Pregnancy and Birth

Ever since I’ve been having those recurring nightmares on giving birth to a baby (as I mentioned in my previous blog entry),  I feel rather traumatized, and I can’t help but look for information on babies and pregnancies.

You see, I always believe that the best way to overcome your nightmares is to research and understand the root of your trauma. I’m guessing that my body was somehow traumatized by the thoughts of having babies again and therefore, the brain manifest it into nightmares repeatedly.

And so, I decided to get more information on babies and pregnancies so that my brain could stop being afraid and comprehend that pregnancies and babies is just another from of reproduction, and there’s nothing to be afraid of.

And look at what I found while I was looking for information about babies and pregnancies? A chart on pregnancies and birth in the US. When I looked at the chart, I feel as if my heart was wrenched.

So many babies were born to teenage mothers, and I wonder what happened to those babies and young mothers. Were the babies raised by the teenage mothers themselves? Or were they adopted into a foster family? Not many teenagers are responsible enough or have the capability to raise their newborns, so I’m guessing, most of the babies were given up for adoption.

Poor children. I don’t mean to preach. After all, I made the same mistake but if only all these teenagers are smart enough to practice safe sex, then they won’t end up getting pregnant and stuff. But then again, to be fair, there’s no fault-free form of contraception. Condom breaks and sometimes, Pills failed you too.

The only 100% most effective way to prevent unwanted teenage pregnancies is abstinence, but then again, abstinence and celibacy is never appealing to teenagers with raging hormones.

How do we stop all these, then? I don’t have an answer for that, I’m afraid. I think it would take a rocket scientist to answer that for me.


Cleffairy: If only the teenagers were put through a seriously harsh motherhood and a nasty labour along with recurring nightmares like me before they decided to get intimate with their partners, then perhaps abstinence and celibacy will be appealing to them and the birth rate of babies who were born out of wedlock and to teenage mothers would drop.




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