5 Design Ideas To Make Your Small Bedroom Look Bigger


Big city apartments and modern space downsizing all calls for design ideas that expands the possibilities of small. You might have found a well-price apartment in the city center, or puncak jalil house for sale, but realized that the good price is due to the lack of square footage. But don’t despair. Small apartments and small bedrooms are really not a problem. A small bedroom is not a good enough reason to give up on decorating it. Even a small room can turn out to be come a real oasis if it is properly designed and decorated.

This just goes to show that even small bedrooms can have grandiose style with the right design ideas. Read on for 5 design ideas that can help you maximize space for your small bedroom and give some special charm to even the smallest of spaces.

1. Live vertically

As they say, if floor space is limited and you can’t expand, the only way left to go is up. If your space comes with higher ceilings, you can consider adding a platform to your bedroom. The space underneath the platform can be turned into storage space or seating. If building a platform is not your thing, you can consider opting for a simple loft bed. The same idea applies to the space underneath your loft bed. You can fit in a desk, or even a small sofa underneath your loft bed. While this may not be an option for everyone, for those who don’t mind climbing into bed (literally), this design idea can completely transform your space.

You can also try other ways to fully utilize all the vertical space available. Consider floor-to-ceiling furniture or even built-ins. Most of the time, the space above pieces of furniture, like a bookshelf, is left empty. You can also consider hanging bookshelves high up that run the length of the room. These ideas help you to fully utilize space that would otherwise go to waste and helps you gain even more storage space.

2. Add wallpaper

Although the conventional décor advice is to avoid wallpaper in small spaces, sometimes it pays to go against the flow. Wallpaper usually gets the bad rep for making rooms look busy and cluttered. However, using the right style of wallpaper can do just the opposite. You can consider adding wallpaper with a bold pattern to one wall to turn it into a focal wall. This can be the wall where the headboard of your bed is. This visual interest attracts the eye and distracts from the lack of square-footage.

Just be sure to choose a large-scale wallpaper pattern instead of a small and busy one. Larger patterns help keep the proportions in tow, while small busy patterns just add visual clutter to your space. Oh, and don’t forget to coordinate your textiles with your wallpaper to make your space look cohesive, lest you risk wandering into the dangerous territory of pattern clashes.

3. Float your shelves

Nowadays, a nightstand is no more adept at being a bedside table than many of its other furniture brethren. A floating shelf just above your bed (or even beside your bed) can be a space-saving substitute for the traditional nightstand. A floating shelf can also take the place of many other pieces of furniture. It can be a book case, a place to hold a collection of art, or even a laptop desk. The possibilities are limitless.

What’s so great about it is that it provides valuable surface space without all of the visual clutter beneath it. Although you do have to bear in mind that they need to be securely mounted to your wall. Do take caution if you are thinking of placing the shelves above your bed, don’t place them too low and close to your headboard or you might risk hitting your head on them.

4. Magnify with mirrors

Mirrors are an interior designer’s easiest trick to create the illusion of a bigger space. Not only do they expand your visual space, they look great and take up little to no room as well. They are also easy to incorporate into your space. One of the easiest ways to make sure your mirrors are doing the most they can is to smartly position them so that they reflect the light from a window. This helps keep everything lighter and brighter, bringing in more natural light to your space.

You can consider just leaning a large body-length mirror against the wall. No holes needed and no fuss. However, you might want to secure it with a wall tacky just for some peace of mind. You wouldn’t want it to fall over and shatter in the middle of the night.

5. Space-saving furniture

We can’t stress the importance of making your furniture do double or even triple duty if you’re dealing with a small space. For example, you can use nesting tables in place of a traditional nightstand. This instantly creates more storage room for when you might need it. If you don’t, you can tuck the smaller nested table back into its place. This avoids the need to bring in more furniture to do the same job. What’s more, you can also use the empty space underneath the nested tables for even more storage.

You can also consider using combining functions for your furniture. Make one single piece of furniture serve multiple purposes. For instance, you can set a small desk right next to your bed. This way, you can score a workstation-slash-nightstand in one fell swoop while also saving space and your budget.

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