Nothing On The Social Media Belongs to You

Would you believe me if I say that nothing on social media belongs to you? Now, you probably thinks that whatever you uploaded online belongs to you, but all the pictures you uploaded, all the videos and music you created and shared and all the status that you wrote on social media platforms, be it Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and even WeChat does not really belong to you. Even the blog posts that you wrote on your blogs in or does not belong to you. (This of course is not true if you bought your own domain and self-hosted your blog, but let’s just talk about self-hosted blogs another day)

Dear readers, the truth is you are merely borrowing the ‘community space’ and are just content creators to these social media platforms. Believe it or not, you are actually enriching the actual organizations that owned these social media platforms. You are contributing to their profits and skyrocketing shares. But sad to say, you don’t actually own the accounts and they can be gone in seconds should you violated the terms and conditions of these social media platforms. What terms and conditions you ask me? Well, you know, the long winded thingie that you are forced to read upon sign ups of the account but usually you just gave it a tick and sign up anyway without reading? Yes. THAT terms and conditions. Facebook does not create any contents. Instagram does not produce any pictures. Okay, I think you got what I’m trying to get across by now.

It is always important to have backups somewhere, just in case or account termination or even server crashes. Wouldn’t it be a shame if all your beautiful memories and creative creation goes poof should there be any technical mishaps?

There are many ways for you to backup your pictures and whatnot be it locally on your own hard disks or some cloud storage services that you can sign up out there, so be sure to backup your stuff regularly to avoid data and memory loss. I’m the old school kind of person and therefore, most of my backups are powered by harddisks.

On another note, please be careful whenever you share your personal details on any social media online, as there’s no such thing as absolute privacy as long as you share your info on the internet. That said, it’s time for me to pen down. Til next time, folks.

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