What is dyslexia?

As most of you probably know, I have a son who is an ADHD child. I’ve been teaching and tutoring him on reading and writing, and it is getting on my nerves that he is rather slow at grasping it. As of late, his pace is worrying me… and his tendency to write from the back of a word makes me think if he’s also a dyslexic. I’m not sure if he’s doing that on purpose to get on my nerves or he really have difficulties spelling and writing in the correct order, cuz so far, his teacher has never complained about this tendency. I’ve asked the teacher, and she said she did not notice anything abnormal while he was writing.

It is worrying. I suspect that my son have dyslexia as well. Do you know what is dyslexia ? Dyslexia is a learning disorder that is language-based. If a person has this disorder then it likely that they have a difficult time with reading. They may also experience other problems with language skills: pronouncing words, spelling, and writing.

I don’t really care if my son have dyslexia. After all, it is not that he’s a retarded, it just means that he have a learning disability and I need a correct way to teach him. I can always send him to dyslexic learning centre and whatnot.

My only concern now is the society’s acceptance and tendency to judge people who are different and have learning disabilities. They always condemn such people, and I find it rather demotivating and demoralizing.

I am worried on how he’d fare in school too, considering that this country does not exactly allow children to learn according to their own pace and put them in the same learning group. Instead, they put children with same age together and force them to compete with each other academically instead of allowing them to learn according to their own pace.

I don’t know about you, but it is rather unfair towards such children with learning disabilities. How can they grow and benefit from the education if they cannot keep up or they are constantly forced to do things the normal ways?

Cleffairy: *sigh* I guess my son won’t be going to mainstream schools. He won’t survive and benefit from that sort of education. I’ll be sending him to school where he can benefit more from the education by learning on his own pace and learn to discover certain things through experience and experiments instead of just memorizing facts.


  1. eugene says:

    I marvel at your patience,you know we can talk what we want but we just cant go through what you go through,hang in there,i read somewhere it will be all right when he gets older………………

    all the best ya,cleff

    • Cleffairy says:

      Ya, and I cannot let other ppl interfere, cuz they dono how my son is, right? Alot of people just know how to talk and gv me advices and stuff, thinking that they know better, but truth is… I know better as a mum.

  2. Yvonne says:

    Your boy will get out of it when he gets older if given the right guidance and medications (if he needs). Best is to listen to the professionals, only these people will give you the right advices based on what they have asssessed. My boy is 14 now, he’s doing very well in school and have plenty of friends. Very likeable by the teachers and his friends. My friend’s gal who has dyslexia is 15 now. Doing very well as well. Usually for boys, they will tone down their hyper mode when they turned 10. This is the case for my boy and my friends’ kids who have Add/Adhd. One of my relative who had Adhd when he was young and now, he became one of a well known banker. There, don’t worry and continue to guide him and give him lotsa support and love. All the best to you and God bless.

  3. Yvonne says:

    “My only concern now is the society’s acceptance and tendency to judge people who are different and have learning disabilities. They always condemn such people, and I find it rather demotivating and demoralizing.”

    Don’t worry about the society’s acceptance. It’s very common nowadays and I believe alot of adults we know has them without themselve knowing. It just that the olden days, people were not well educated and unaware of this common disorder. No big deal really. Firstly, you have to take good care of yourself and transmit your strength to your boy to overcome it when he gets older. Who knows ..maybe his teacher or principal has it too. Like I had mentioned earlier, alot of people has it without themselves knowing.Haha! Good luck and I am sure you are a strong lady because mommy like us who has kids with adhd are usually stronger than alot of mommies out there.

  4. Elaine says:

    My son is dyspraxia which also shows threads of being dyslexic. He is in Standard 1. Chinese mainstream school. So far he is coping and there’s no discrimination. Don’t worry about what others think, the most important is your encouragement and guidance. It is not the end o the world.

    I am currently taking up a course of teaching children with dyslexia in hope to be able to help my son better

  5. suituapui says:

    You will just have to find a special school. I’m sure they have them in a city as big as KL. It may not cater solely for dyslexic students but others may be autistic or ADHD and so on…and overseas, the parent (usually the mother) may have to be around all day with the kid. I know there ARE scholarship students doing “Pendidikan Khas” – those may be able to teach such students properly.

    If confirmed, he cannot go to the mainstream schools as he will lag behind the rest and will eventually do badly and drop out without learning very much at all – the teachers in those schools are not trained to handle individual cases like these…and with so many in a class and so much work to do, they would not be able to cope.

  6. Yi Lei says:

    Hey there!*hugs* as much as I would like to say “Don’t worry” and etc. I know that as a mum, worrying comes with it.

    My cousin & my son’s Godbrother is dyslexic. The one thing that I learnt from their parents is that they told their children that they are gifted. Like they have “super power”. 🙂 I believe it will help boost the child’s confidence and they also told their child that they share this “super power” with famous and successful people like Tom Cruise, Whoopi Goldberg.

    You are doing very strong as a mother. I’ll keep praying for you and your son.

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