The New Apple iPhone 5

Do you love apples? You know, not the fruit apples, but the gadget Apples? Well, I’m not an apple fangirl, but I do keep a tab on their news, as I find it pretty amusing how they managed to make people go goo goo ga ga over their gadgets, and how they managed to drive millions of people crazy during their product launch.

If you’re an Apple, you might wanna check this out…the New iPhone5. It was just launched a few hours ago, as of writing:

Sleek design… with just 7.6mm thin

According to it’s creator, this new iPhone 5 lets you see more…and puts the world in a better perspective.

And according to them, while this phone is powerful, it’s quite not power consuming. How true is that? I will never know, as I’ve never own any of the iPhone relatives, and this new family member of their is definitely not within my budget range.

Anyway, here’s the comparison between iPhone and it’s competitors:

Cleffairy: Anyone wanna let me try this and change my mind that Samsung is better than Apple? 😛


  1. Christopher says:

    eh….your Samsung galaxy S3 info salah lah. its quad core, not dual core. anyway, nothing special with this iPhone. it’s slightly longer only and most of the features already available in S3. The screen still small.

  2. Angeline says:

    Cleff, I’m using SIII, hubby using his Iphone. He encourage me to get the SIII instead of iphone 5 leh….

    All this while I boycott samsung battery doesn’t last long. But SIII, bateri tahan lor.

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