#TSDayOut2016: Behind the Scene in Sepang International Circuit

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This is the Sepang International Circuit. Here is where Adrenaline addiction and exhilaration began. My virgin visit was with Tourism Selangor, during their #TSDayOut2016 program.

Initially I thought we would just be watching the 1000KM Endurance Race, but I was wrong. We were brought there to Sepang International Circuit to experience everything about Sepang like never before; up close and personal on track, watching Sepang 1000KM Endurance Race from various stands and of course, the behind the scenes things of what makes Sepang International Circuit ticks.

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Sepang 1000KM Endurance Race 2016 is a spin-off event from the hugely successful Merdeka Millennium Endurance Race (MMER) , S1K pits production cars below 1900cc and has attracted international entries from as far as Australia and Japan.

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The 1000km race is about 181 laps and lasts about 12 hours non stop and the aim is not only to test the endurance of the car engines, but everyone involved as well.

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Racers needs to be physically and mentally fit to join the race.

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So does the pitstop crews,mechanics, engineers and medics.

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And of course, the grid girls needs to be able to literally stand the heat throughout the entire race as well

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Life on the fast track. Teabreak at Perdana Suite, Sepang International F1 Circuit. The place looks ordinary, no? Well, there’s more to it than just an ordinary building. This is where SIC hosts VVIPs, dignitaries, royalties during F1 racing and stuff. Strictly off limits to public without a pass.The view of the track from here is simply breathtaking and much better than the view at the Grand Stand.

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And now, we had the privileges to watch the 1000km race while having tea. Pretty much a blessed birthday weekend, I must say. I always love all the fast and furious thing.

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My view from Perdana Suite

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Race view from the Grand Stand

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Behind the scene at the Race Control Room

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Behind the scene at the Media Room

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The Media Room in Sepang International Circuit can accomodate more than 100 journalists at one time. Here is where breaking news on every single race held in Sepang International Circuit are made. This is, practically the news hub, connecting Sepang International Circuit and the rest of the world.

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Commentary room where live broadcasting of commentary is done for ongoing races.

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Behind the scene at the Pit Garage where the crews are hard at work, ensuring everything will be revving fine.

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Press conference room

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Podium. Yes, this is where racing champions are crowned and glorious national anthems are honoured.

Sepang 1000KM Endurance Race 2016 Highlights

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