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I’m not much a beauty blogger. If you ask me to review beauty products the way other beauty bloggers do, I think my write-up will be rather unnatural and weird. If anything, I’m just an ordinary woman who is vain and like to look beautiful and loves to share my beauty findings with other women like me.


Speaking of sharing beauty findings, I’ve recently received this Ephyra Lips as a complimentary gift for my Ephyra Collagen purchase. I was a little surprised of course, as I wasn’t expecting anything for my purchase but I was happy nevertheless as although I’m not much a makeup user, but I’m pretty much a lipstick addict. I cannot resist a good lipstick, especially those in classy red colour. Some of my friends even nicknamed me as the Red Lips Queen as I have the tendency to wear red shade lipsticks whenever I go.

As this is a complimentary gift, the shade was random and instead of my usual red, I was gifted with a pink shade one instead. This is Ephyra Lips in Pink Peony.

Now, I seriously don’t know what to expect when I received it. At first glance, the colour seems so pastel that it can be compared to pastel water colours that my son has been using for his art classes. I’ve never made a point to wear pink shades before as most lipsticks that are pink in shades makes me look really weird. Initially I thought this Ephyra Lips in Pink Peony will not suit me well, but I tried it on nevertheless.


Much to my surprise, the Ephyra Lips in Pink Peony gives me a pretty much youthful effect and makes me look much younger than my age.


Can you honestly say that this picture makes me look as if I’m already in my 30s? I guess you can’t, can you? Okay, I guess I’ll have to credit the Ephyra Collagen for me looking younger than my real age but that’s beside the point. I won’t be talking about that here. My point is that the colour is devastingly beautiful and make me look sweet and innocent and it’s by far the best matte cream lipstick that I’ve ever worn. I’ll tell you why:

*Ephyra Lips glided on easily onto the lips. Application is not messy.
*The colour is striking but not over the top that it makes you look weird or unnatural.
*It does not stain easily
*Long lasting. It can last more than 8 hours without touching up, I kid you not. The colour really stays on, even when you’re having your meals.
*Despite the fact that the colour stays on for hours and hours, it’s strangely easy to removed. I don’t even need a makeup remover to remove it. All I need is to wipe it away with a wet wipe or tissue once and it’ll be gone.
*It is not drying on the lips, even after long hours on the lips. Surprisingly moisturising and if I must testify, I swear that the Ephyra Lips helps to improve my lips condition as well. I used to have dry and chapped lips but after about 2 weeks of using this, that problems seems to be magically gone and the best part is that now my lips are much softer to touch.

Overall, I’m really happy with Ephyra Lips and I guess I’ll hunt down other colours to try soon enough to play around with other looks to suit my mood and my clothings. I’m looking forward to try those red and striking colours. Last check on their site they have more than 8 shades of Ephyra Lips to choose from and they have sales every now and then. I personally recommend Ephyra Lips, so if you are interested to try, you might want to hop over to these links below:

Website: https://oceanlife2u.com/ephyra-cosmetics/
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/EphyraOceanlife2u/

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