My 14 Days Beauty Challenge With EPHYRA

Remember I posted up about EPHYRA quite some time ago? I’m not sure if you remembered it, but I’ve shared a blog post about it quite some time ago and have been sharing EPHYRA’s photos on my Facebook page and Instagram quite frequently throughout the month.

I’m sure you know what EPHYRA is by now, but if you haven’t been lurking around in the cyberspace and have no idea what is it, allow me to reintroduce it to you.

EPHYRA is a beauty drink that contains collagen and and all sort of natural goodness that could help supplement your body to not only be more beautiful and ravishing, but healthy and energetic as well. For a detail information about it you can read my post HERE

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When I first posted up about EPHYRA on my Facebook and Instagram, I received tonnes of mixed reaction from my friends and followers in the form of comments, private messages and emails. Some are out of curiousity about the product and some was appalled that I would be ‘poisoning’ my body with chemical drinks that claimed to be able to make you more beautiful. To be honest, I was a little bit flabbergasted with such remarks, but then again, it is to be expected cuz some of my friends are health freaks who supports a complete organic diet regime in their lives. To some of them, as long as the food or drinks does not originally grow on plants, they’re all harmful to the body.

But I beg to differ. It is truly unfair to say that taking health/beauty supplement like EPHYRA is harmful for the body as throughout my 14 days using EPHYRA, I gain nothing but benefits from it. EPHYRA changed my life for the better.

Let me tell you a little secret. I never was a vain person til I realizes that my entire body is damaged. I never used to bother on how I look like and whenever I go out, I never even bothered with any make ups. I never even bothered to use sunscreen when I go out. I did not realized it then, but by and by, my entire body began to age prematurely. There are fine lines, and my skin was terribly tanned and uneven. Even then, I did not care until I was contracted with chicken pox. Yup. You’re reading that right. I never had chicken pox before as a child, and I was unfortunate enough to get it as an adult. Inexperienced as I was, I thought the terrible dots and the chickenpox scars that’s spread all over my body will fade away within a week or two after I recovered, but boy, I was dead wrong! My body was never the same again and not only the dotty scars turned terribly black and dark, but my skin was terribly dry too. It was terribly dehydrated, no matter how much fluid I take daily and the skin became so dry and scaly that it fell off. Such thing undermined my confidence greatly and I started to be so ashamed with my skin’s condition to the point I practically lock myelf at home and only goes out when necessary.

Then came along a blogger friend Eyriqazz. He introduced me to EPHYRA and I decided to take up the 14 days challenge with EPHYRA. Yes, yes, men can benefit from this beauty drink too, not just the ladies, yea? I was a bit reluctant at first, but hey, I was already halfway becoming an old hag after the chickenpox. What have I got to lose? So I took up the challenge, and below is my 14 days journal entry.

14 days journal entry with EPHYRA

Day 1: I was a little skeptical about drinking EPHYRA, cuz most collagen and beauty drinks taste nasty. But I tried it regardless and was pleased to discover that EPHYRA is not only easy to prepare; all you need to do is just pour out the sachet contents into the shaker and shake it with cold water, but it taste very, very good too! EPHYRA tasted like a yummilicious glass of orange juice. I was all smile and immediately craved for a second glass on the spot, but rules are rules. One can only take EPHYRA once a day and according to prescribed serving. Completely a pleasant experience.

Day 2: I did not realize if there is any changes, but I noticed that I had no problems running around like the crazy Duracell Bunny all day long in events and whatnot. That’s pretty surprising cuz I get tired pretty easily and my mood can get terribly nasty due to fatigue.

Day 3: My skin isn’t any fairer and the dark chicken pox scar was still there, but I noticed that my skin is not as dry.

Day 4: Bowel movements improves and I pee more often.

Day 5: I was able to sleep better.

Day 6: Started noticing that my face is getting smoother and much more hydrated from within.

Day 7: The real fun begins, could really start to notice the difference in my face. It’s now brighter and my skin feels hydrated from within.

Day 8: Was out whole day again, attending events. Was filled with energy and people mistook my son for being my kid brother twice.

Day 9: Flaky and scaly skin is much lesser and I could seriously see the new skin regeneration effects.

Day 10: Skin is much clearer, smoother and the best part, chicken pox scar started to really fade.

Day 11: Took a good look in the mirror and noticed that my face is much fairer and my cheeks have natural rosy blush though there was no make up on. Skin is devoid of pimples though I was having PMS symptoms. The dark circles around the eyes and eyebags has pretty much faded. Skin tone is much more even too.

Day 12: More and more chicken pox scars faded away and my skin feels hydrated from.within all day through. Another noticeable positive changes that I noticed is that my gum no longer bleed easily. I suppose all that vitamins in EPHYRA contributed in this change too.

Day 13: Again, someone mistook me as my son’s elder sister and I noticed that my lips is surprisingly soft, fuller and pinkish without the usage of lip balm.

Day 14: Chicken pox scar is no longer noticeable. Skin much softer and smoother and my face is much more radiant than before. Took selfies and compared the picture with the one taken before I started to consume EPHYRA and I can happily say that I look much better and healthier now.

So, am I satisfied with the result? Yes, absolutely! I could actually see positive results in just 5 days of usage, and I’m definitely a happy camper, considering that I feel much more beautiful and confident now. I rarely feel as tired as before, and feel completely revitalized. A note here: I did not use any other skincare products throughout my 14 days challenge with EPHYRA, so I can vouch that it is really, really effective!

Not convinced? Well then just take a look at the before and after below.

 photo fd63de51-2ebe-4dba-8f3e-6b3e00c13ec2_zps101e2711.jpg

Can you see the difference? Skin is much fairer and flawless.

 photo ephyramodelling2_zpsc74ec779.jpg

And lips is much pinker. These photos are taken completely ‘nude’ with no makeups on and no filter was used whatsoever. Please ignore the damaged- looking hair, though. I had a little bit of a disaster in a stupid hairsalon and not even EPHYRA could save my burnt and frazzled hair. That’s another story altogether and I need to fix it and rescue it by using some hair products or chopped them all off, but apart from the disastrous hair, I believe that the changes that EPHYRA helped me achieve is amazing!

 photo pizapcom13804275379551_zpsd54e6394.jpg

Ugly chicken pox scar has faded, and my skin is not as flaky and as dry as before too and I have no doubts that with continuous usage, I’ll be able to get rid of them unhealthy skin and damaged skin completely. πŸ˜€

Some may worry about side effects from consuming these beauty drinks, but I can assure you that this product is definitely safe for consumption. There’s no side effects, and while it is advisable for you to consult your doctor before consuming EPHYRA if you’re pregnant, it is completely safe for breastfeeding mothers as EPHYRA is known for helping breastfeeding mothers produce high quality breast milk and increase of breast milk production. πŸ˜€

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Here’s some testimonial from EPHYRA users regarding the breast milk production.

Skeptical about that? Don’t worry…I have a friend who is a breastfeeding mother. I won’t be saying much about that cuz I think it is best that you pay a visit to her blog yourself dating website linkedin and see her testimonial on how EPHYRA has benefited her and her baby. πŸ˜€

EPHYRA is certified safe by Ministry of Health and certified HALAL by JAKIM. If youÒ€ℒre interested to know more about this product, do visit and LIKE their Facebook page for current offers and updates. Instagram users can also follow their instagram account at: ephyra2u Interested to make purchases and try it out for yourself and be a more beautiful and radiant version of yourself in just 14 days? HereÒ€ℒs the details for purchasing purposes:
Email: [email protected]
Contact: 0341417889atau sms 019 3999 238
Price: RM197 per box of 30 sachets Γ’β‚¬β€œ 15 gram each for a month supply .

There is promotional discount for readers of this blog. :D TheyÒ€ℒre selling 2 boxes for RM380. For such fabulous result, I must say that it’s quite a steal! Just email them my blog name Γ’β‚¬ΛœCLEFFAIRY.COMΓ’β‚¬Λœ to make use of this offer.
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And oh, before I forget, Oceanlife Marketing Sdn Bhd will be joining HALFEST expo, and they will be having a huge promotion for EPHYRA over there. Do drop by. I’m contemplating of going too, so if you’re skeptical about my testimonial and thinks that my photoshop skill is just so awesome, why not meet me in person and see for yourself whether or not the product did wonders to me. Drop me an email or a private message on my Facebook and I’ll see you there. πŸ˜€




    • Cleffairy says:

      Eheheheheheh….eh, tak salah, betullah tu. πŸ˜› Yes, memang best. Selalu la kan, I takkanla rajin sangat promote product product kecantikan macam ni. Tapi Ephyra ni memang bagus, kesan boleh nampak dalam satu minggu, tu yang best tu. πŸ˜€

    • Cleffairy says:

      Ah, ah…KiD…dulu susah betul nak tidur…sebab waktu siang I nap banyak…no energy. Sekarang waktu siang I macam Duracell bunny, cergas, so bila malam, senang masuk tidur. Memang nampak perbezaan dia lepas ambik Ephyra ni. Bukan setakat cantik je. πŸ˜€ Energy level pun tinggi. πŸ˜€

    • Cleffairy says:

      Hahaha…yes, betul, tak pakai make up langsung. Gambar ni ambik ‘nude’ and no filter. πŸ˜€ Nak cuba? Email je diorang. Dun forget to mention my blog name ye? Ada discount.

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