No compromise

Clashes of opinion is inevitable when it comes to parenting. Parents always wants the best for their children during those crucial growing up years. I find always doing the best for my son is hard, sometimes.

There’s always interference from outsiders and relatives who are often judgemental on my parenting skills and my opinions regarding children’s diets.

You see…a lot of relatives questioned me on why I don’t encourage my son to take a lot of sweet food and why I throw a fit whenever I saw meddling relatives adding sugars/sweeteners or Milo in to my son’s milk before feeding it to him.

I’ve said it before and I’ve said it again. I want the best for my son and I refuse to tolerate added sugars in his growing up milk. It can be harmful to his body. It not only increases the risk of many health-related issues like obesity, diabetes and dental cavities, but it also triggers hyperactivity and lack of attention in him.

Some people may think that children need a lot of sugar during their growing up years, but I know for sure that it’s not true and just a myth. Too much will do more harm than good to children’s bodies.

Currently, I’m using Anmum Essential for my son. It contains absolutely no added sugars. It’s the only growing up milk powder in the market that contains no added sugars. And because its got the advanced nutrients found in other brands, I don’t feel like I am making a compromise anywhere – it’s the best of both worlds

Parents who have the same problems as me should also take a firm stand. Don’t let meddling in laws, babysitters or relatives undermine your children’s health by allowing them to feed your children excessive added sugars or talk you into buying growing up milks that claim to be superior and specially formulated for growing up children and yet still contain such high levels of added sugars.

I know as parents, we have a lot of woes as people can be judgemental towards our decisions whenever it comes to parenting. But be firm. It’s for our own children’s good. If you’re worried and feel uneasy on what you’re doing and wish to share your experience with other parents like yourself, you can get connected to Mum Knows Best Facebook page.

Mum knows best is a forum for parents such as yourselves. Mummies and daddies alike, you can share your parenting woes, your concerns and parenting tips and tricks with other members. It is real mums talking and sharing with real mums. Its great – do check it out.

I have no doubt that you will benefit from it greatly. You not only can share and exchange your views on parenting and providing the best nutrition for your children during their growing up years, but you also can learn more from each other through it.



  1. bigfatmama says:

    I don’t compromise my baby’s milk too, that is why I’m still breastfeeding-cuz it’s the best food for babies. But I’m stopping when my baby hits 18 months old. Maybe I shall consider this brand when my baby is weaned from breastmilk.

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