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Are you a P1 user? I don’t know if you’re a P1 user, but I’m certainly a P1 user.

I used to use other ISP for my home office, but ever since I moved into my new place, I decided to subscribe to P1 Fiber Business plan instead. It is absolutely affordable. It costs me RM99 (Plus tax, RM120-tax suck, big time) per month with 5mbps unlimited usage. Being a hardcore Internet user, I love everything about it, especially the speed.

The only thing that is inconvenient about it is that my fiber line is only limited to my home office, which means, I cannot bring the whole modem out to online whenever I’m on the go or traveling. Quite inconvenient for me, considering that I’m always on the go and need constant access to the Internet.

So, when P1 was offering their P1 Mifi new ToGoâ„¢ plans featuring the new P1 Personal 4G WiFi : MF230 modem for me to review, I was really ecstatic as that indirectly means that I will be able to bring my mobile office everywhere and online on the go. MiFi MF230 modem is basically a modem that will enable you to connect multiple device all at once and on the go. Yups, ladies and gentlemen, that means with this device, you will be able to connect multiple devices simultaneously.

Now, I’ll be really, really honest with you. The signal for this Mifi is pretty much weak at home, but there is still connectivity. But that is okay, because this Mifi is not really intended to be used at home (and I have my P1 fiber line for that, anyway). As the name suggested, this device is created for you to bring around outdoors.

And so, I decided to bring it go around as I travel. Now, I wouldn’t exactly suggest you to use this Mifi for GPS as the signal tends to go up and down whenever you drive, and you won’t be able to refer to the GPS properly if you use the Mifi connection. You’re better off using 3G data plan or a GPS device for that, but I can vouch that this Mifi unit is wonderful to be used in places like cafes and stuff. The coverage is pretty good in some place, and the speed is reasonably fast, even though you connect plenty of device to it. There is no problem watching youtube and downloading stuff. The speed is reasonably fast. I must say that I’m quite happy with it.

Here’s some information on the device and the data plan, in case you’re interested in trying it out.

If I’m not mistaken, they have a no obligation 7 days trial. You might wanna take advantage of this offer and give it a try. 😀

Cleffairy: This device is designed to be used on the go. To use it at home, please check your MiFi coverage before subscribing to the plan.


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