25 Ways To Wear a Scarf

I don’t wear hijab but I have a shawll/ scarves collections that can rival those who donned hijab daily. Beautiful shawls and scarves is my vice. They are my weakness. My favourite accessory. Apart from my sunblock and liptint, I almost never leave home without a shawl.

Shawl/scarves may be just a simple piece of cloth to many, but to me, it makes a splendid accessory that makes you stand out in the crowd, even though your outfit is extremely plain. Trust me on that.

As a traveler, I always get away with wearing jeans and a plain shirt and yet still looking fashionable, classy and chic for travel photos with just tying a shawl or scarves around my neck. Here’s sharing with you a video on how you can tie a shawl/scarves in 25 ways. 🙂

How to Tie Scarves in 25 Ways


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