When men do it, when women do it…

Now, ladies and gentleman, this is what I call news. Take a look at it:

Harian Metro reported that a 35-year-old man became a victim of polygamy after his Indonesian-born wife took another husband. Mat Kila Sapiai claimed he only recently found out that his 39-year-old wife, who had been pressuring him for a divorce, had married a 52-year-old man in Indonesia in March last year. Mat Kila said he did not suspect anything was amiss until his wife started to pressure him for a divorce.The sordid details emerged only after he confronted his wife’s “second husband”, who showed him their marriage certificate issued by an Indonesian authority in Riau. The couple has two children, a 16-year-old son and a 12-year-old girl. Mat Kila lodged a police report at the Tampoi police station last Saturday.

Now, that’s news. Men practices polygamy all the time. It doesn’t matter if they are a Muslim or not. I know of a few men who practices polygamy even though they are non-Muslim. I am not sure if it’s legal or not in Malaysia, but yes, such things do exist, til this very day, and I can vouch for that. Men plays a fool with women all the time, and keep blasted mistress in various hotel closets and went on kinky sexual position on bed with and without their wife’s knowledge. Wives who knows of their sexual tirade are expected to keep their mouth shut and behave like a wimping puppy in need of feed before their oh so mighty husbands.

Some wives are only wife by name and name only. And some husbands takes no heed of their wives’s physical and mental needs. What’s worst, when the wife asked for divorce, they refused to divorce the wife as it’ll be huge blow to their ego and their bloody manhood. And the woman have no choice but to remain married to her husband just because in Malaysia and among Muslim community, divorce do not come easy, especially if the one who is requesting for divorce is the woman.

For Muslim women, the bloody Syariah Court will go great length to counsel the wife to rethink of her decision because they obviously think that the woman in question is a fool with cotton and wool for brain for even asking for divorce. In some cases, it can take up more than 10 years for a Muslim woman to be granted divorce, even though her husband have been neglecting her and no longer live under the same roof with her and her children.

Typical bastards, I must say. But what can I can say, Syariah Court are made by men, and the laws are compiled by men, and so, of course it’s pretty normal if the Syariah Court gives men more advantage rather than women. Why should men protect womenfolk, anyway? Some only think that women is only useful in the kitchen, in bed, and in the toilet. I heard this words not only once, but a few times, spoken by typical men who I’d love very much to castrate and toss their wrinkly balls into a rubbish bin, where it belongs.

Yes, folks, such thing like polygamy happens all the time, so, when I read this particular news, I really had to laugh. All these while I’ve been hearing and reading stories about women whose husband practices polygamy, and she have no choice but to accept and suffer his decision. And now, even though I know that it’s illegal for a woman to have more than one husband, I really have to say, that I am pleased to see such news. Finally there’s a woman who show us that if men can do it, then she can too.

I have this message to bastards who have the cheek to practice polygamy and keeping mistress everywhere: Men, why must you cry foul when your wife have second husband kept somewhere? You men take not only one extra wife, but up to three extra wives all the time. Is it not time that women learn from your kinky behavior? We women are stupid, no? We can be fooled easily, lied to easily, but do remember, women do not have wool for brain, and so, sometimes, we are capable of learning and copying your dastard behavior.

If you assholes do not teach us and show us what is polygamy, then such thing would not even come across our minds. MEN! You are the one who taught us what is polygamy! So why are you complaining now? It doesn’t matter if it’s legal or not, but YOU TAUGHT US all these! If men do not practice polygamy and taught us the meaning of it, we, will not know of it.

So, when men do it, women are expected to shut up. But when women do it, men should be told to shut up as well and accept it, should they not? Yours truly do not condone infidelity as well as polygamy. I believe in monogamy and devotion to our other half. However, I find that piece of news amusing. Since men take a couple of extra wife all the time, why are they making so much noise when a woman take just one extra husband? Men are victim of polygamy practiced by women, and women are never a victim of polygamy practiced by men?  Now this is amusing!

Cleffairy: Men and women are expected of differently in the eyes of the society, however, women are also human, and as human, we women have rights like men too. But of course, we already lack of human rights in Malaysia to even begin with.


  1. cleffairy says:

    Lz… yeah, I know. We’re actually supposed to feel bad for the man, but then, I really can’t help but say serve them right, finally someone showed em the horror of polygamy! I really couldn’t pity the man, cuz all these while, we’ve been hearing how women are forced to endure and suffer when their husband takes a few extra wives. It’s about time…

  2. KevinP says:

    I don’t know bout you guys… but most times, one partner in life is already more than a handful.. sigh… imagine having 2, 3 or 4! I tabik these flers.

  3. Ju Ann says:

    wah steady! you are as strong opinionated as I am about issues like this! I like!

    sorry to say ah but I am going to skip all the other ppl’s comments here and just tell you without reading them that there are going to be more than a few who say 1 is enough etc etc.

    then when someone else sexier, prettier, seemingly more interesting, then what happens to the GF?

    and yes! women do it too now!!

  4. calvin says:

    i have a pakcik guard who has 4 wives and he claimed that they lived happily ever after……lol. i asked him how did he do it, how can he ever be equally fair to his wives, he said this….”malam2, you kena guna minyak ni (showing his traditional erection ointment). you hentam giler2. dia mesti syiok. tak mau pergi tempat lain”. and mind you, he’s already 70 y/o.

    those flers hide behind their religion, stating that they are allowed to marry 4, coz their leader also encourage that. if we were to do that, then we are no different than chimpanzees, banging every female it sees. *sigh*…. 🙁

  5. amoker says:

    Excuse me ladies and gents , the right word to be used is poliandry. Polygamy is when man take many wives and poliandry is when it is vice versa. I was shaking my head when i read that news on Sunday. Guess my university education brings back some value.

    I agree that women of that religion should have more husbands. I got really amused when someone unabashly quoted that the syariah court is more fair to women than the hindus who are more men centric. Yeah right.

  6. cleffairy says:

    Kevin, yoz, welcome back. Work have been hell for you, I assume? I’ve been in hell today, finally after dinner only manage to come here. LOL. Actually, it works both ways, Kevin. I feel that have one husband and one set of in laws is more than enough of a burden. i bet most women feel the same way too about men.

    Ju Ann, welcome to my blog. Your first time here, I assume? Thank you for visiting and commenting. 😀 I really appreciate your thoughts. And, I realy agree with you, if men can do such thing, why women cannot? All these while women have been the victim of men taking mistresses and stuff when men get bored with their women. Women, to them are nothing more than a pleasure tool in bed. Men tend to touch and go all the time. Isn’t it time someone showed them that woman can make such decision too?

    Calvin, a pakcik guard with four wives… OMG… how does he support them financially? Or he’s been freeloading on their money? Sex sex sex! Marriage is not just about sex! .”malam2, you kena guna minyak ni (showing his traditional erection ointment). you hentam giler2. dia mesti syiok. tak mau pergi tempat lain” WTF! It’s disgusting to hear that coming from a wrinkly 70 year old granpa! YUCK! Obviously, the wives are not exposed. Let’s hire some gigolo for tht feller’s wives so that he could serve them kao kao, confirm run away from him wan. LMAO. Actually, Calvin, animals are better than human. Some animals mate for life, but human… look at what human have been doing?

    Jo, yeah, certain things are really unfair to women. Women all around the world are still being shut up by the men. Why? Simply because men are ‘created first’ by God to lead. Men tend to forget that women are delicate being who are supposed to be loved and cared for.

    … omg, thank you so much for informing me and the rest of us here that the correct word to use is poliandry. You have to to excuse all of us here for our ignorance, because since God knows when, we’ve been hearing men practicing polygamy. It’s always about men taking a few extra wives, and hardly any cases where women take extra husbands. Well, you see… it’s always men who take extras, I fully blame on that for the lack of our knowledge on that particular word. Yes, indeed, women of that religion should be allowed to take a few extra husbands for their own pleasure, should they not?After all, their men do it all the time. Why not, indeed! Syariah court fair? Please la… i know of a few women who were left by their husband, and their divorce is still pending, because the court refused to grant them divorce. Divorce, is also in men’s jurisdiction, where is justice, anyway?

  7. cleffairy says:

    Ju Ann… lol… meet James, my brother. 😛

    Seng… omg, *faint* not only wannabe aqua, but want to make big boobs oso… omg, TRANNY! Ohh… you receive liao la? No credit again. Pok kai ah?

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