My simple Sunday roast


I’ve been really, really busy. I don’t even have time for myself, what more to go around blog hopping and leave comments, and for that, I apologize, especially to STP and Smallkucing who never failed to drop by whenever my blog is updated. To save time…I only blog via mobile these days. It’s faster and much more convenient, and now school holiday has started again, I really do hope I’d be more privilege to do the things that I want to do. Anyway, it’s been awhile since I really, really cooked for my family. And last Sunday, the mood strike and I thought that it would be nice if I make some Sunday roast. I always enjoy having a sit down meal with my family. It’s a pleasure you can’t compare with anything else. It’s really too bad that a sit down meal together is not something we can always afford due to time restriction and hectic schedule and more often than not, a quickie meal over work is much more convenient.

I made some Cajun roasted chicken last Sunday to go with a simple side of mashed potatoes with gravy and corn on cobs. Served it to the boys for lunch and dinner. Nothing really gourmet and to shout about, but it’s one of the most satisfying and homey meal I had for a long time. And the best part? There’s enough leftovers to be used for the next few days. There’s still plenty of breast meat and corns left from the roast and I thought that perhaps I could make some frittata and chicken sandwich from the leftover meat and some chicken soup base with the carcass. 😀


Cleffairy: Sunday roast does make sense cuz it brings the family together and you will have leftovers afterwards. It’s just too bad that I don’t get to do this often the way my late grandma usually does back then.


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