Why Ping-ing Blog Links in Facebook Groups is Bad For You

It is pretty much common for bloggers to join plenty of groups on social media platforms, especially Facebook so that they can not only be in touch with one another without adding each other in their personal account’s friendlist, but so that they could share their thoughts and opinions as well. This is of course, a very healthy thing as community based groups usually encourage healthy discussion as well as encouraging traffic drive through various activities organized by admins/members of the groups. These blogging community groups encourage plenty of positive activities that can help bloggers gained more connections as well as followers too if done right. Some groups even allow advertisers to join in as members and headhunt bloggers for paid campaigns.

But if there’s one thing that is not exactly benefiting bloggers is the habit of sharing (ping-ing) blog links in all of the groups that they joined at the same time. Let’s say Blogger A is a member of 30 or more Blogging Groups on Facebook, and Blogger A decided that each time he/she published a new blog post, he/she would share this particular link leading to the newly published blog post in all of the groups at once.

Sure, Blogger A would justify the act of ping-ing the blog post as an effort to increase the post’s visibility on social media and people would click on the link and read whatever that has been posted, but many do not realized that by doing this, they are succeptible to spam report by other members of the groups/people who are in their friendlist. The popping up of notification alerts can seriously be annoying to some social media users, and not many would be tolerant about it. Usually, these links would be flagged as spam for Facebook to review.

And not only that, those who shares too many of the same links in groups can also be detected by Facebook as spam automatically, leading Facebook to ban them not only from commenting in groups, but the blog domain itself will be permanently marked as dangerous link and you will never be able to share the blog’s link again soon after and it does not matter if you try to mask it by using url shorterner, it will still remained the same. And no, you won’t be able to share it via Facebook Messenger too once Facebook marked your links as spam.

Personally, I only share the links to my blogposts on my own personal Facebook wall and my Fanpage. And of course, occasionally to 2-3 groups at once when I am required to do so by paid campaigns that I participated in, but other than that, I avoid spamming links in groups as once penalized by Facebook, there’s no way you can undo the damage and it would be too late to be regretful then. I limit it to just a maximum of 3 shares per day if I need to post in groups. Other than that, it would be too much and too risky.

Sharing a dozen of your links at once to boost traffic? Well, think again. If you still want to share too many links at once even after reading this, well, be my guest. Share at your own risk. It may be true that sharing that way can help you boost traffic many years ago. But now Facebook is so strict, and this is not really applicable anymore. The only way to promote your blog and increase it’s visibility without risking penalty is just by using the fanpage function on Facebook and boost the posts by buying sponsored fb ad.

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