Abandoned and Haunted Galleria part 1

The picture above is Kompleks Galleri, taken during daytime and situated at Jalan Pahang, Kuala Lumpur. Anyone who is living in KL and had drive through Jalan Pahang would probably notice the existence of this huge and majestic building. It’s classical design with Roman architecture influence can captivate anyone who passed by the building, even me. Scenic and picturesque enough to have a wedding photo shoot here.

However, do not be fooled by the beautiful appearance. The building is actually abandoned. Seeing that this huge beautiful building is left to waste this way, I decided to step down from the car and have a closer look at the building one fine night. After all, I have been procrastinating to find out about this particular building for some time now.

The picture of Kompleks Galleri below was taken during the night that I decided to get down from my car and talk to the security guard who was guarding the place.

Despite being a potential hot spot for various activities that’s associated with social illness, Galleri is surprisingly clean from useless mat rempits, prostitutes or even horny teenagers who could not afford to rent a room to lust around. Apparently, someone, or something managed to keep people at bay, and I have a sneaky suspicion that it’s not the worn looking guard who is sitting on a red coloured plastic chair at the entrance of the building.

This beautiful building definitely have potential to be develop. What more it’s located near the developing Setapak area as well as one of Malaysia major tourist attraction, the Lake Garden. If done correctly, this building have the potential to serve as a shopping complex that can rivaled Midvalley Megamall and Times Square. It’s even big enough to used as a luxurious hotel.

Well, even though thinking that it can rival the two major shopping complex in Malaysia is a bit too far but it definitely can be served as a shopping complex pretty well. Maybe if Carrefour, Tesco or Giant take over the place, I sincerely think that Galleri would not be left to wither with time and weather like this. Seeing that there’s a luxurious condominium by the name of Heritage behind Galleri, I feel that if the place is made into a shopping complex or something, the residence over there would definitely shop over there quite often and the building wouldn’t be wasted.This 8 stories building provided a lot of parking lots for the visitors, so parking shouldn’t be a problem too.

I really wonder why the owner did not do anything about it or find interested parties who want to make use of this building. If it’s feng shui that is bad, why not hire a feng shui master to ‘correct’ the feng shui in that building by using various items so that the feng shui would be improved? There must be something that can be done to make things right again and put this beautiful building to use to generate revenue.

In the quest to answer my own question and musing on why it was abandoned and why no one bother to re-develop the place, I went to talk to the guard who was sitting at the entrance of Galleri and asked him about the building in question to satisfy my curiousity.

He was surprised that I approached him at first, but the worn looking old man had graciously pulled another chair that is meant for his partner who took leave that night for me, and I sat down gratefully. From the look on his face, I could guess that he was thinking that I must be crazy to be interested in an abandoned building.

The security guard was known as Pak Mat, and he told me that Galleria was abandoned for almost 8 years. It used to be a shopping complex, but that is the story of the past. No one knew what went wrong, but it seems that the place had a bad feng shui, and no matter what kind of business is done over there, it’ll be bankrupt sooner or later. At first, I thought the building was faulty, but the guard assured me that it was not. The building is actually in good condition and certified safe to be used.

As the guard told me about how people started to leave Galleria years ago, I started to feel chilly, and started to have goosebumps on my skin. I started to feel ‘things’ and hear whispers around me. I groaned to myself.

Not again. While I am aware that an abandoned building would definitely have some paranormal activities in it, I did not expect it to be as strong as this. Galleri is definitely DARK. Paranormal activities in Galleri are none like I’ve felt before. Feeling such things, I really have the urge to leave right there and then. But fortunately for me, I’m used to this sort of thing and was able to resist the urge to leave Galleri compound. So, this is what have been keeping people away from the beautiful building. It’s the ‘things’ that’s haunting the place.

The guard looked at me questioningly as he watched my face paled. The he chuckled and asked me if I wanted to leave, because no one has been able to stay so long. He even had kindly advice me to go before those things possessed me or something and he would have to call an exorcist to get rid of whatever that had possessed me as I look rather weak to him, but I assured him that will be fine, and explained to him that ‘these kind of things’ usually doesn’t disagree with me much.

After having small talk with Pak Mat the security guard, he finally told me ‘juicy’ or rather ghostly stories about Galleri. I would love to write up an article about ghost stories told to me by Pak Mat, but that, dear readers, I think I’ll save it for some other time seeing this article has become far more lengthy than I planned it to be.

Cleffairy: A building like that, being left to wither with time is a complete waste. There must be something that can be done to make the place alive and usable again, despite of the paranormal activities that’s going on over there. Honestly, if I have the power and money to do something about this beautiful yet abandoned building, I would probably buy over the building and put it to good use.


  1. calvin says:

    wah….you so terror lah. if im in your place, id already pissed in my pants. the galleria sure looks spooky at nite. all the while when i passed by this building on the way down from kuantan, i thought that it was occupied with paintings or such. i did not know that it IS occupied with those things……eeeee, seramnya. now i cant sleep at nite!! have to sleep next to rachel’s ketiak tonight….lol

  2. peteformation says:

    I have been to this place when it was newly open, nothing much. The architecture is of Roman type, actually not good feng shui because we all know what happened to the Roman Empire! Setapak is always jammed up with cars, so it is actually not a good location for a Shoping Complex and there are no other attractions around this place, except a rather good and expensive Pork Ribs Hokkien mee opposite this building! Heh Heh, makan again! LOL

  3. cleffairy says:

    Calvin… I got used to those kind of things…I’ve seen worst, and things that scares me the most are definitely not paranormal stuff, but humans. Hahah. Humans there days, behave more worst than hantu and whatever evil it is out there. Humans are really scary. It is occupied with ‘those things’. I’m gonna write about it in the next installment about Galleria/Galleri. You thought it was occupied with paintings? Hantu adalah. it’s abandoned and empty inside. LMAO. If you shout at the entrance there, you an hear a lot of echo! And if you stay long enough, you can actually see/feel stuff over there.

    Pete…you went there when it’s newly open? Hmm…was it when the Rainbow shopping complex or something? The guard told me that the shopping complex was called Rainbow, but I cannot find any information about who/what company did business over there last time. It seems no one is interested in this bloody building enough to write it’s history. Haha, you got a point there…Roman Empire really fall….so I guess Galleria is just imitating what happened to the Roman Empire. I really wish to find out more about this place. If only I have contacts who are willing to give me infos.(besides that guard, of course)

    Pete, maybe not a good location for a shopping complex, but I bet, if they use it as a disco or sth, confirm that place will be happening. LMAO. it’s really a waste… if wan to let it be wasted liddat, should just gv it to me ma… whaha… den I can have a huge house to live in. Waseehh, den can be like a Queen liao, house so big.

  4. peteformation says:

    I can’t really remember the name Rainbow, I only remember Galeria. Setapak area is not good for night life lah. If this one converted to disco, then after they close every night maybe can hear, MJ thriller playing by it self. LOL

  5. cleffairy says:

    MJ thriller playing by themselves? Shhhh… cannot say loud loud… later calvin cry worrr… den how ahh?

    But trust me, in some certain areas in Setapak, especially around TARC… night life is LIFE. LOL…so many college students zombie-ing around til 4-5am in da morn.

  6. vertigo says:

    he he.. i was staying at setapak while the galeria was built, frankly it was one of the most largest buildings in the area (besides courts mammoth). I rmb askin my dad to bring me there once it was open hahaha…. 10+? years later i still have never set foot inside. LOL. Oh well.

  7. Garfield says:

    i think u should come to Setapak area at night, you can see lots of TARC students walking around at night going to mamak stall. if it is at weekend, you can even see then wearing their “feng tau” “Uniform” yam char at those mamak stall b4 they go to disco or after come back for disco.

    honestly, if this galleria is reopen as a shopping complex, it will not be able to compete with megamall or klcc suria. but at least, it will be a new hot place for TARC student to lepak.

    although the traffic is horrible in setapak, but for those TARC student, they will willing to walk there to shop or lepak. coz i know, they rather walk far for lepak also not willing to walk for for study. and of course, since TARC students nowadays 86% of them have car(about 25%+ got sport car), and the petrol is paid by their parents, they will willing to spend their time and petrol to go shoping.

    but then, i’m not sure the business there will be ok or not, since so many thing has occupied there so long, and the feng shui also got problem, i’m not sure how long the glory moment will stay if the feng shui is not corrected.

    i got think b4, if next time i got money, i really hope to buy over that building and make it my office after the feng shui is corrected. make the main entrance door in front a bit, put 2 “Pi Xiu” lion at the main door, and etc.

    the problem of that building now is actually dun have anything to neutralize the “Sha Qi” of the T junction in front of the building. since the “Sha” is too strong, it will cause trouble to the feng shui, but doing business need “Sha” so putting 2 “Pi Xiu” lion will help to digest the “Sha” to be suitable for business also, if dun want to put the front door too front and make it brighter, then should put more lights and make sure the lights is also on at night, then make the stair case to the front door more steps so that it will able to help digest the “Sha”

  8. cleffairy says:

    Kikey… usually people who are familar with Setapak area is familiar with this place. πŸ˜€ Maybe you did not pass by the place when you were in Malaysia.

    Vertigo, it’s a waste, isn’t it? The place is so huge…left to be haunted. You never stepped foot inside? Aww… I was hoping to find someone who actually been inside before. I was not allowed to go in…not that I want to when it’s all dark and creepy, my courage and curiosity definitely got limit, haha…but I really wonder how is it like inside. πŸ˜€ Anyway, thank you for visiting my blog and comment on my article. I really appreciate it. I wonder where you get my link from, though.

    Garfield, those Tarcian, really beh tahan them. *sigh* some of them don’t behave like college students. Ask them to study, they sure dunwan, you call them and ask them out to yumcha at 3 am in the morning, confirm they go out and yumcha with you wan.

    On galleria… wasted right, such a huge building being left empty. The building is actually beautiful. I really like it. Since the owner leave it to waste, maybe I should go find the owner and tell him to let me stay inside for free… muahahaha…. can stay in a house so big. But on second thought, maybe I dunwan…later hantu kacau me. LOL. You know quite alot about feng shui… I dunno much about it. πŸ™ But it will be good if the feng shui could be corrected and the building once again could be revived and put to good use.

  9. vertigo says:

    I got your page from Calvin.. and i got his page from someone else… on and on. Its my way of looking for interesting blogposts online.. he he. Don’t worry, im not a serial stalker, just an innocent Tarc student of 2 years. Heh heh heh..

    Actually its half true what garfield said, we do like to enjoy ourselves n go shopping, clubbing, favourite hangout at mamaks all night long. If got car even better!! More options haha.. but u hv to understand that 40% of students come from other states and live by themselves. They have to stay in the CRAMPED hostel/ rented apartment for 2-4 years, without family, alone.

    And being frisky teenagers, they can’t stand cooped up in a room for long πŸ˜€ It gets worse during Sat n Sun. Totally bored. What to do? Go out yumcha with frens lo. Mamak = budget + can chat + reduce boredom. Agree, this lifestyle is hazardous to health though. Too much maggi goreng makes hair fall out. And by shopping we usually don’t buy things, just window shop and walk around. Our parents are sensible, if they only can afford to send us to Tarc (cheapest college in msia), they only can afford to give us the money we need.

    What about the other 60%? Well, i’m sure u guys don’t see the 60% staying at home with parents.. like me (im in ampang now):D We do study though, just that we don’t study in public. ha ha.

  10. Garfield says:

    actually u r considered as minority of the TARC population. coz majority of tarcian prefer to enjoy than study. and they even willing to sacrifice their study time to enjoy…

    i still remember when i was a tarcian, although i prefer to have my own private time in my room, but due to have to mix well with ppl around me, i have no choice but to sacrifice my personal time…

    anyway, the syllabus that time is also very simple. i only study the day b4 exam and get good result. i wonder if the syllabus now has improved already or not. since its already so many years already, i hope TARC has already changed their syllabus since the old syllabus is damn stupid and useless. just theory and the so called practical is not even something practical….

    about the galleria, i think i wan to write about it also. i am planning to take some pictures there at midnight. dunno if i am lucky enough to get those white shadow pictures or not.

  11. fergie says:

    Wah such a beautiful building wasted .. why can’t covert into something like an Art Gallery/Museum like in Europe. Small country like Netherlands has so many beautiful art galleries. I thought our country full of diverse cultures .. should exhibit some of our culture la. I haven’t been to KL since 2000 .. pls don’t call me a jakun ok?

  12. cleffairy says:

    Vertigo… LOL… I know you’re not a serial stalker…not so possible to stalk me anyway, because no one over here actually knows how I look like…well…maybe my sisters and brothers, cuz they know me in real life. So you’re a TARC student for 2 years? What course? Actually, if you’re a Tarcian, then you’re also my junior. LOL. I was a Tarcian too back in 2002, so I actually know how a Tarcian’a life is. πŸ˜›

    Lived in hostel and moved out after first sem, becoz cannot tahan with the bloody guards, and the bloody Stephen Phang who is in charge of hostel who is simply fucking nosy and dun bother about hostel safety. If you’re familar with my blog, you can actually guess that in real life, I’m also a kaki complain. LOL…a trait that someone in a journalism line can never get rid off.

    TBR is like my kitchen, thank God i moved out…. TBR’s food sux! Only the vegetarian foods over there are passable for me. Most Tarcian, like what Garfield say, really dun behave like students, can see them loiter around at wee hours, clubbing and stuff… and typical Tarcian, would definitely study last minute….definitely never study in front of people…heck, not much students can be seen studying at the Clubhouse either, unless they are discussing assies stuff. For girls…*sigh* they even made their bf to do their coursework for them. I’ve seen such cases…

    I was quite the geeky kind, sometimes, I even end up doing group assignments all by myself becoz my groupmates prefers to do it last minutes and stuff, which irks me to no end. Celaka…luckily now I’m not there anymore! Internet connection in CIT sux to boot too!

    Bottomline…lol…a lot of Tarcian likes to waste time and paktor around. I was one, so I kno. LOL

    … in TARC, if you dun mix around with ppl and spend time to yumcha with them, confirm si lohhh! Some blardy gangster head also expect us to bow to them and be their dog…life as a Tarcian…sux… I wouldn’t want to be a Tarcian again… period! As much as I hate my working life, it’s way much better than being a TARC student. If you’re not bitchy enough, den it’s really hard to fit in, especially in SSH…. you’re expected to wear skimpy clothes and behaves like a bitch in heat.

    Fergie...wasted right? I dun think they will turn it into an art gallery or anything, cuz the feng shui so bad… no one wants the building.

    Kevin… can, can, as long as you dun become a BN feller, can liao.

  13. Garfield says:

    just 2 words, tarcian sux.

    even the college also crap. teaching something that is not useful. and things that i learn outside from the college is useful, nothing that teach in TARC is useful at all.

    i dunno the syllabus now, hope they did improve it, or else, it will be just another place for rich ass kids to lepak only.

  14. cleffairy says:

    Garfield, not all sux la… I was a Tarcian too wud… πŸ™

    But, I agree with you that the college syllabus sux and does not help you when you’re working at all. Remember when you’re still in TARC? The bloody syllabus includes English in almost every semester in almost every courses they offered… English for communication la, English for dunno what lah… OMG… So absurd!

    The course are generally in English… still need to teach people English every semester meh? OMG Ridiculous! Their English course are not effective… becoz alot of TARC command of English din end up superb also. You find any Tarcian on the street, and ask them to write…I dare to bet that majority, their written English is laughable. Even the Uncle who sell coconut juice at TBR have a better command of written and spoken English.LOL.

    That’s not really a place for rich ass to lepak, becoz some go there really to study…some are even on scholarship, and some go to TARC to study because their SPM result is not so good and just so-so…get 5 credit only, and since other place cannot accept them… they have no choice but to study in TARC.

  15. calvin says:

    my name mentioned again……alo, i dont simply cry ok. i may be sensitive on some issues, but i dont cry over ghosts….*sobsob*. now see, i have to report to rachel you say me….. πŸ˜›

    wah, talking about tarc and studies make me feel really, really old. it was like how many years ago…..14, 15 years. walaueh, time really does fly.

    walaueh, vertigo, you got my blog from someone else….walaueh, didnt know i was famous. i tot my only readers were from the ol’ gang……….hehehe. eh, why i put so much walaueh eh?

    kikey, you didnt know about the night life in kl or the building itself? you mustve been a very good girl. me, im a bad boy. lazy….see where i ended up. being a slave….kuli….hamba….servant….er what else, aiya!! dunno oredy lah!!! πŸ˜›

  16. vertigo says:

    ya wor.. the “English” subjects really takes the cake. Next semester Im gonna have AELE3773 English for Management. That title is already redundant in itself. Haha.. What the heck am i supposed to learn? Thankfully its the last language subject i’m gonna take. Im from Multimedia Design btw. It’s a pretty new course, im the 3rd batch. I guess Clef is from Journalism? XD Waaa u guys also tarcian le.. but tok pui jek *stab in the back* LOL!

    Actually i think the problem isn’t the English syllabus in Tarc. The students coming to Tarc has a very weak foundation in their English, so Tarc has to bump down to secondary school level so that the students can follow. I blame the Education Ministry for that. lol. My friends who are Chinese-ed are forced to speak English to me everyday, *cuz they can’t understand my chinese* and i find it way more effective than our classes. ha ha.

  17. fergie says:

    Kevin wanna be a politician? OK .. you got My family’s votes (as Cleff says s’long as not BN). When u become VIP may we be considered your “cronies”??LOL

  18. cleffairy says:

    Calvin, aiyo…dun report to Rachel lehh… she have rotan. I’m scared of rotan. Huhuhuhu. πŸ˜›
    Eh, you where got old ah? Actually to be honest, I forget that I was once a student until Vertigo came here. LOL…as much as I hate to be a slave to my work…I enjoyed working life as an adult more than being a student. And I seems to click well with people who are way older than me than people who are my age. *shakes head* you wun believe who I actually mix around with at my place here. I can be seen yum cha-ing around with uncle and aunties who are more than twice my age every now and then. Even join the resident committee to kaypo around and used to fuck off my area’s MP( BN feller) but now not anymore la, cuz the new MP, who is from Pakatan does his work pretty well,. πŸ˜› so much for being in my twenties… huhuhu…I’m behave like some old auntie. πŸ˜›

    Vertigo… I really got sick from ‘studying’ English in TARC. The classes made me sleep, literally. And yeah, you guessed it right, I was from Journalism…. Multimedia Design, eh…it was already there during my time. Not so new. LOL. Soon, you are going to find out that whatsoever they are feeding you in college is not so useful when you are looking for a job. You’re gonna have to learn a lot of skills outside on your own. Haha…
    I WAS a Tarcian… so I think I am entitled to kutuk lorr… you cannot kutuk yet… because if any of the people in TARC find out… you susah wan to graduate. Hahaha… Since you’re from SSH…I ask you one question… Mr. Lee Hwee Chuin is now the head of school? If it is, he rocks! He was my favourite lecturer…the only subject apart from Drama that I can tolerate…which is law subject. LOL. The previous lady who was the head of school is quite bitchy and irks me quite often. And I dun even want to remember her name. LOL.

    Fergie… yeah… we definitely will be his cronies….*evil cackles*. Granted, if he’s not from BN… ahahaha. πŸ˜›

    Bro Hawk…aiya, part two will have to wait arr… lol…I’m having quite severe migraine these few days. πŸ™

  19. cleffairy says:

    Pamina, Selamat hari raya maaf Zahir Batin to you too. I wish you a happy hari raya with your loved ones, and have a safe journey back to your hometown. Be safe. πŸ˜€ I’m really looking forward to this coming Eid…the food, the sleep… ahahah…

    Celine… huhuhu, it really takes a lot to be ‘geng’ like that. I was not so ‘geng’ until I studied Journalism. πŸ™ I used to be a scardy cat and a coward when I was in my teenage years.

  20. Celine says:

    I mean, how can u still stay there if you r already having ur goosebumps over ur body? Sometimes, it means that “those things” are at ur side watchin u you know? Yerrr…I already felt chilled by saying so!

  21. cleffairy says:

    Celine… LOL…actually when I say I’m used to this kind of things is because I can ‘see’ them. LOL…when I was a little girl, I already can see them. last time I’m really scared of them, but got used to them eventually…for one thing, I can’t really attend funeral because usually if I go funeral, the things that I saw really more worst, den I’ll get fever after that. Actually, nonid to be scared of them wan if they’re around you, because if you dun disturb them, they wun disturb you. Just make sure you wun make them angry… if not, sure teruk wan.

  22. riverrasquale says:

    It’s interesting that you explained about this building. Even when it was first built, I felt something was not right. At that time I had to commute to Hulu Klang every day. I was cussing it because the Roman Architectural style was incorrectly done and was out of place, IMO. It never compelled me to visit the place as I knew it was a shopping mall, as it looks so unaccessible… So now you say it’s really haunted…yeah some places really gives the creeps and you just now you cannot stay there long… the design is so rigid, difficult to adapt the building lah…why lah in the first place do a symmetrical design, so difficult to chop and change…as you know Pertama Complex had to adapt in order to make people come…if they had designed Galleria to be more modern and utilitarian, it could be more adaptable…what a waste!

  23. cleffairy says:

    Riverra, it must be the location factor that made the building not usable. πŸ™ Such a huge waste. I was not around long enough to see it’s build. I only had the chance to be familiar with this building when it’s already ‘dead’ and haunted.

    Rose, maybe in the next part of my galleria reporting I will retell the tale that the guard told me. Ahaha…have to wait when I’m free during the day though, or else I will spook myself silly also. LOL. πŸ˜€ Actually there’s more picture of the building at night… but I was too lazy to put it up. ahaha.

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