Cooking NZ foodstuff with Chef Jochen

Part of my mission apart from dragging kiddo along with me on media trips and whatnot is to instill culinary interest in him. You know, get him to love to be involved in making food instead of just interested in eating. As a parent to autism child, my vision for my child is different. I want him to be able to survive the world, not just survive the test papers in school. To survive the world, it is important for him to have as much exposure and hands-on experience as he can. Cooking is a part of the survival skill that I want him to take interest in and learn.

And so, when I was invited to a yet another cooking demo, I decided to drag him along. This time around, the demo revolves around New Zealand foodstuff.


Chef Jochen Kern getting ready for demo


Chef Jochen Kern and New Zealand Manila King Salmon. Will you look at that!The salmon is huge!




More ingredients. Only fresh, high quality ingredients are used here.


 photo IMG_4433_zps2dbc50fc.jpg

Here’s our diligent chef, preparing the Makuka King Salmon.

 photo IMG_4441_zps2856a4ef.jpg

In the cooking pan it goes, along with herbs and spices.

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Cream were poured onto the fillet for more distinctive flavours.

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We get to try the half cooked King salmon. Not too bad, the fillet was naturally sweet.

Yummylicious New Zealand Manuka King Salmon Poached in Dill Sauce.

 photo IMG_4410_zps9640c435.jpg

Next product demo Manuka Smoke Salmon


Smoked salmon canapes made from the smoked Salmon. A tad salty, but positively addictive when paired with crackers and sour cream.

 photo IMG_4399_zps227de643.jpgCheese tasting session.

 photo IMG_4400_zps4cd9eb6b.jpg

Get to try three kinds of cheese from mainland.

 photo IMG_4401_zps09345575.jpg

Whole range of gourmet cheese from Mainland.

 photo IMG_4448_zpse109f6a5.jpg

Pure South Lamb Loins were used for the next recipe, Lamb Fillet Straganoff.

 photo IMG_4452_zps887b4c1a.jpg

Cutting the lamb into bite sizes.


Seasoning the lamb.


Pan frying em to half cooked.


Preparing the Straganoff sauce.


Lamb straganoff


Awesome. One of the best Straganoff I’ve ever tasted. I kept going for more.
 photo IMG_4507_zpsd3322842.jpg

Here’s chef, explaining the ribs and how to prepare them before cooking.

 photo IMG_4508_zpsbc5f03d1.jpg

Ribs was then de-boned.
 photo IMG_4511_zps38649b6f.jpg

Seasoning the rack

 photo IMG_4514_zps92406e58.jpg

Sealing the moisture in so that it will stay juicy.

 photo IMG_4536_zpsf73ea72f.jpg

Beautifully cooked de-boned ribs.

 photo IMG_4546_zps3583f71b.jpg

This was truly divine, and makes perfect Sunday roast and Christmas dish, I reckon.


And then there’s this. Premium New Zealand Kapiti ice cream.Kiddo ate 4 of these on his own.


All things lamb from New Zealand in Jaya Grocer. 🙂 If you intend to buy any of the New Zealand foodstuff, you ought to buy em from Jaya Grocer. They are not only fresh, but sold at reasonable price too.

Interested on how to cook those yummy food as shown above? Well, stay tune for the recipe in the next blog post. I’ll be sharing em with you soon.

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