When the boss is an idiot…

I was talking to my father a couple of days ago, and he was complaining that his boss is such an asshole, and he felt like retiring early. He told me that he no longer have the motivation to work, and such things worries me as my father is never the kind who looses his motivation easily.

In some ways, my father is a boss too. He’s in quite a high position in his company, but he’s the kind who likes to inspire his subordinates. I still remember the times when I was a little girl and he brought me to his office often after school before he sent me home during his lunch time. People are often full of praise for my father. They said he’s a very good boss as he respect his subordinates and treats them like his friend after working hour. And I was so, so proud of him though my mother gets quite jealous when the ladies in the office are full of praise for her husband.

My father always have this ‘can do’ attitude and hardly show any lack of interest towards work until he have a new boss transferred into his office, so I was really, really shocked when he told me he felt unmotivated to work, and when he told me that I did the right thing in my life by choosing to be a freelancer instead of working under someone.

My father’s statement alarmed me, as all these while, he’s quite against me going into freelancing. He wanted me to have some financial stability instead of uncertainties. He must really be feeling the stress with all the office politics that he’s been thrown into to be saying such thing to me. 🙁

My father mentioned to me that this bloody bastard is a kind of dictator and have no respect for his subordinates and treats them like the lowest scum on the face of the Earth and never takes anyone’s opinion into consideration. His words must be treated like a decree, and he seems to think that everyone is some sort of walking creature with mush for brain.

What’s worst about this Hitler wannabe is he loves to take credits for other people’s works and blame people for the mistakes that he did, and he wants people to bow to him all the time, and not to mention that he loves apple polishers.

Worst of all, he’s the kind of people who doesn’t believe in meritocracy. That means… whoever licks his boots and his asshole clean, they would get the benefit out of it, and it doesn’t matter if they doesn’t know how to do work.

Sounds pretty much like an asshole who couldn’t get his dick up to me. Only cowards who have erectile dysfunction would demands others to respect them instead of earning it, and only useless craps favours another useless piece of shit. That must be it. He couldn’t get it up, and that is why he constantly makes others look bad and feel bad in order to make himself feels good.

I didn’t quite know how to comfort my father. I listened to his bitching. And comfort him in the only way I know how, which is to bitch with him about his work as well. At the end of our conversation, I told him one thing. I told him this:

“Daddy, if your boss is such an idiot, maybe you could use the best of it and make some money out of his idiosyncrasies. Write a book loosely themed around it. Maybe a book with the title ‘My Boss Is An Idiot’. Make the best of the situation. You don’t have to loose, you know? I’ll help you edit your book for free. The book would be a hit, and then you can retire with ease.”

I was expecting him to laugh at me for my somewhat half baked suggestion. But to my surprise, he didn’t. He looked at me thoughtfully and told me that he really taught me well, and he’s glad that I remembered that when life gives you a lemon, make lemonade out of it. He then thanked me for reminding him that.

His gratitude inspired a smile on my lips, and though I am not quite sure if our ranting session managed to de-stress him, but I thank God that ever since I left home, I don’t have much generation gap with my father, and I could talk almost anything to him as he treated me like an adult instead, unlike ‘you know who’  who takes me as brainless bitch who who doesn’t know anything about life at all and often assault my ears each time we crossed path with nagging and contempt.

Looking at my father… sometimes, I think both of us are in the same shoes. People tend to take advantage of us because we are civilized to people and we respect people.

Looks like it is time for me and my father to learn and realize that some people, regardless of their role in our lives, are not worth to be respected, and we should not respect them just because that is expected of us. Respect is earned. Not demanded. I wonder…what does it take to get shitty people like that from stepping on our tails? Should we stop being nice and regard them with contempt instead? Perhaps we should show them that we’re not the kind of people to be messed with by snarling into their face and make them pay for what they did to us. Perhaps, that is the most effective way to stop people from stepping on our head and stabbing on our backs!

Cleffairy: Apple polisher is the worst kind of human being, but when life gives you a lemon, make lemonade out of it.


  1. Caroline says:

    oh i really hate those type of people! that kind of boss is sucks! it just remind me of my other colleagues. been back-stabbed by them just cz of a guy?! funny rite? well i guess its true that some people not worth for our respect and we dont need to be so ncie to them. (and i wish i can do so cz till now even dey back-stabbed me, i am still can’t hate and i still treating them so nice) my parents said im way too kind towards other people and dats y people get jealous and take advantage on me. 🙁

    • Cleffairy says:

      *sigh* Sometimes, Caroline, we ought to learn how to toughen up. i learn this the hard way as well. When I’m nice, polite and civilized to people, they would assume that I’m useless and easy to be bullied. 🙁 Sometimes… we don’t have to respect people who doesn’t deserve it. 🙁 I may sound like a bitch… but don’t you think that sometimes, some people are just not worth to be respected, regardless of their roles in our lives?

  2. CHVoon says:

    i hate people create politic in the office.
    i hate the idiot boss you mention.. he/she is no brain or called as sohai.

    boss is nothing if nobody support him.

      • CHVoon says:

        put his boss’s photo on the wall and use knife to throw hehehe…

        but pleease dont shoot him on the head for your daddy… your daddy feel worst if you go to jail.

        and i will feel sad to and not more story about sex from you 😛

  3. suituapui says:

    Ya…I’ve had all kinds of idiot bosses…but the last one before I retired was so very nice that I wished I could go on working. I think he was boss for two years or so only…and then I retired – those were such wonderful years and he still invites me to their annual dinners. So nice!

    • Cleffairy says:

      I know there’s a lot of idiot bosses out there, Cikgu. It’s just that this is the first time I see my dad feel so uninspired and unmotivated. It’s like he’s so fed up, and it really breaks my heart to see him like that.

      Your boss so nice… treat you like a friend rather than just an employee… hard to find a boss like that.

  4. ericlee says:

    it’s common in this world…apple polisher or whatever…there’s rarely a boss that do not like these type of people…deny it all they want, but they didn’t realize it themselves at time…I have a lecturer like that…ppl keep polishing his shoes and he loved the attention…however, when someone try to polish it very obvious, he will say that he don’t like apple polisher…and it really irritates us non stop that some of these apple polisher tried to call us to join them…fucking retarded if u ask me….

    • Cleffairy says:

      I was never an apple polisher… that is why my life is so hard. Not quite hypocrite enough to tell someone that they are damn good when they sux to boot! I remember my times in school..I had really hard times cuz I dun go and bodek those teachers…and classmates duzzin want to be my friend cuz they think I’m a snob for not bodek-ing the teachers.

      • ericlee says:

        well, some people don’t even know that they are apple polishing…i knew a few like that…being on good terms with the lecturer and apple polishing is a totally different thing…some people just not aware of it…and when that happens to your good friend…what would you do? =/

        • Cleffairy says:

          True, some people dunno that they are apple polishing. I’ve seen some are like that. 🙁 If happen to my good friend what I’ll do? I have no idea, seriously.

  5. claire says:

    oh Cleff, i have that type of boss before.. i mean the torturing type..thank God she asked for optional retirement… for what she did to others, in the end, others did to her and she left defeated.. phew..it was a big relief for those who are not Yes men! hope your father will feel better…

    • Cleffairy says:

      🙁 My poor daddy…my daddy is a boss too…he’s under another bigger boss, and the new boss treats ppl like shit. 🙁 And my daddy, is definitely like me…we’re no ‘Yes maam’ or ‘Yes sir’ kinda people. We’re rebellious, stubborn and hot headed kinda people. However, there;s softie in us. We usually treat people with respect and we’re often civilized to people until they did something to hurt us badly. It hurts me badly to see my daddy feel so unmotivated and uninspired, because he’s always been my source of inspiration, and I believe, many others are inspired by him as well.

  6. eugene says:

    I am in the same situation as your daddy, they tend to compare me with my partner,who is in my opinion industrious but obstinate, me being labelled as the lazy one hahahaha, thank god i have the faith of God working in me, i really dont care now, for i know perception always breads wrong impression.

    take care now my dear

    • Cleffairy says:

      *sigh* The thing is my daddy is not a ‘yes man’. That’s why he the boss got pissed at him often. 🙁 Worst thing, people always take credit for what he have done. 🙁 Pity him. 🙁

    • Cleffairy says:

      Assholes is everywhere, eh? 🙁 All these people, play office politic damn pandai. Ask them do work, they are not competent at all. 🙁 All talks and bodek onli.

  7. Gratitude says:

    I totally agree with you Fairy. There are many peeps out there who were born to make life miserable for others. They don’t live by logic, coz the only logic they know is how to win at others expense.

    I experienced similar situation years ago from a fiery bitch boss known for her nastiness. The trick wuz I finally confronted her and told her that if she wanted respect, then she should treat others with respect. It worked!

    I sincerely wish your Dad well. He seems like a wonderful soul! Sometimes, I use the law of karma to comfort myself when these nasties appear. I tell my self that these peeps allow me to practise patience until I’ve exhausted all negative karma owed to them.

    • Cleffairy says:

      Unfortunately for my dad… confrontations doesn’t work for him. 🙁 I can only pray that things would be better for him soon. It breaks my heart to see how unmotivated he is. I may sound bias, but he’s a good man. I knew people liked him for inspiring others to achieve better. It’s always been that way ever since I was a little girl… it’s just too bad that these days, apple polishers and backstabbers are everywhere, and they are much more appreciated than people who strive to achieve.

  8. Cheeyee says:

    Yeah respect has to be earned…. follow order does not mean respect u…. not follow ur order does not mean not respect u… Anyway, u know my condition so I won’t say much here. U take care and catch up with u soon.

    • Cleffairy says:

      Yeah…exactly my sentiment. respect MUST be earned. Duzzin matter who you are, you cannot force people to respect you just because you think you’re in a higher position. *SIGH* I can only pray things will be better from you.

  9. donna says:

    hmmm… my company is free from office politic.. ahahaha.. but i know how nasty things can go with a phsyco crazy boss.. pity your dad.. lol
    then just early retirement loh.. u also panjang lebar already.. ahahaha… ask him go “tan sai gai”
    my dad also retire this year, very siok, just back from taiwan and plan to go singapore this coming May then next year want go star cruise wtf.. ask me sponsor..
    poor… >.<

  10. Yvonne says:

    Hello Clefairy

    Welcome to the world of office politics
    It was only today that my Manager asked me whats wrong buddy – you dont seem to be yourself .
    Oh yah Buddy (ryte!)- after you dig a hole and put your leg in and you turn around and ask me ?

    There are many of thiese, the fakes, old fox sly fox the young bimbos or bitches and the old bastards- name them they are everywhere ! Some even go to an extend to cheat daily with as little as RM5.50 !

    so lame isnt it ? & I have seen it all, it is sad but nothing is done about it, i blame it on to mis-management for all this to happen. For now, I believe, what goes round comes around with a BIG smile from me cynically !

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