Sembonia Summer 2015 Collection

Truth be told. I’m vain. Very vain. There are times these days where I dressed not to impressed, but completely for my own pleasure. No. I don’t really dress up to impress anyone, but for the sake of looking beautiful whenever I passed by mirrors in the shopping mall. I don’t know how it is like with most women, but I’ll admit it to you that I whenever stumbled upon mirrors anywhere I go, I would stop for a awhile and admire my own reflection in the mirror. I don’t know how it is like with you ladies out there, but it makes me feel very good about myself whenever I see myself in the mirror. A few years back, I hate the person who looked back at me from inside the mirror. She not only looks messy with all the shabby clothing that does not even fit her own body, but she was insecure and lacks confidence too.

I like myself better now. Dressing well makes me feel good and confident about myself and these days, I could smile at myself in the mirror, and couldn’t be more grateful to leave the old me behind. I certainly do not miss the old me.

Sounds superficial and quite a diva? Maybe. But would you believe me when I said that how you dress up and carry yourselves in public affects your life in general greatly? I have to say that clothes, accessories and fragrances are mood setter. It makes you feel good about yourselves even when your day is less than perfect. Bonus point on being happy about yourselves? It’s contagious and you emit such aura that will make people feel good about you too.

Dressing well does not mean that you have to own a walk in wardrobe at home. No, no. Dressing well means being clever and smart at mixing and matching your clothes with the accessories that you have. One dress, for example may reflect different looks and mood with the accessories that you choose to go with it.

Apart from jewelries like earrings and necklaces, handbags, clutches and shoes will set different mood to just one outfit.

As of late, I discovered that I gravitate easily towards a variety of bags and shoes, and one that caught my attention is collections from Sembonia. Being a novice in all things fashion, I’m not really familiar with this particular brand, but having being invited to their boutique in Pavilion last week for the preview of their Summer 2015: Revolution of Leather Accessories, I must say it was quite an eye opening experience.

 photo C360_2015-08-09-07-48-07-747_zps05t4l5iz_edit_1439077912826_zpsiog8n5cv.jpg

Sembonia Boutique in Pavilion KL. Sembonia is a subsidiary company under Bonia along with their sister company Carlo Rino. The company was founded in 1974 by S. S. Chiang, the Group’s Executive Chairman, who started the business of designing, manufacturing, and wholesaling leather goods in Singapore

Sembonia: Revolution of Leather Accessories showcased a collection of clutches to go with your outfits. They all comes with soft, summery pastel colours that will surely bring out the sweet innocent girl in you.

Check out some of latest wristlet collection:

 photo DSCN5003_zpsdtlswp3j.jpg

The Discerptible Fold Wallet.Β 

 photo DSCN5044_zpsoplenfvz.jpg

Comes in pastel colours, the wallet allows you detach the discerptible pouch which you can quickly chuck in some cash or cards to rush out for dining.

 photo DSCN5028_zps9j8toico_edit_1439079053631_zpsnmknsln8.jpg

The Slim Accordian Wallet ideal for those who do not have so many cards to carry around.Available in 3 colours, the Slim Accordian is classy and elegant.

 photo DSCN5032_zpsnwyxlxsa_edit_1439079306189_zpsvoqtbula.jpg

The Continental Wristlet comes with the choice of Bi-Fold and Tri-Fold; each components is carefully designed to suit one’s taste. Ideal for cocktail where party and you can easily clutch them at your wrist. The collection also features adorable bird painting on the wrislet, making it irresistible for those with artful taste.

 photo DSCN5033_zpsxj4pfyvu_edit_1439079555776_zpssnxmngmw.jpg

Oversized Wristlet. Definitely created with gadget addicts in mind. This oversized wristlet is perfect for smartphones or iPad mini.

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To The Nine Detachable. Beautifully crafted with stingray leather, this clutch is certainly elegant and functional. Great for formal events or dinner parties.

Crafted by Saffiano Leather, it is a two in one purse and clutch where you can remove the gold chain if you would like to give it a different look and make it as a wallet.

So, which one is my personal favourite?

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This one. πŸ˜‰ I like how this is very versatile. You can use it as a clutch, purse or even just as a wallet.

 photo DSCN5021_zpsu95ajwlt.jpg

It is chic, classy and at the same time, girlishly youthful.

 photo DSCN5024_zpspk9w3fpt.jpg

Brownie point? It is completely convenient and functional. You can chuck in cash, cash and even your smartphone in it and it still does not look bulky.

 photo PhotoGrid_1439081676507_zpsmoevkhtv_edit_1439081719479_zpstcnaegat.jpg

Apart from the wristlets and clutches, I spotted some newly arrived Sembonia handbags too. They are all lovely and I couldn’t really decide which one I like most. Perhaps a revisit to the boutique is very much needed soon. πŸ˜‰

 photo IMG_20150806_001430_zpsltc4ulf1.jpg

One for the album. πŸ™‚

I’ll be writing more about my new clutch soon, in the meantime, do check out the website:Β for more info on Sembonia’s news and updates.

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  1. cindyrina says:

    Once upon a time, I used to be Sembonia biggest fan when it come to wedges shoes.Now that my feet develop severe bunion…isk isk isk got to stop wearing it. Love their new collections!

  2. Aliza Sara says:

    I love the purse with the little bird. Not a fan of Sembonia, but i can see that their collection is getting better and better!

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