Ultraman Live in Genting

When it comes to anime, I’m more to Sailormoon and Dragonball kind of girl but my husband and son is an Ultraman freak. My husband especially. Having heard that Ultraman is here in Genting, we decided to pay a little visit. We drove up all the way to Genting. It was just about 1 hour drive from home.

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The Ultraman in Ultraman Live in Genting. The show features popular Ultraman Zero, Ultraman Ginga, Ultraman Tiga,  and five other Ultramans namely Ultraman, Seven, Taro, Cosmos and Mebius together with two infamous  kaiju alien Baltan and Ultraman Belial.

While I easily get confused on which Ultraman is which as there are too many of them to even begin with, my husband can tell me which Ultraman is called what, and he also knows the monster’s name by heart.

My son loves it so much that he can’t stop playing pretend when we came home back home and hugged the huge Ultraman figurine that my father bought for him to sleep.

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Ultraman in action

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Ultraman fighting monster.
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Part of the live action scene

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Another cool scene. ‘Ultraman Live in Genting 2015’ is produced by Tsuburaya Productions and it is customized with an all new storyboard for the Malaysian audience and Resorts World Genting. The show is pretty cool with high tech stagecraft and I’d say it is worth every penny spent there.

Anyway here is sharing something with you.

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If you purchase your tickets now (while stock last) you stand to get a limited edition of Ultraman Projector Watch FREE. Ultraman ticket holders will also receive an exclusive 30% off for Ultraman limited edition merchandises and a 20% discount to dine at Resort Seafood, Hou Mei Resort Hotel and Coffee Terrace.

Pop corns is also on sale for you to munch on and a very special edition Ultraman tumbler. I bought one for my son and it was retailing for just RM20 nett (popcorn and tumbler) and RM26 nett that comes inclusive with a very special Ultraman popsicle. Drinks is refillable for free for the tumbler throughout the duration of the show.

Tickets are available at RM88 (VIP) and RM68 (PS1). For more info, please visit: best matchmaking services in los angeles.


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