Ramadan Buffet 2017- Rajawali Coffee House, Awana Hotel, Resorts World Genting

Ramadan is fast approaching and if you are bored of breaking fast in the concrete jungle, why not consider taking a short break and head over to Resorts World Genting where the lush view of the mountain and cool weather awaits? Rajawali Coffee House at Awana Hotel, Resorts World Genting offers a great breaking fast experience with your loved ones for this coming Ramadan.

Rajawali Coffee House will be serving all sorts of Malay delicacies that’s popular in every state across Malaysia to reward diners after fasting for the whole day. Adopting the theme ‘Ramadan with Family ‘, which is meant to strengthen the bond of family or organization as a family through fasting, Rajawali Coffee House will definitely be a great place to break fast at. Among some of the signature main courses that will be offered are Asam Pedas Ikan Pari, Rendang Tok, Patin Tempoyak, Sweet & Sour Lala, Fish, Laksa Johor, Laksam Kuala Kedah and many more.

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I’ve been given the privilege to experience the buffet myself during their Ramadan preview session for members of the media. But as usual, since this is a buffet with such an impressive spread and I can’t possibly sample everything that they have to offer in just one sitting and tell you what everything taste like, I’ll just highlight what you shouldn’t miss should you decide to dine there this coming Ramadan:

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Roasted lamb, one of their must try signature.

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Ayam percik

 photo IMG_5143_zpsiecge97v.jpg

Ikan bakar

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Fans of Nasi Kandar Penang will be pleased to see this Nasi Kandar stall at Rajawali Coffee House, Awana Hotel. This stall offers authentic mamak style nasi briyani/nasi kandar complete with hot and spicy curries as well as condiments.

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Delicious Nasi Briyani, a must try over here at the buffet.

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Assorted mamak-style curries and vegetables to pair the Nasi Briyani with.

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The must haves side dishes when you feast on Nasi Briyani like deep fried boiled eggs, dried chillies and fried bittergourd as well as fruit salad are also available at the Nasi Kandar Penang section.

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Noodle station. Here’s where you can assemble your own noodle bowl. There’s a variety of noodles you can indulge on; Asam Laksa, Laksam Kuala Kedah, Laksa Johor, Mee Kari and many more.

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Similar to the noodle station, there’s also the Sup Citarasa Awana stall where you can customize your own Malay style soups. Eg: Sup Tulang, Sup Rawan, Sup Perut, Sup Daging and etc.

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A closer look at all the ‘spare parts’ that you can choose to put in your soup bowl.

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And here’s a customized bowl of Sup Tulang

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Assorted kerabu for kerabu lovers to munch on.

 photo IMG_5065_zpse7utygzy.jpg

Fresh ulam-ulaman

 photo IMG_5066_zpsbfy3rlpz.jpg

Rojak buah

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Salad counter

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Colek Tepung that’s famous in the East Coast is also available, so if you are a huge fan of all things deep-fried seafood like me, do indulge in some. There’s plenty for you to choose from, ranging from crabs, prawns and fishes.

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Sotong Kangkung is also offered at Rajawali. This one’s sensational, so be sure not to walk out of Rajawali Coffee House without having at least a plate of Sotong Kangkung.

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Wide array of traditional Malay Kuih for your indulgence.

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Sweet Malay kuihs for those who have sweet tooth.

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For those who does not like sweet kuih, can sample these savoury versions instead.

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Teatime favourites like pisang goreng, keledek goreng and cempedak goreng are also spotted at the kuih section.

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Assorted sweet Malay bubur to comfort your tummy with after a long day fasting.

Overall, Rajawali Coffee House offers an extensive spread for you to feast on this coming Ramadan and personally, I think everything is delicious and definitely worth your calories.

The buffet will commence on 27th May until 24th June 2017, from 6 pm to 9:30 pm. Guests will not only be served special dishes but also will be serenaded with Ghazal performance as they dine.

RM100nett per pax for adult
RM50nett per pax for children under 12 and seniors citizens.

Early Bird Promotion: RM80nett for early booking before 23 May 2017.

For more information on Ramadan Buffet at Rajawali Coffee House at Awana Hotel, hop over to www.rwgenting.com or call +03 6101 1118.

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