Stretching My Ringgits

I know that this ranting comes a tad late, but since Malaysian government has decided that it’s gonna be awesome if they raise the fuel price by 20 cent. The folks in parliament and the smartass economists seems to think that 20cent increase will not be a burden to the citizens, but I beg to differ. The increase has terrible domino effect as when fuel price is increased, the rest of the goods will follow suit and the cost of living will point to the sky, and will never, ever go down again, even if fuel price decrease in the future (which I highly doubt).

I’ve been feeling quite a pinch in my pocket ever since the fuel price increase, and I bet most of you shares the same sentiment. I know, I know, we’re all in the same boat. Everything is getting expensive, and yet our buying power is getting weaker. I used to be able to feed my entire family with just RM100 per week, but not anymore. If I were to shop for groceries, I would have to bring more than just Rm100 to get everything that I need for one week of supplies. So they say, if you can’t afford to buy something, just omit it from your list or get something equivalent with cheaper price to adapt to the economic environment. But…but…but, those fellas in parliament and the smart fellas in banks says it’s not supposed to be a burden…so WHY??? WHY???? Why do I have to lower down my standards of living and go backwards? I’m supposed to go forward. MALAYSIA IS SUPPOSED TO GO FORWARD! NOT BACKWARDS.

*SIGH* Since the recent fuel hike, I noticed that I’ve been paying at least 20% extra for everything. Wow… I suppose this is very healthy for our national treasury reserve, huh? It must be *bling bling bling* with the citizen’s Ringgits by now.

I’m not exactly a happy camper right now. I used to earn less, but spend more and still have extras in the savings at the end of the day. But now…I’m earning more than before and yet I still can’t spend more though and I have almost nothing in the account by the end of the day. I don’t believe in lowering my standard of living to adapt with the current economic environment. To lower down my standard of living is like cutting off meals from a child who is growing up. How can you feed your child less when he/she needs the nutrients to grow up?

So what can we do? We can sit here and complain about our predicament… or…we can find a way out to at least maintain our standard of living with the low Ringgit value. I’m no politician or economist (oh, God forbids!) but I do know a trick or two to combat the awful economic environment and maintain my living standards.

One of it is to make the most out of nothing. Did I get you confused, yet? Well, take this for an example. I’m a smartphone user. And I discovered that there are plenty of apps out there that gives you benefit in terms of voucher redemption. Among them is CellAds.

So what is CellAds? CellAds is a mobile application and mobile content advertising solution, available for Android and Blackberry users.

CellAds is an advertising application developed by Cell Adverts Solution Pvt. Ltd. for smartphones. It will display ads on smart phone screens when you receive calls or SMS and points will be credited into your account after that.

Here is how you can collect points to redeem various kinds of voucher:
First time download = 50 Ads.Point
Each time a pop-up ad appears during an incoming call and SMS = 5 Ads.Point
Friend invite = 200 Ads. Point
Click on any ads in the “Ads World” = 5 Ads. Point every day

The ads are not permanent and you can cancel them off anytime you want.

Here’s a video on how it works.

CellAds in a nutshell: Download, install, use it and redeem goodies and cash vouchers. So far, you can redeem KFC, McD, PizzaHut cash voucher. On a diet and wants something fun? That’s fine, you can redeem GSC Cinema cash voucher instead. Apart from that, you can also redeem mobile topup values.

So yea…if you wanna stretch your Ringgits, this is one of the way you can do it. This is the modern and a much more convenient version of coupon-ing, I must say. You can enjoy the benefit of coupons without having to cut off any coupons. πŸ˜€

CellAds apps is free to download. For more info, visit their website HERE and LIKE their Facebook Page HERE for updates.


Cleffairy: I usually hate popup ads, but hey…I’d do anything to stretch my Ringgits these days. After all, I’m a big fan of KFC and McD. Who am I to say no to things like this? It doesn’t cost me money, so yea… better redeem vouchers by using accumulated points to treat my kid with fast food rather than use my own money and use the ‘extra’ on something else. πŸ˜€




    • Cleffairy says:

      Yes… very beneficial, especially these days everything is pretty much expensive, and this is a great way to help ease our pockets abit. πŸ˜€ No prob on sharing the article… good things must be shared. πŸ˜€

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