Peek-A-Boo WOW Price

This is not a paid post or review, but I’ve encountered this somewhere in facebook, and I thought I’d share it with you ladies out there, especially the stingy and wise mummies who tend neglect their vanities as they worry for the cost and whatnot.

Need an affordable yet a WOW hair makeover? Try Peek-A-Boo.

In conjunction with Peek-A-Boo preparation to trained their next Gen-p stylist, they are offering WOW PRICE for selected services as mentioned below:-

Perming: MYR50.00
Colour: MYR60.00

***Treatment (RM40) and Cut (RM10) must be accompanied by Color or Perm.

For your information, Peek-A-Boo is looking for 8 model for every section and your transformation will be BLAST in their IE wizard.

Their stylists are presently working in Peek-A-Boo and now are being trained to become their 2nd batch of Gen-P stylists. If you’re an adventurous young lady/man in your teens or 20s in need of a budget hair makeover, you might want to take advantage of this.
Kindly call/sms  +6019 388 3133 to book your appointment NOW!!

WOW Appointment time should be made on:
* Tuesday (10:00 and 14:00)
* Wednesday (10:00 and 14:00)
* Thursday (10:00 and 14:00)
E-mail : [email protected]

Cleffairy: Ladies, as much as you love your spouse and children, it does not mean that you love them less if you love yourself a little bit more. It’s all right to pamper yourself and make yourself feel good and rejuvenated every now and then.


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