A Very Different New Year

I can finally say goodbye to 2013. Last year was a hell of a year, and those who are close to me would know exactly what I’m talking about. I definitely can’t wait to put everything that happens where it belongs: in the past.

Plenty of things changed where my personal life is concerned, and while 1st Jan 2014 is just another public holiday to me and I don’t exactly have a resolution to begin my year with, I’m quite determined to live one day at a time happily and peacefully.

Anyhow, like I said, things changed a lot. I’m walking in a different direction now, and surrounding myself with people who are not only positive, but non-judgmental and very supportive of the things that I do. I find such people are easier to deal with than people who complains a lot and lacks empathy.

This year, instead of huge dinner gathering, I opt to work while spending time with my loved ones instead. I have a lunch appointment with my client in the morning at Paparich Citta Mall and decided to bring my boys with me.


I woke up early and meet up with one of my clients along with some blogger friends. My hubby ends up sitting with all of the bloggers’ kids who were present. There’s familiar faces like Shakiddo and Puan Bee today. πŸ™‚ And I met a new blogger friend too, Nora


Puan Bee brought along her newborn son, Shamim. πŸ™‚ He’s a darling, isn’t he?


And her lovely daughters. I may not know how it is like to have little girls in my home as I only have a son, but these girls are pure joy. πŸ™‚ For a moment, I knew how it is like to have daughters. Meeting and mingling with them, even for awhile eases my longing for a daughter a lil bit.

After the meeting, it’s lunchtime of course. Here’s what we had for lunch.

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A lil something from the dimsum menu

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Heavy lunch for me. A plate of Special Fried Rice with papadoms and fried egg nyonya acar, satay and fried chicken wings.


Hainan Chicken Rice. Hubby and my boy shared this.


Fried chicken wings to share with the little girls at the table, but gosh…they are so different from the boys and other kids I’ve met! They were painfully shy and it takes a lot of coaxing to ask them to have a bite! Made me wonder if the Malay children are brought up to be demure? These children are certainly pleasant and very polite. They are not annoyingly noisy or overly talkative.They are definitely not a nuisance who interrupts the adults in discussion too. It must be a product of good upbringing. It takes awhile for me to get used to them. πŸ™‚

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One for the album. πŸ™‚ After a memorable meeting, we part ways and I headed back home to chill our with my boys.

Not a bad start, eh? I kickstarted my new year with something productive. So…how was your first day of the year? How was it like?

Cleffairy: Nothing stays the same. All we can do is just adapt and move on. Happy new year everyone. Hopefully you’ll all be blessed with happiness, good health and abundance of wealth.


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