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Lee Chong Wei has lost his gold medal to Lin Dan, the Chinese( the China Chinese lah!) badminton player. Many of us Malaysians out there may be disappointed with the result, but to me, I am proud of his achievement nevertheless.

While the rest of the Malaysian contingent flunk badly in this Beijing Olympic, Chong Wei did his best to secure Malaysia a medal. One medal, SILVER, I consider good enough when the others disappoint us badly. It may be not gold, but one medal in Olympic is better than nothing at all, isn’t it? After all, badminton IS our last hope in getting a medal.

I cannot imagine how it is like to be in Lee Chong Wei’s shoes( I don’t want to, cuz his shoes would stink like hell), where the hopes of all Malaysian sports fans and supporters is on his racket. Everyone is hoping a gold medal from him. Imagine the stress he went through throughout the whole game last night. While the rest of us would be feeling nervous with all the hysterical screaming and cheering of men and woman alike in the badminton court, Chong Wei did try his best to try to win the match. Sadly, after about 40 minutes, Lin Dan bombed Chong Wei with 21-12, 21-8.

I’m upset with the result, because I had hope there’ll be more fire in Chong Wei’s performance in the men’s single, but then again by the end of the day, one Silver is better than no medal in Olympic at all. Chong Wei, our last surviving hope in Beijing Olympic has brought a silver for us to be proud of. Chong Wei did battled a world champion, and Lin Dan is not an easy opponent seeing he is the world champion for two years. For those who are dissapointed in Chong Wei’s performance and muttering vulgarities because he did not bring back a gold medal, please don’t, after all, Lin Dan was not known as Super Dan for nothing. It’ll take a kryptonite shuttlecock to bring that feller down.


Cleffairy: I had hoped that one of our handsome archers would be able to bring back at least a bronze, but he had lost by 4 point, one bloody arrow. Imagine how that feller felt, loosing by one arrow.



  1. KevinP says:

    LCW froze while Lin Dan thrived… the winner is a foregone conclusion after the first 10 points… sad but well.. what the heck.. first medal in 12 years…

  2. pamina says:

    i’m proud of the boy. if it weren’t for him, we wouldnt see malaysian flag being raised. and will someone do something abt the state of malaysian athletes? these ppl are skinny like hell as if we don’t eat enough…so i dont blame him if he just have no energy to return that power serve.

    bad diet. now who’s responsible for that?

  3. KevinP says:

    hehehe… Pamina… skinny? Not really.. if you see Choong Tan Fook and Lee Wan Wah… lets not blame the lack of sambal belacan at Beijing for our shortcomings… although they seem to lament that.

  4. Bigdaddy says:

    They are all winners, for me. The Olympics should reflect on the sportsmanship and sporting spirit, a celebration of life and achievements. Kudos to all the athelets that qualified and competed in the Olympics.!

    Anyways, am back now, Clef. Blog updated, waiting for your visit!

  5. Calvin says:

    thumbs up for lcw’s effort in the olympics. my whole family decided last nite to tapau dinner. all of us was dismayed at the result. but as a malaysian, i too am very proud of him. gone is the 1million but in with the 300k. read the papers this morning and lcw said that he was going to donate a portion of the money to the china quake victims. may god bless his generosity….(hopefully he does it with a sound and willing heart).

    bd’s in the house y’all. welcome home …. lol

  6. cleffairy says:

    ktx, what wi8ll the superior race think? They better not critisize, after all, the rest did flunk badly in the Olympic. Still wan to cakap banyak arh?

    Pete, I hate to admit that Lee Chong Wei lost to Lin Dan… but… Lin Dan is really good. He moves as swift as the wind, if not faster than a speeding bullet. 🙁

    Kevin…I was hoping for a longer game… all is over after 40 minutes. Sobs…it’s not enough for me, but then again, of course, one medal is better than nothing.

    Pamina…not all our athletes are skinny leh. LOL…some like terlebih makan only. Did you see one of our archer? That feller is fat. 😛

    Welcome back bigdaddy. how did your exam go? I hope you do well. And you’re right, Olympic should reflect sportsmanship and sporting spirit. I think, being able to compete in Olympic itself should make one a hero.

    Calvin, you tapau? Careful with outside food. How’s your wife? Is she doing well now? LOL…like you all also, 40minutes game is not enough for me too. But then again, I’m glad he brought back the medal. 😛

  7. roses says:

    i am proud of our own malaysian badminton player even though he is not bringing back gold. for those procrastinators, why not u get into the court and played against Ling Dan?!?! it’s easy for us to sit at the comfort and watch others play and comment on this and that…and “haiya he shouldnt smash like this” n stuff..
    i am satisfied with the silver. close case

  8. cleffairy says:

    LOL… Rose…for me, I’m proud that he even managed a silver. Lin Dan was ranked no1 player in the world, of course he’s very hard to beat. You know, I had my heart in my mouth when I watched them play. The suspense was almost unbearable. 😛

  9. tangkup says:

    Kudos to LCW.
    He’s done fantsatically well for Malaysia to bring back a Silver Olympic medal. I was extremely happy for LCW although he tried his best but the better player of course won convinvingly. However, it did not mean that LCW give away the game. He sweated for Malaysia.

    There are many “kaki bangku” critics in our country. Anyone “kaki bangku” critic please go into a badminton court and play with a good badminton player and see how it feels. After that “kaki bangku” critic may disappear into the oblivion.

    In addition to the “kaki bangku” critic there are also racists in our country.
    I remeber during the Bar Council’s forum where a handful of b**t**d racists who stormed the forum and shouted derogatory words such as “b**i” and “pulang C**a”. Its unfortunate that these b***t**ds put down our brothers such as LCW who created good name for our country.
    These b**t**ds should go home where they belong!!!

    The Sakais and d Negritos are the originals of Malaya ba.

    Lin Dan is the No.1 badminton player in the world. To be able to play with the No. 1 in the world alone is a tremendous achievement itself.

  10. cleffairy says:

    Tangkup, I watched the game…and LCW, I believed that he has no advantage against Lin Dan, seeing how horrible the Chinese over there roared. i would have fainted on the spot if I were him.

    Lin Dan was a superb player, it’s hard to beat him, and LCW played pretty well. He did made everyone proud, even though it’s just a silver.

    Hmm… Bar council forums…those barbie dolls shouted nasty and racist words…look who’s speaking….so much for claiming themselves ‘civilized’. If Cina balik China, Hindu balik India, den Melayu can get their ass back to Jawa and leave the bloody country to the orang asli. After all, besides the orang asli, the rest are actually pendatang. Talk so much for what. just because there more of them does that allow them to make so much noise and degrade others? Some people just don’t know their history. *grrr*

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