Life is about…

Life is not just about surviving, but about making it eventful and making good (and bad) memories as time goes by, is it not?

But what if we can no longer make good memories, and life is just meaningless because there is no longer sparks that inspire you to move on? What do you do when there is no reason to live anymore?

I’ve been thinking of this lately…what if…life is no longer meaningful…and whether or not you exists does not matter anymore because your existence makes no difference to anyone, especially to those whom you love dearly?

Hmm…it is indeed a dark thought for me to ponder upon…and at times like this, I am just glad that despite the fact that I am not religious and pious person, I’m still a God-fearing person. If I am not a God-fearing person, I would have done whatever those who have no faith would have done in a heartbeat.

Cleffairy: Have you ever thought of something like this? Something so scary and dark that it just consume all part of you?


  1. Andrew says:

    There is always light at the end of the tunnel. Just continue to walk and pray, and you will find lights. Try to get yourself out of where you are now, and see the world in a different perspective…there are still lots of meaningful things worth mentioning.

  2. small Kucing says:

    Goody….you having dark thoughts? Good….now faster write it down….write out at least 2000 words of it…then can put into your novel.

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