‘Revamping Me’ Project

So okay, I’ve just celebrated my birthday last week and I’m older by one year now. Since I’m in my last year before I hit the big 3, I thought that it would be good to make some changes where my look is concerned. I had a bit of a makeover a few days ago, but I’m sad to report that my hair makeover has all but gone awry though I must say that I like my new look with contact lenses.

My hair is an absolute disaster and I yet to rectify the issue. *SIGH* I feel miserable to the point that I feel like it’s best for me if I were to just stay at home until I managed to get someone to fix my horribly damaged hair, but that will not do me any good. After all, as a blogger, I still have to attend events and socialize. I’ll have to just make the hair into scrunchies for the time being and emphasize on my dressing instead.

This calls for some retail therapy, don’t you think? There’s a huge event coming up and I need to look good and classy. The little black dress that I have in my wardrobe is kinda old and out of fashion and I need a new one. I’m not really sure where I can get some nice and reasonably priced little black dresses, but DressFirst came highly recommended by a friend and I have to agree with her, Dress First is offering not only chic looking little black dresses, but beautiful dresses for all occasion at a very competitive price.

Take a look at these dresses from DressFirst.com:

Should I get myself this one?


This one?


Or this one?

Gosh, I can’t decide, they’re all lovely to me. Tell me which one would suit me best and would be versatile for all occasion. I would really appreciate your opinion. šŸ˜€


Cleffairy: When in doubt, buy all? LOL!





  1. mun says:

    Since I do not know what you look like and Mamarazzi does, I would agree with her suggestion to go for the first dress. Time to treat yourself!

  2. suituapui says:

    Belated birthday greetings. Nothing like a makeover to boost one’s self-esteem and make one feel better. That’s why experts say people feel good when coming out of the hair salon…

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