SKMEI 1250 Waterproof Smartwatch Review

I’m not a huge fan of digital watches. Personally, I like those delicate bracelet types of watch that looks like some expensively exquisite jewelries when I put them on, but my husband got me a smartwatch a few months back as a gift. The watch is SKMEI 1250. Have you heard of the brand SKMEI? I’m not sure if you have, but SKMEI is a watch brand that originates from China. SKMEI is not a very famous brand, but it offers a surprisingly wide range of timepieces in their collection like digital watch,sports watch,double watch,Quartz watch and Smartwatch.

What I’ll be sharing with you about is the SKMEI 1250. It’s a bit huge for my wrist but since is a gift from my husband and I didn’t want to make him feel unappreciated, I thought I’d just wear it for a couple of days and put it aside, but I ended up liking it and grew quite attached to it and so, I thought I’d share with you about it.

SKMEI 1250 has a all round dial design and comes in 3 colour variants; Red Gold, Brown gold and all black. It has 22mm wide buckle type plastic belt. My personal opinion: The design is decent. It looks pretty cool somewhat premium. The material used in the SKMEI 1250 is all plastic but it’s quite good quality. The clasp of the watch is made from stainless steel. The SKMEI 1250 smartwatch offers features as below:




*Calorie counter



*Call Reminder/notification




*50m waterproof

*Remote Camera

What I like about this watch is that it’s waterproof and surprisingly durable. I’ve worn the watch during my snorkeling trip in Perhentian Island an it was not only submerged for hours but I accidentally hit the watch against a rock too and it still works perfectly fine after that, so I suppose th watch can withstand rugged usage a well.

I have yet to go diving with this watch, so I can’t really tell you how much pressure this watch can withstand, but I’ll be sure to update when I finally do.

Unlike other smartwatches that I’m familiar with, this watch runs on normal watch batteries and there’s no need to charge the watch daily or after certain hours of usage. SKMEI claims that the battery can last up to 45days but I’ve used the watch for more than 90 days and it’s still working accurately as of writing, so I’m guessing that the battery life is way longer than just 45 days.

The SKMEI 1250 has an application support for both Android and Apple devices that enables you to sync your step counts and take photo remotely, just like any other regular smartwatches. The watch will also give a beep when there’s incoming call or messages. The stepcounter of this watch is pretty accurate and I’d never go without the watch during my cardio dance session.

The only disadvantages of SKMEI 1250 is that it doesn’t have sleep monitor or a heart rate monitor. But for a smartwatch that’s under RM40, I think SKMEI 1250 performs really well and it kinda surpassed my initial expectations.

So, will I recommend this watch? Well, yes, definitely recommended, especially for those who loves watersports and have an active lifestyles.

You may check out what else SKMEI have to offer HERE.

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