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I gave birth to my son at a pretty young age. I was still in college then and it is all trial, error and horror when it comes to raising him. Being young parents, my husband and I always worry on whether we raised our son right, and if we nurture him right.

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As of writing, the boy is now in primary school and is growing up at an amazing speed. One of our major concern is that if he gets all the nutritions that he needed to grow up healthily, considering that he is pretty much an outdoor boy who enjoys all sort of outdoor activities that’s energy consuming.

I spoke to a few mummy friends about my concerns regarding to my child’s progress and nutritional well being, and during the discussion, we disagreed on many things when it comes to parenting ideals, but all of us agreed on one thing, which is eating alone does not provide our children with the essential nutrients that they need to keep up with with their active childhood. Most mothers agree that growing up children needs to be supplemented with superfood or supplements.

Granted, there are plenty of products for children out there, but there is one brand that is particularly good in terms of nutritional values and taste.

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Seven Seas, a nutritional range of products that aims in helping all parents in the world creates a healthy lifetyle for their children with with great nutrition. My son is now taking these range of Seven Seas products and they are better than good and I would highly recommend it to mothers who are always concern about their children’s nutritional intake.

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Seven Seas Multi Vitamin Syrup with Cod Liver Oil. This syrup provides essential vitamins and DHA for growing up children. Cod liver oil usually tastes fishy but my son loves this one as the syrup tastes like orange juice. I believe that one of the benefits of this Seven Seas Multi Vitamin Syrup with Cod Liver Oil is that it contains DHA, and helps to boost my son’s focus and concentration.

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Another product from Seven Seas that is my favourite as a mum is Seven Seas Nutri-Trio. It is rich in beta-glucans, CoQ10 and Fibersol. Its natural ingredients provide the body with multiple health benefits, including cholesterol lowering, promote healthy digestion and weight management. Seven Seas Nutri-Trio is enriched with Fibersol, which is proven through studies to contribute to an optimal intestinal function and reduce constipation. It provides a fast, tasty way to lower cholesterol naturally and lead a healthy lifestyle. Highly recommended to mot only children but adults as well. All you need is just two scoops a day and it will help to provide your heart the nutrients it needs for a healthy and active life.

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Unlike ordinary multivitamins, Seven Seas Bion 3 contains a unique blend of probiotics combined with 12 vitamins and minerals, helping to support your natural metabolism and vitality.The unique sustained-release layer supports energy release from your food throughout the day helping you to perform.The probiotics are protected through the stomach by the coating on the 3 layer tablet which is shown to deliver significantly more of the friendly bacteria to the gut.

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And last but not least, Seven Seas Kids Multivitamins and Seven Seas Kids Gummies. These are my son’s absolute favourite.

The Seven Seas Kids Probiotic Multivitamin chewable tablets contains 12 Vitamins, 3 Minerals and TriBion Harmonis™, a unique combination of three probiotics that improves your kid’s intestinal microflora and strengthens their natural immune defenses.

Seven Seas Kids Gummies on the other hand comes in three different flavours, which is blackcurrent, strawberry and orange flavours. Each flavours contains different vitamins and mineral. Seven Seas Kids Blackcurrant Gummies contains Vitamin C and Zinc for body defense and immunity. Seven Seas Kids Orange Fruit Gummies contains Vitamin D and Calcium for healthy bones and teeth while Seven Seas Kids Strawberry Gummies contains Vitamin A, B6 and C for healthy growth and development of children.  What’s good about all these gummies is that they are free from artificial colourings, flavourings, sweeteners and preservatives.

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Seven Seas understands that it is inevitable for a mothers to worry about her children even when she has done her best and the company very much believes in sharing the worries parenthood with all mothers.  As such, the Seven Seas is committed to bringing you the highest quality of nutritional supplements for your children’s good health and has launched a web video to support the Seven Seas #DontWorryMom Campaign in which they will donate RM1 for every unit of Seven Seas kids products sold during a 3 month period (1 April – 30 June 2016) to support the #FreeCanteen programme which provides free meals during recess for underprivileged children.


Take a look at the video above. Wonderful effort, isn’t it? The video is bittersweet and at the same time, pretty heartwarming and quite a tearjerker.

Seven Seas products is available in major pharmacies nationwide and if you are a worrywart mum like me and would like to to support the effort to help provide nourishments to underprivillege children, do get your hands on some Seven Seas products, ya? You will not only help your children to grow up healthily but you will indirectly help the underprivilleged children too.

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