Open House Made Easy with Oishii Onigiri Foodtruck

Have you ever thought of hosting an open house during festive season but it’s too much of a fuss to cook up a storm and cleaning up after that? Well, I hosted an open house a couple of years back and it was such a hassle and tiring that I’ve sworn off from entertaining guests in my home. I wouldn’t even want to do potluck as despite the fact that I don’t have to cook for an army, I will still need to clean up after the guests after everything was over at the end of the day. I know some ladies would have enjoyed that but household chores is definitely not my forte.

Don’t get me wrong, I like entertaining guests and socializing, but it’s just too much work to be done. I certainly would like to entertain guests and bring cheer back into my home, and I guess I’m in luck, as I recently discovered that I could host a huge open house without all the hassles of preparing food from scratch and cleaning up.

Thanks to Oishii Onigiri Chinese New Year’s open house recently, I discovered that I can actually hire a food truck to cook up a storm for my guests.

Oishii Onigiri is a Japanese food service provider and is specialized in Japanese food delivery in Kuala Lumpur. They are located somewhere in Sri Petaling and caters to events, office function and many more. Their specialty, as suggested in their name; assorted customized Nigiri Sushis.

 photo IMG_9650_zpsdoia0wge.jpg

Oishii Onigiri food truck, parked in front of their home-based outlet, ready to please the guests with their culinary masterpieces during their Chinese New Year 2016 open house.

 photo IMG_9700_zpsirufwagy.jpg

Oishii Onigiri’s staff preparing food in the food truck.

 photo IMG_9610_zpsapyu7ndz.jpg

Generous food spread for guests to enjoy, ranging from Nigiri Sushis, Japanese Rice Bowls, Sashimi, assorted salads, fruits, Chawan Mushi (Japanese Egg Custard), Miso Soup and Green Tea.

 photo IMG_9641_zpso2rkrvzl.jpg

Guests helping themselves to the Japanese food delights prepared by the Oishii Onigiri food truck.

There’s plenty of food during open house, but here’s highlighting those that my family and I managed to sample:

 photo IMG_9688_zpsmhlpn88e.jpg

Chawan Mushi

 photo IMG_9683_zpsc8xtacx3.jpg

Ebi Tempura Don

 photo IMG_9659_zpsuv8rwvep.jpg

Katsu Don

 photo 20160213_195025_zpsdlwvf15m.jpg

Assorted sushis

 photo IMG_9671_zpsgijl8vkm.jpg

Assorted appetizers

 photo IMG_9900_zpshxnbwrc0.jpg

Chinese New Year’s special, a platter of Yee Sang.

 photo IMG_9818_zpsjbphmgvu.jpg

Apart from the delicious food being painstakingly prepared in the food truck’s kitchen, guests were also entertained by live Salmon Sashimi preparation as well.

 photo IMG_9882_zpsxy8vrvam.jpg

And here’s the star of the night, Salmon Sashimi.

Just so that you know, Oishii Onigiri is doing a one of a kind CNY promotion with food truck and live performance like I mentioned above in the comfort of your own home, so if you want to host an open house this festive season, this is it. This is your chance to host an open house, fuss free.

Check out their package below:

 photo FB_IMG_1455386549997_zpsydyh8jsf.jpg

Oishii Onigiri Prosperity Package:

Appetizer – Idako, Kurage, Egg Mayo
Side Dishes – Potato Mayo, Chawanmushi, Edamame and Garden Salad
Sushi – Nigiri Sushi, Gunkan Sushi, Maki Roll, Hand Roll and Inari
Don – Katsu Chicken, BBQ Salmon, Ebi Tempura
Dessert – Watermelon, Konyakku Jelly
Miso Soup and Ocha Drink

All the above for just RM1,688nett for 50 pax. Add additional RM300 for Yee Sang, and LIVE Chef Performance for salmon cutting with 1 whole Fresh Salmon for your Sashimi Platter.

Promotion is only available from 12th February 2016 to 22nd February 2016.

Call +60126183300 to place your orders.

For more information on Oishii Onigiri, please refer to their Facebook Page here:

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