Ramadan Buffet 2017- Saffron Brasserie, AnCasa Hotel&Spa

Looking for something heartwarming and nostalgic to break your fast with this coming Ramadan? Well, head over to Saffron Brasserie, AnCasa Hotel&Spa Kuala Lumpur. Ushering in the holy month of Ramadan, Saffron Barsserie at AnCasa Hotel & Spa, Kuala Lumpur has prepared a wide variety of traditional Malaysian delicacies for guests to experience.

Staying traditional with a heritage theme ‘Selera Desa – Kembara Iftar Di Kuala Lumpur’ Saffron Brasserie offers various dishes from every place in Kuala Lumpur to satisfy your cravings.

As this is a buffet, I wouldn’t exactly go in depth on each dishes offered but will guide through on what you shouldn’t miss at the Ramadan buffet that Saffron Brasserie will be offering, as the buffet spread is really huge and you can’t possibily eat everything offered in one sitting.

Here’s some dishes that I think should not be missed at the buffet:

 photo IMG_4317_zps9uas8ksw.jpg

Ayam Golek and Kambing Bakar Pantai Dalam Stall offers succulent roasted chicken and lamb.

 photo IMG_4293_zps97oxt3jb.jpg

Ayam Golek and Ayam Percik

 photo IMG_4295_zpscknzak8a.jpg

Kambing Bakar

 photo IMG_4315_zps0bfncu2o.jpg

Nasi Tumpang Jawa Timur Dutch Rijstaffel stall offers Nasi Tumpang, a unique Javanese dish that’s usually served during weddings and important events. Nasi Tumpang is one of my favourite in this buffet and I highly recommend this, especially to those who wants to try food that’s exotic and delicious.

 photo IMG_4298_zpsr1olaqib.jpg

Nasi Tumpang Jawa

 photo IMG_4331_zpsgzggwarm.jpg

Satay and Rojak Mamak at Jalan Dato Keramat stall offers Rojak Mamak. It’s served with a side of sweet and spicy peanut sauce.

 photo IMG_4301_zpsv3fuzg7h.jpg

Rojak Mamak

 photo IMG_4333_zps9h5sw7eo.jpg

A closer look at the all things Rojak Mamak

 photo IMG_4332_zpsvre3skcy.jpg


 photo IMG_4319_zps24eodejb.jpg

Warung Tradisi offers humble steamed tapioca with a selection of condiments. Very nostalgic indeed.

 photo IMG_4321_zpsupfvl5fq.jpg

Steamed tapioca and condiments

 photo IMG_4341_zpsg5pswm1a_edit_1494233924219_zpsg719ba3x.jpg

Jalan Bellamy Ikan Bakar Portuguese stall would definitely tempt those who loves spicy fish dish.

 photo IMG_4302_zps50t2hcvh.jpg

Ikan Bakar Portuguese

 photo IMG_4339_zps2zrtd4em_edit_1494235410934_zpsk4ctfz1x_edit_1494235437290_zpsvzufkho8.jpg

Jalan Kg. Atap Noodle stall offers a variety of noodles for you to assemble yourselves, so go on ahead and just mix and match.

 photo IMG_4303_zpsmvbj37vo_edit_1494235534662_zpsoybf5mp6.jpg

Assorted noodles

 photo IMG_4304_zpsdkkhayar.jpg

Also spotted, steamboat items

 photo IMG_4307_zps9kpwggft.jpg

Gurney Road Roti Canai. Freshly made roti canai with a twist. Here in Saffron Brasserie the roti canai are very colourful.

 photo IMG_4312_zpss8sgfuvd.jpg

Roti Canai and Murtabak in the making

 photo IMG_4342_zpsqipejqwb.jpg

Roti canai

 photo IMG_4343_zps5ylxehzy.jpg


 photo IMG_4346_zpsajc8keql.jpg

Foch Avenue stall is a must drop by if you intend to have some rice for your breaking fast. Here lies some delectable tradutional curry dishes that goes really well with rice.

 photo PhotoGrid_1494236646352_zpsa9ywnsuk.jpg

Assorted traditional Malay curries

 photo IMG_4316_zpsqq5qv3jb.jpg

Ayu Apam Balik stall, a not to be missed if you are a fan of the traditional pancake. The apam balik over here are to die for.

 photo IMG_4299_zpsrs4scznu.jpg

Delicious apam balik

 photo IMG_4355_zpsxqegulkb.jpg

And if you have sweet tooth, these wonderful desserts are something that you should indulge on.

Overall, Saffron Brasserie at AnCasa Hotel&Spa offers a wide variety of sensational food for breaking fast that gives your money worth.

For more info, please refer to the information below:

Early bird deal at RM 58.00 nett . Promo ends on 15 May 2017. Normal price at RM68.00 nett for (adult) and RM40.00 nett for (child).

For reservations, please contact at 03-20266060 ext 7703 or visit their website at www.ancasahotels.com

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