Tokyo Secret SkyAvenue, Resorts World Genting

I’ve been mentioning countless times that I don’t have sweet tooth, haven’t I? While this statement stands true, I somehow have a weakness for cheesy desserts like cheesecakes and cheesetarts. But I am very selective about them. So far, only those from Tokyo Secret suits my palate pretty well; considering that they are pretty light and not cloyingly sweet. I managed to indulge in some at Tokyo Secret SkyAvenue during my most recent trip to Resorts World Genting and here’s some of the cheesy goodies from the outlet.

Cheesecake, Hanjyuku cheesecake, cheesetart and Osmanthus Oolong Cheese drink.

Tokyo Secret is well known for it’s divine tasting cheesecakes and cheesetarts, but recently they came up with a series of cheesy drink as well. Cheese Crema series consists of a few flavours; Black Tea, Osmanthus Oolong, Green Tea and Japanese Matcha. The one that we tried is this; Osmanthus Oolong Crema Drink from Tokyo Secret.

Cheese on top of your drinks, can you imagine that? I certainly couldn’t until I was introduced to this. I was a little skeptical about this drink at first, but being someone who loves tea, I decided to give this a taste. The liquid cheese actually covers the cold Osmanthus Oolong tea underneath where the saltiness of the cheese on top somehow balances up the sweetness of the tea below. Unseeming combination but it was really nice to drink and actually leaves me wanting more.

Me and my Osmanthus Oolong Cheese Crema Drink. Messy aftermath, no? A perfect drink for lovers though, as you can get your other half to kiss away the mess that you made afterwards. A wonderfully fun beverage to drink, I must say. No prize guessing who shared a kiss with her husband afterwards.

Tokyo Secret is definitely a must patronize if you are a fan of all things sweet and cheesy. Tokyo Secret outlet that I patronized is located at Level 1, SkyAvenue, but the outlet in SkyAvenue is not the only outlet in Malaysia. They have a few outlets scattered all over Malaysia too, in case you’re wondering.

For more information on Tokyo Secret, hop over to their FB page here:

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