Body art fetish

Do you have any fetish? Well, I’m sure some of you do but dare not admit it to the public. People have all sorts of fetish. Mine is red undies…Superman’s red undies, that is… 😛 Apart from that, I’m also crazy about body art. When I was in my teenage years, I dreamed of getting myself a tattoo, but since I can’t possible get a tattoo on my body without going through all the needle pain, I went crazy for non intrusive, non permanent body art like Henna or Mahendi instead.I can’t help myself. They’re so exotic and pretty…

I visited a Beauty EXPO last week, and I spotted a Henna stall. They were doing giveaways and demonstrating the art of drawing Henna, and I offered myself for it. 😛 LOL. Nice… isn’t it? I certainly think the Henna drawing on the back of my hand is nice…and I can’t wait to dig into the goodie bag and draw em on my body. 😀


Cleffairy: I am a terrible artist. I hope I won’t screw it up.

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