rempit were ‘celebrating’ Xmas and almost langgar me. Really asshole!

    FuFu, merry Xmas to you too, hope you had great time with your friends and loved ones.

    Chris, heyya, thank heavens you din claim I’m nuts for being scared of Santa-Damn! That fat man in red scares me to death!’

    Amoker, I couldn’t agree more with you. It just saddened me to see Xmas to be so commercialized and the party and drinking til puking is a must have on Xmas. I felt that the real meaning have long been shot to death…more and more less people spend a very family oriented Xmas… but of course not everyone are like that. For me, Xmas is a very personal things-family, friends, God, etc etc. Neway, have a merry blessed Xmas to you, Amoker.

    … ahaha, yeah, cukup ganas… 😛 Merry xmas to you and your family.

    , my beloved didi… of course you’re in my loved ones list. Ahaha, same like ur jiefu, cat, jie’s mom and dad, Aunt Iris, and the list goes on. Ahahaha. Merry Xmas… u work or hols?

    Tikno, thank you for dropping by and for the wishes. Send my wishes to your family too. 😀

  3. amoke says:

    am tired of local radio stations and their song selections. “Christmas” song that is played includes a song with lyrics like this…
    “Please dun break up with me on christmas/
    why not wait till new year”

    and another one where the girl was calling Santa ‘baby’ and singing
    “i love you baby / would want to caress you / won’t you come tonight/”

    Apa ni? (hit head)

  4. Tera says:

    wah… Thank goodness I saw this like after Christmas. fuyoh… the first pic got me…it reminded me of one of the episodes of the Supernatural…

    Anyway… Happy Christmas (it’s a lil late) and Happy New Year!!!

  5. cleffairy says:

    Kellaw… htf, okay la, not bad, good to kill time. 😛

    … I hate them a lot! I mean, these mat rempits really have nothing better to do than to ride dangerously! Hantar ke rumah mayat then they know. *roar*. Dun get me wrong, I’m not against normal motorist… you know, those that ride carefully, I used to be a motorist too when I was in college, cuz I have no car yet. But those mat rempits are giving bad names to youths and other motorists around. How to curb this problem? Easy *points to KJ* stop KJ from supporting these chaps too much.

    Jo, Merry Xmas to you too. 😀

    Pete… merry Xmas to you, your kids and your missus… 😛 What did you cook ah? Turkey mana?

    … *sigh* I know, and it irks me too. And people call me a party pooper for not liking these stuff. But what is there to like anyway? These are not the real meaning of Christmas. I dun really listen to the radio, cuz I got sick of their payola! Wtf, the song not nice but keep repeating for God knows how many times in an hour. Pissed me off to no end!

    … lol… sorry if that scares you… I hope the fouth and the fifth quotes pleases you though. LOL… Nope, it’s not to late to wish anyone a merry xmas, Tera. There’s 12 days of Xmas. 😛

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