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Sometimes, men are just like Internet service provider. They provide a roof over your head, decent food on the table, occasional sex when they feel like it and they get you somewhere by driving you out and accompany you when you need a chauffeur. They also serve as a good distraction when your mind is about to blow up as a result of being too much around a bunch of misbehaved children who can’t seems to just listen to you when you make effort to talk to them.

Like many many Internet service providers, no matter how good they are, men are not faultless. They are not perfect, though pretty much of them would love to believe otherwise. Some men could not accept truth. They wanted to be perfect, and therefore, an excuse for them to find solace outside of marriage.

Despite of the good service, there’s always noise (read: a communication term) as well as interference that’s caused by many factors. These service disruptions are often  caused by decrease of revenues, political issues, hardware malfunction, failing business strategies, and many more.

More often than not, unavoidable problems like these will caused you to be disconnected, and when you called up their toll free number to complain, which they always claim to be at your service all the time, regardless day or night, you will be put on hold for many countless minutes that can go up to hours.

Talking to these…’operators’ can really irk you. They never fail to annoy you and frustrate you. And instead of getting your problems solved, more problems will arise, because they don’t actually solve your problems. They delegate it elsewhere… either that, or your complaints will be disregard or served as another occupational hazards.

It is intolerable, but what choice do you actually have when you’re placed in such predicament?

Not many, isn’t it? Not when you’re binded by a legal contract that could not be broken unless you’re willing to compensate and bear the consequences by terminating the contract.

There’s always…. damages to your pocket, and your way of life when you decide to terminate a contract. This is pretty common when you’re dealing with Internet Service Providers.

And most would be unwilling to terminate the contract because they either not willing to deal with the loss or not willing to go through the hassle of starting over with a new service provider. I have to say, that sometimes, comfort zone could really cost a fortune. It stops us from venturing and trying new things and new products, and indirectly, it stops us from advancing as well.

Would it be sufficient to say that even though we’re unsatisfied with a certain service provider, we tend to stick to the one that is monopoly-ing the market because we’re wary of such nonsense, and refuse to deal with the problems all over again with a new service provider?

Cleffairy: When your ISP fails you, or annoy you, you actually have the option of not going online for a while. After all it is just fools who builds their social life by just online, and online alone. There’s much more to life than just Facebook, blogs and Twitters. Only the blind, the dumb, and the deaf would put such value to it.


  1. Ginny Hartzler says:

    Hi, thanks for dropping by my blog! I love that white zigzag dress! I have been trying to comment earlier, but blogger won’t let me! Have you already had the book signing? You must be a pretty well known author to have your own signing.

  2. suituapui says:

    “There’s always…. damages to your pocket, and your way of life when you decide to terminate a contract.” The same thing when you sign a contract – have to pay every month…and your way of life will be changed…drastically even!

    • Cleffairy says:

      Sigh… that’s why, when choose service provider, have to run a background check first. Else, afterwards, will suffer. But then again, as consumers, sometimes we fall for sweet, sugary words that promises us many benefits, when in truth… it’s just their marketing strategy to get us to hook up on them. 🙁 Sad, isn’t it? Sometimes, we are not so smart after all.

  3. claire says:

    Hope your Service Provider will continue to serve you to the fullest! Even change new service provider does not guarantee it is better than the former..

    • Cleffairy says:

      Nothing is a guarantee, Claire. That’s what I always believe. Bah… ISP serving me to the fullest? I don’t think so… 🙁 ISPs don’t change their policy overnight, and worst, some doesn’t even change at all. It may take years of coaxing, coercion or even threatening. They don’t change easily, because we ‘need’ their service, and they think that we could not live without their services after getting used to them for so long.

      I do hope ISP could be more efficient when dealing with their issues and complaints… but unfortunately, for now, we have to bear with the…problems.

    • Cleffairy says:

      LOL…but noise sometimes comes from cable problems and hardware problems, hence… disconnection issues. Sad to say, improvisation won’t be made, unless we fiercely demand and threatens the service provider.

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