Selling PDA or strip tease show?

Last weekend, I happened to follow my other half to Low Yat Plaza for some window shopping on those geeky and techie stuff. Usually I don’t mind going there and window shop with him, but last week was quite a disaster. The place is more happening and more crowded than usual, as there’s many ongoing tech-related competition and promotion in collaboration of the mid-autumn festival. I must say that I was quite agitated and annoyed by the crowd and the ongoing events.

On the ground floor of Low Yat Plaza, there’s this company called PDA Expert, and they are doing promotion for their latests PDA (not Public Display of Affection, but Personal Digital Assitant). Doing promotion and advertising their latest products is fine with me, but the way they do it somehow strike my nerve and annoyed me to no end. It’s way too revealing and fancy to my taste. The promotion event itself promotes nothing but their staff’s sexuality.

Sales girls are dressed up in sheer and transparent short dress where the skirt is way above their knees, and generous amount of cleavage can be seen. These salesgirls are hot, and I daresay they are qualified to be a Playmate model. These girls are apparently well trained in seducing men to buy PDA Expert’s product…well, I’m not sure whether they are trained to do so or they already have that particular talent before they are hired to promote and sell PDA Expert’s product.

But I must say, they are good at what they are doing, because as I stood in a small corner and observe the whole area, I noticed that most of the male population over there went goo-goo-ga-ga on these sexy salesgirls. And as these guys goes goo-goo-ga-ga on them, they took advantage by asking the men to buy PDAs in their sweet saccharine voice. And as expected, most men succumbed to the seduction and bought the PDA. I snickered and thought to myself; these guys probably already own a PDA and yet, just because the girls made them feel ‘good’ the bought the PDA anyway, regardless of whether they need it or not.

I was actually interested in getting my hubby a PDA, so, I approached a saleslady reluctantly, and try to gain information on those PDAs that they are promoting. I was asking about the model, the function and the warranty of the PDA she’s holding, but I was left speechless when I discovered that she knew almost nothing about the PDA. She only told me that it’s the latest product and it’s thin.

What the fuck? Am I somewhat brainless or blind that she give me this sort of answer? Of course the bloody thing is a the latest gadget they have, otherwise why would they be promoting the PDA in the first place? I don’t give a damn on how chic and fashionable that bloody thing look, I’m more interested in investing on PDA’s functionality and also, if I’m buying this sort of thing, I would want a good after sales service.

After awhile, she tried to encourage me to buy it because it’s a hot stuff and very chic. Then she have the cheek to tell me that the PDA would look good on me and make me look sexier. I know I conveniently forget to mention that I would like to buy it for my husband…but PDA can make me look sexier? I know sheer lingerie and teddies can make me look sexier, but damn, have I been somewhat off in another planet or something that PDA is now an accessory that can make a woman look sexier? Am I missing something or PDA also can function as a dildo these days?

I sighed and warily ignore her jutting breasts as I mentally note that she’s not wearing any bra, but a stick on instead. Damn… I wouldn’t even dare to wear any of those bloody sheer and sexy undergarment in public. I must say…it’s very, very distracting, even for me, as a straight woman. I would have been tempted to grope her if I was a lesbian. I could not possibly comprehend anything that’s coming out of her mouth with all the distraction that she’s bundled with, so I cleared my throat and excused myself from her and went to look for my husband.

I spotted him talking to some guy from the PDA Expert booth, apparently drilling the guy with questions about PDAs, the same way I did to the sexy girl, only with a more professional and knowledgeable way. He was asking the guy on what OS the PDA was using, if I’m not mistaken, and I tugged on his sleeve to make known my presence, and from the way I see, he’s also not satisfied with the explanation given by PDA Expert personnel. I was right about his dissatisfaction, as he grumbled and complain on how poorly trained they are. After awhile, we heard some commotion in the centre stage of the promotional area.

Apparently, the deejay is hosting a quiz and there are mystery gifts and freebies to be given away. Here, I’d like to comment on the way the deejay conducted the entire quiz. He was quite unprofessional, as he was rude towards the male contestants, and seems to be in a rush to end the entire quiz with lame questions.

One of the question that I could remember was, ‘How many PDA Expert girls are there around here? ‘And then there’s ‘how many lanterns are hanging around this area’. Honestly, if I’m the one who hired him to conduct the promotional event, I would have fired him immediately. As far as I’m concern, he’s supposed to quiz the contestants about PDAs, not how many sexy girls with sheer clothes and jutting nipples are walking around in that area.

After getting rid of the contestant, the deejay gleefully announced the grand finale of the bloody event. A performance by Amanda. Curious on what it’s all about, we decided to stay and watch the show. But I was aghast when ‘Amanda’ came out from the backstage. She wore a black dress that I would easily pass as a lingerie designed for nothing, nothing but seduction alone. It highlighted her curve, the skirt way above knees with panties naughtily trying to peek out when she moves, as well as her jiggly breasts threatening to spill from the silky material when she bend down. One tug of those material she’s wearing, I dare bet my wages that she’ll be completely exposed.

My other half, who was standing beside me, clears his throat, trying to tug me away from the show. He’s always been a perfect gentleman, and wouldn’t do anything that he thought that would make me feel inferior, uncomfortable or in this case, pissed off, but I refused to budge from the place I stood as I watched ‘Amanda’ performed her dance routine. The routine resembles a strip tease very much, with sexy maneuvering as well as those coy ‘off with my blouse’ act. She then wriggled around as if she aroused and was begging for someone to touch her breasts and fondle her womanhood. I half expected that she would take off her panties and swing it to the crowds. But much to my disappointment, she didn’t. I would have been a great end to the performance if she did.

To be honest, I did not know how I felt watching such performance live. I was quite stunned that the organizer hosted such performance in an IT promotion and advertising event. Were they so desperate to sell off their item that they exploited women’s sexual appeal to do the marketing? Did they do this because their PDAs can only be passed as junks, and they feel that they have the need to use sexy women to lure and seduce men to buy their product?

This is a perfect example where business owners exploited women to market and advertise their product by using sexual appeals and attraction. But from the bottom of my heart, I could not blame the business owners for conducting such things, because in business, you have to do what you must to gain profit. Be it in a good way or dirty way. To be fair, I can’t really blame them for exploiting women’s sexual appeal either, because firstly, sex sells. Secondly why would they not use sexual appeal when there are girls who are willing to dress up half naked and parade around for them to sell their item?

While I’m aware that exploiting women’s sexual appeal in ad/promo campaign is a very common practice among business owners, I do hope that they have enough wits to host an event or campaign that have relevance to their product. What does an IT gadget got to do with strip tease dance and sexy girls? I just don’t get it, it’s not as if they are trying to sell off some sex toy or condoms. I can see the relationship between sex toys and strip tease, but not electronic gadget that is supposed to be used with your power suit or to assist you in your office chores.

The picture above is ‘Amanda’, at the end of her performance. Her face has been censored to protect yours truly from getting sued for using her picture without permission.

Cleffairy: Using sex appeals to sell me stuff would never work on me or my other half, because we’re quite stingy when it comes to spending. However, if we’re fed with good infos by well informed personnel, THAT might work.


  1. u-jean says:

    there was this once, a mere acquaintance call me up for a chat, which i don’t know why since i speak to him less than a sentence per year. so i reluctantly layan lo. the conversation somehow went to him asking me to become a car showgirl to earn some part time income. “No need to do anything wan, just stand around and give brochures oni”. I was thinking wtf!?! I have got more pride than that. If there’s anyway I’m gonna do that, it’s gonna be that I become the official spokesperson for the car, with the car complementing me not otherwise. Damn hell I’m not gonna be some kind of car accessory! If he had known me better, he wudn even have the guts to ask.

  2. fergie says:

    Wah Clef .. your other hald sounds like a saint la. Chin ho kiah .. his batchew not even lien a bit ah? hehe .. I notice shops employing people who have absolutely no expertise in the products they are selling. We used to like visiting the Switch shop in Gurney Plaza but the guys who had knowledge of Apple products are all gone .. left only ordinary salespersons .. no fun going anymore. Even in small town like ours lots of Ah Lean looking girls wandering around .. makes my eyes “sore” just seeing their lack of fashion sense.

  3. Calvin says:

    aiya, clef…..this is a norm in the industry. talk about cars, you have to link with the ladies, talk about beer…ladies, talk about handphones…ladies, talk about even musical instruments….ladies. i must say that ladies have been exploited by men (in general har…) using their bodies to display cleavages and breasts to attract those rich hamsap ah kongs and ah yea’s. im not blaming the ladies for doing this, but im agitated by the fact that these ladies decided for themselves to be exploited. in the modelling world, not only in malaysia, for you those who are a nobody who wants to model has to sleep with someone to be recognised. of course not every model will do it, gut those who wants fame and glamour, and be supported financially by those ah kongs. its their choice to be opened like a durian……mind the illustration.

    rachel has seen the modelling industry when she was studying make up, and it makes her sick. even she, when requested to accompany her headmistress together with some of her student friends were approached by these blardy ah kongs…..offered on the spot for a one nite stand. “never mind, we fuck2 only. i clean one. after fuck i give you some money then you guarantee famous”….what did rach did? she clobbered that sickening fuck with her shoes and kicked his groin…….seriously. her friends witnessed it. they even took pictures of that bastard and threatened to go to the police……i’ll try to get the photo from rach, if she still has it.

    back to your topic, this is dog eat dog world. if you cant sell your product well in the market, look for an alternative. eh, why not? use the girls lah. let them show some assets. then we makan their money…..good idea………NOT. DAMN SICK MAN!!!!!

  4. amoker says:

    Oh, i want to be exploited. haha

    Well, that is quite a well described event and i love it when you used “sweet sacharin”. will add that to my vocab. But this Amanda looked like an alien with her face digitized.

    I am more pissed when i see kids being used for promo. But sexy ladies or build up man… ah … will not get me to buy anything.

    Will remember to avoid PDA expert.

  5. cleffairy says:

    Matt, thank you for visiting and adding me to your the RSS feed.

    Kevin… no lah… I was not jealous…err… actually, I was the one who insist to stay and watch the whole bloody ‘tiger’ show as my hubby dubbed it. Kinda fun to see him blush and behave like a perfect gentleman and try to drag his wife away from ‘learning’ the bloody dance. LMAO. Actually horr, I wanted to take a video of it and re-watch it at home for fun, but as soon as I managed to take out my camera…he told me not to do it. *siGh* What a spoilsport. I guess he knew that I’m gonna blog about it. Til this very day, he’s afraid that one day I might get sued or get caught by ISA for my writing. *dang* My hubby left and go ogle at PDAs instead before the entire dance was finished. (But I think if I’m not there, he wun be such a good boy lah! I still can’t believe that he left me all alone over there to watch tiger show with a bunch of horny assholes!)

    Kikey, yeah, this is also a form of ad campaign… but gadget stuff and strip tease? *sigh* not related wud. If wanna use sex appeal to promote stuff also must see what product it is first what. *sigh* These kind of girls are giving people the perception that girls are ‘easy’ and ‘cheap’.

    U-jean, you also kena before? I also kena before a few times when I was studying. They wanted me to be some bloody perfume girl and asked me to wear some sexy dress and pay me a mere rm100 per day. So I told those creeps to buzz off lorr. It’s not that I was desperate for money or anything, I actually earn a hell lot more from babysitting my neighbour’s kid when I was still a student. A few hours onli can earn Rm50, just sit there watch the kid play. The perfume girl job too cheap liao…stand whole day and expose your body, just can earn Rm100. Stupid… πŸ˜› LMAO.
    Then there’s this asshole of a boss when I as having my first job. He have the cheek to ask me to go out and have drinks with datuks! WTF, who he think I am? GRO arh? KNS asshole! I told my hubby about it… and as you probably guessed, after the 3 month probation period is over, I threw resignation letter, because I cannot tahan them keep on asking me to go and ‘entertain’ clients.

    Fergie…humph, I bet he’s just acting like a good boy because I was there. I had wished that he stayed with me and watch, cuz I felt that there must be something wrong somewhere that he’s not interested in the show. (omg, I feel so les at tht moment!)Ahahaha. You’re right la, Fergie… everywhere also got people hire boys and girls who lack expertise. They are not well trained and usually have no idea what the product is all about. Really a turn off when you really want to buy certain product. They may attract hamsap ah kong to buy their stuff, but definitely not capable to market it to potential distributors who wants to market a clean executive product.

    … I know it’s a norm in business world, that’s why I said I cannot blame business owners for hiring some advertising company to arrange such ad campaign. However, want to use sexual appeal to sell stuff also must at least see what product it is first what. Techies stuff that you usually use to assist you doing office work and whatnot is being associated with sexy girls and strip tease dance? Come on, they can do better than that. Why never go for a more corporate image? So much money to waste, then they should go and advertise it on tv lorr, I bet can reach more audience in the long run. I realized these days that it’s a trend for business owners to use either sex appeal or charity as their ad campaign. Makes me so sick! they are exploiting women and children to sell their stuff. But then again… I’ll have to shut up lorr, cuz alot of girls really gatal, and willing to be exploited this way. So gatal and desperate that they go around asking people to ‘makan’ them. Like no other job to do.

    Being a PC business tai tai, I also have experience in helping my hubby advertise our service and product. We din use sex appeal to advertise our product, but target corporate clients instead, so our image must be very very clean from all of these nonsense. Cannot use sex appeal to do business, will really tarnish our reputation. Never use sex appeal for short term also can earn what? These people are leading IT industry in the wrong direction by doing this sort of things. Sexy girls to attract clients? Ok, fine, that’s quite normal, but STRIP TEASE and LOUSY DEEJAY who can’t wait to get his job done? that is a bit too much, even for the profit minded Clef.

    Actually Rachel did the right thing. WTF… they think all girls are so easy and cheap ah? Walao. We have all those bitches to blame for such incidents. Because of them,parading around half naked and begging to be fuck mindless, people generally have bad impression that other girls are also as cheap as them! SO SICK!

  6. Mayakirana says:

    Clef, I so agree with you! The idea is that men are visual creatures and they like getting turned on by sexy women. Whether it is in business or not, women should not allow themselves to be cheapened by these gimmicks to sell the PDAs. I would have more respect for the PDA Girl if she knew her stuff (all the PDA features) than schlepping around in a sexy outfit. I’d respect her brains than her bust. I bet you that the organiser of this PDA Fair thinks they are smart – they get attention, get to sell PDAs to dumb asses, and get to watch a striptease show! It just shows when some people have crappy products (made in China most probably) they are desperate to sell and will try anything to sell the products. Businesses should live by ethics and principles and not just blindly say “who cares, I just wanna make money only”. If that’s the case, why be in any business? Pimping oneself out (the original idea of a pimp – not the ‘prettify’ definition) is a better business than selling PDAs. But as consumers, I believe we should all complain about things we feel are wrong. If we all did our part (blogging about it, writing about it, telling friends about it), this world would be a better place! Fairer and more respectful to women.

  7. cleffairy says:

    Amoker… you want to be exploited? *blink* LOL. Actually, I would described it better if i did not write this bloody article at around 5am. I just woke up, kinda blur when I wrote this. *sigh* There’s a lot of sweet saccharine lipped girls. Their words are usually laced with honey and everything sweet when they are persuading people to buy their stuff. What irks me, they even use the same way to persuade women to buy their stuff. For heaven’s sake…why can’t they just use a bit of brain? Not everyone is attracted to their sexual appeal. When I inquire about their product, they dun even know where it originates. Den how the hell they expect me to buy their product. It’s ultimate turnoff. Amoker, if you’re curious about how she looks like…I can tell you that she’s an average, not too pretty, and not ugly either. But she wore quite a thick make up. Thank god she did not end up looking like an opera actress, otherwise, I would have laughed my head off when I watched her perform.

    Pete, let’s just hope that such thing won’t be in trend for long. Otherwise, when you have a daughter, you’ll be worried about your daughter being exploited this way. Heck, I’m sure I would worry.

    Mayakirana… yup. I would have respected the PDA girls for their brains and their sexual appeal if they were well informed about the product they are selling/representing. But I honestly couldn’t, because besides from informing people that it’s their latest product and worth to be purchased, they know nothing more about PDA. I wonder where the hell did the organizers get them. I bet they are not associated with PDA Expert but are hired on daily basis to promote the items. And I strictly think that this is a quite an unethical way to promote their items. They should at least do their product justice by training their personnel on how to market out their product in a professional way. Sad to see that business organization these days are putting profits and revenue above principals.

    As a woman, I believe that I would have to have respect for myself first before I earn respect from the people around me. To me, these girls obviously lack respect for themselves for allowing themselves to be exploited this way. I wouldn’t call such thing as liberalized and modernized women, as they’re obviously being exploited by men who are chauvinist enough to conduct such event.

    I never believed in short cuts in life. Whatever it is, sexual appeal should not be used in an exaggerated manner in order to earn a living. That is downright wrong and disgusting, I must say. The definition of sexy can be understood as ‘beautiful’ and decent, not revealing one’s body to gain attention or to make profit. I wouldn’t call the way they wear as ‘sexy’ as in beautiful, but I’ll call it slutty and bitchy any day.

    I don’t actually speak out on this matter as a consumer, but as a person who gets to involve in IT business every now and then too. It’s a worrying trend that you must related IT gadgets with beautiful woman. What if in the very near future, we do not exploit women’s sexuality to market out our product, consumers will automatically assume that our product is not good while the actual fact is the other way round? I shudder to think of the consequences to IT industry as well as the mindset of the society if this particular trend continues.


  8. KevinP says:

    Clef, maybe the girls feel good… I mean in this world there are many types of people… wine to some poison to others… so in the same vein, I think as long as the person does not feel violated or cheap dressing and doing what he or she is doing.. as long as it is within the confines of the law.. I guess its okay. In this case, the girls are not soliciting for any favours illegal but merely selling the product.. one can argue that it is immoral to sell using pretty and sexy girls and all but in essence its not wrong… then again in marketing its always finding the most innovative/cruelest ways to get the consumers to part with their hard earned money… I think therein lies the problem… eh?

  9. Vern says:

    After SPM when we were all looking for part-jobs to earn some pocket money two of my friends approached one of the massage gadget companies for the vacancy of a promoter. One was, how should I say, more on the plump side, while the other was typically slim/thin/small .. etc. The interviewer rejected the first, and soon gave my second friend an option if she was willing to wear a top baring her tummy and a reaaally mini skirt and she’d be paid three times more. My friend, being the, not-so-shy one, took the offer and yeah, soon she was just like Amanda up there. I don’t know which is more disappointing, the lack of self-respect my friend has or the lack of respect the company shows to women.

  10. Celine says:

    Hi cleffairy, you have a really unique name! And welcome to my blog!
    Your blog is good lar..I love reading your blog. And I don’t like ppl selling stuffs by exposing their sexual parts. But we just can’t help it don’t we?

  11. cleffairy says:

    Kevin, as much as I hate to admit it, I guess these girls probably feel good about using their sexual appeal to earn money. Some girls really do enjoy being ogle at and fondled. Must be horny as hell and desperate for a man between her legs. And they definitely love the easy money and quick admiration from the public. Hence giving the impression that women are easy and cheap creature made to be used for making profit in business. I think if there’s less hamsap and gatal girls who are bitchy enough to do such things, there would be less business who will use such method to market their product. In this case… I think both party should be blamed

    Another thing that I failed to mention in my article is I suspect some of these girls are minor, looks really young leh, probably form 4 or 5…but I’m not sure if it’s illegal or not. If I have a daughter, I’ll definitely be very concern over this issue, because when she grow up, I can’t possibly lock her up in a tower to keep her safe from all evil of the world.

    Vern…sad to hear such things. I guess the transaction was mutual because your friend was willing to do such thing. I think, I would be more disappointed with the girl in question rather than the lack of respect that the company show to women. They are just doing ‘business’ and trying to make profit. Can’t really blame them for exploiting when the woman herself did not refuse. Sometimes, girls really should learn how to say NO instead of saying yes to any form of easy luxury any individual have to offer. But again, what to do, some girls really do enjoy such attention. Luxury and lust come hand in hand, I guess, that’s what some girls are searching for…easy gateway to luxury. When I just finished SPM, I worked part time too, because I was bored to death at home. But my job doesn’t involve revealing my clothes or using my sexual appeal…I got stuck teaching English to a standard 2 kid. LOL… damn hard! πŸ˜›

    Seng…yalorr, so bitchy and slutty… eye really sore lah, see them. Jiefu say, for him la, if wan fuck these girls also scared leh, duno whether they got AIDS or STD or not. Den summore he can add, these girls have no ‘feelings’ liao, cuz they have been used too many times. That really got jie laughing! πŸ˜›

  12. cleffairy says:

    LOL… I missed Celine’s comment. πŸ˜€

    Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting Celine, I’m really glad you enjoy reading my stuff. I dun really like to see people use women’s sexual appeal to do sales either…if their product is really good as they claimed, why not use a campaign that gives corporate image to advertise? *sigh* I think I can answer my own question… they must be fishing out some filthy rich horny fishes for bigger contract, tender or distributionship. (Why the hell did I ask the question and answer it in the first place? i must be needing a good night sleep. LOL)

    Ps: Err… my name unique? Actually it’s a pokemon’s name. πŸ˜›

  13. Uncle Lee says:

    Hi Cleffairy, ha ha, enjoyed reading your this posting.
    I for one having been in marketing 35 years, will never get enticed with these ‘playgirls’….but ahemmm, might make a date with one, ha ha, just kidding.

    I normally do my own research….go to store, ask three questions, check it out, buy it, kow tim.
    Bought my new Apple Imac 24 three months ago, but from a bald headed gentleman….but he sure knows his stuff.
    I always test the salesperson with just one tricky question…just to check out their credentials, ha ha.
    You keep well and have a nice day, Lee.
    ps, nice photo, *wink*.

  14. dils says:

    Hi Cleffairy,

    Well.. I am the type of person who likes design better than specs ( and usually regret it), but I couldn’t help myself. I however stay the hell away from that kind of promoter as I would usually bring someone who is more informed than me to help me decide on the right choice.

    My friend also lament to me that once a company asked her to be a promoter while wearing a mini skirt and she balked at that.

    I hate companies that uses this tactic, and I especially loathe car shows as the half the attraction seems to be only on the girls itself. Don’t they feel uncomfortable that guys are actually taking pictures of their breast and some even try upskirt via mobile phone ( oh yeah, guys do that. I come across lots when viewing my friends cameras and it get to a point that I got kinda sick of ‘tegur’ing them for doing this )

  15. cleffairy says:

    Uncle Lee… ahaha… have a date with them? Must be careful lorr, if you wanna date them. I assume you have a missus, wanna date them, must make sure your missus wun find out. πŸ˜›

    You know, if I were to spend an huge amount of money to buy a certain item, I’ll go to a bald headed man who is well informed about the product any day that go to a hunk of a guy who knows nothing but flashes his gorgeous smile at me to attract me to buy his product. *sigh* even though we do research on functionality and specs of certain product, we still need to know if the seller that sells us the product provide good after sales service(warranty, etc).

    Nice photo? Haha, compliment goes to Amanda lorrr. πŸ˜›

    Hi Dils…welcome to my blog. Thank you for visiting and commenting. LOL… I too appreciate good design, but usually i will make sure that the specs do justice to the design. Haha…these kind of promoter are more of a distraction than any help to our inquiries, so I too, try to avoid asking them once I found out that they are not well informed about the product that they are selling.

    It’s quite sickening to see companies who wants to hire a part-timer as their promoter and requires the promoter to wear revealing clothes. It’s as if saying that girls are cheap and easy to be used to gain profit. Car shows are one of the worst… what does a sexy girl got to do with high performance car? Damn… women are not car’s accessories.

  16. Garfield says:

    guess what, usually all promoters for these kind of events know nothing about the product that they r selling at all.

    i was also at low yat that day and asked the male promoter which i expect he can give some proper answer, and guess wat? he know nothing at all.

    since i am a software developer as well, and i have a project(personal research only) to build linux based OS for PDA which are actually already started by fellow opensource programmers.
    i asked the guy these questions:

    Me: how much memory this PDA have?
    Promoter: 8GB, it have a lot for u to use, dun worry.
    Me: 8GB? thats a lot. so it is using Mini Hard Disk or Flash Memory? Flash Memory ar?
    Promoter: Oh, hard disk ar? is 256MB.
    (Sohai! if is 256MB, means it is the build in memory lar! y when i asked how much memory it have, u go and tell me how much size of free memory stick u will give? i am asking for the build in 1 ar!)
    Me: then the 8GB is wat? the memory stick ar?
    Promoter: yeah.
    Me: so the build in memory only 256mb only lar? then wat processor is this PDA is running on? x86, ARM or MIPS?
    Promoter: Windows lor. standard lor.
    Me: I am not asking about OS, i am asking about the processor.
    Promoter: Windows lar, u can see from the screen shows Windows logo mah.
    (Wah lau e! i talk about processor he go and tell me the fucking OS for wat?)
    Me: i am asking about the processor architecture type, coz i am going to totally customize this thing and put my own OS to replace windows, i dun wan to use windows in this PDA.
    Promoter: oh, like this ar? i dunno ler, wait ar, i ask my boss.
    Boss: yes? wat question u asked just now?
    Me: i wanted to know wat type of processor this PDA is running on. x86, ARM or MIPS?
    Boss: normal type lor. but this 1 is fast.
    (Fuck u lar i wan to know the processor architecture type lar! sohai!)
    Me: i wan to know the processor architecture type. x86 which is normal PC architecture type or ARM or MIPS? coz i am going to replace this Windows Mobile with my own Mobile Linux OS.
    Boss: then ar? i think is x86, since Pentium is so famous now.
    (Mah cibai! if u not sure, then just say dunno lar! wan to wait until i buy then find out is not x86 that time, u wil let me refund ar? i bet u fucking won’t 1 lar! x86 is famous on PC only lar! ARM processor and MIPS processor is more famous in mobility devices lar!)
    Me: nvm lah, i check myself.

    and guess wat? the damn processor of that thing is really running on an ARM processor.
    therefore, never buy tech products based in wat these fucking promoter said, check it urself. if u dunno how to check, ask ur fren who know how to check to help u. make sure he/she will not get effected by these stupid biacthes or sohai!

  17. tangkup says: we all realise how bad and chaotic the economy under the Bodowi admin.

    All business operators want to make money and to do so must balance cost and benefits.

    In this instance…the PDAs must be cheap.. the sexy gilrs must be cheap..the deejay must be cheap.. to have the volumes the Boss must attract a lot of men.. who will become his suckers!! For all the Boss cares is to create volumes in his business.

    If you didnt like the sexy performances of the exploited girls or the lousy deejay then its your good judgement that helped you and your husband..What a good boy is your husband..take care of him least he will go astray..after seeing all the sexy girls with their gayrating shows.

    With the uncertain economic conditions and spiralling costs of living in become difficult and any way businessmen can make profit they will exploit the means..tomorrow Bodowi may reduce the petrol price cos the crude oil price is below USD96 per barrel (beware he may just raise the price)..but the prices of edible goods and other commodities WILL NOT COME DOWN..its like our age..never come down but up all the time. The prsentation at the PDA event must heve been a manifestation of Bodowi’s erratic economic plans!! We need an urgent change in the Gomen!!

  18. cleffairy says:

    Garfield… now I’m speechless. As a woman, my IT knowledge can’t save my life, but at least i do know what is the difference between Operating System and a processor. WTF…that feller really treat you like a ‘noob’ lah. LOL…these companies just wanna sell stuff. Sad to see that they hire untrained personnels to assist the consumers. they simply do not do justice to their product, giving perception that their product is a low quality item.

    , yeah… these kind of campaign is one of the consequences we have to face during the economic downturn. The sleepyhead simply do not have any idea on how to manage economy, otherwise, why would he play musical chair with Mr C4? He needs someone to clean up his poops la…and the C4 feller also no balls…*sigh* so willing to clean up the poops around. please, someone, send him back to college or something. πŸ™

    On the oil thingie, let’s just assume that he will FLIP FLOP again…that’s what he always do wud? Say one thing and mean another. ARGH! I’m so pissed off lah!

  19. Mayakirana says:

    I wonder what would happen if it’s the other way round. Get men to sell PDAs BUT they must be bare chested, walk around in skimpy loin cloths, look like Greek gods but totally stupid. I want to know what other men think of this idea! And yes, imagine your women, your girlfriends flocking to these men to check out the PDAs. (I know women aren’t THAT dumb la but let’s suspend logic for a while). What do you men say? It’s OK? It’s business? It’s fine coz you get an eyeful of cleavage? Or in these men’s cases, it’s a nice six-pack to salivate over? What then? It’s the same as polygamy. But what if a woman has 4 husbands. I want to see how men react then. If a woman has more than 1 husband, all hell breaks lose. If a man has 4 wives, tak apelah. It’s allowed, apa.

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