Apparently, my love is conditional…

Yes. You read it right. Apparently, my love is not always unconditional. They comes with conditions…especially when Laksa is involved. ๐Ÿ˜€ Pete posted Laksa in his blog, and it reminds me that I’ve been going nuts over Laksa these few days, and one pack is simply insufficient for me. Thankfully, my husband has grown immune to my craziness for Laksa after being together for so long, and he had somehow acquired the same taste for Laksa like me.

Growing up in Penang, Laksa and I often walk hand in hand. I had to have some Penang Laksa fix at least 3-4 times a month, a few bowls at one sitting or I’ll be a horrid person to deal with.

Some people may complain that I eat very little in one sitting, but one could be horrified on how I could lick my bowl clean, and ask for at least two more bowl of Laksa after finishing off my first one. Terrible, terrible, gluttony me…my mum used to make Laksa for us on weekends when i was still living with my parents. She’ll make one whole pot full of Laksa soup, and it’ll be licked clean within the first hour!

(Sorry for the awful presentation… It was midnight, and I was half way through my Laksa when I suddenly remember to take this picture. Too hungry. LOL)

But my love for Penang Laksa comes with condition. They’re these:

1. The soup must me thick, slightly creamy, and no sight of bones inside. No watery, darkish soup of for me, thank you. They repel me.

2. They must not have pieces of fish/fish flakes on top of it. They turned me off, and if I found any chunks of fish on top of my Laksa, I wouldn’t even touch it the Laksa, what more eat it.

3. They must be served with some green chillies vinegar.

4. They must have bits of pineapples on it.

5. The laksa MUST be served with prawn paste and generous servings of shredded salad, cucumber and onions.

6. They MUST be served with boiled eggs. That’s right. Plural. Eggs. A few boiled eggs, and not just one. (now, don’t go on a few hours of lecture on the calories on me. It would be a huge waste of your breath)

7. The Laksa noodles must not be the ‘wet rice’ kind… that leaves heavy taste on my mouth. They must be the regular, dried ones that you have to boil in hot water before serving them.

8. The Laksa must have the correct combination of spiciness and sourness, or I won’t even finish the Laksa.

So, how do you like YOUR Laksa? Oh yes, mind you… in my humble opinion… this is Laksa. Those that comes with curry and yellow noodles are not Laksa. They are MEE CURRY. Get it?

Cleffairy: I want it right. Or I won’t have it at all. I won’t settle for the second best!


  1. suituapui says:

    Whose love is unconditional? God’s? Love is never blind…love is never without motive. It is often about getting what one wants, including a hubby or a wife…as best one can.

  2. Cleffairy says:

    Hahaha… I think God’s love is unconditional… we may claim we love unconditionally… but our love is not perfect. We’re with flaws… that’s what I believe. Only He could offer the greatest love of all. Won’t you agree with me on that? ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Cleffairy says:

      Hahaha… yalah… that day when I was telling you I was peeling eggs… that was for my laksa lohhh… *blush* You’re not crazy. You’re still normal. You wanna see crazy… you got to see me. Eat and sleep weird hours…write mad rantings all the time… and worst of all… I’m a disaster in the kitchen. Always burn my food too!

    • Cleffairy says:

      That’s what you call it? In Penang… they dun actually call this Asam laksa… it’s either… Laksa belanga… or just simply laksa. Asam laksa have a darker colour, and the soup is much more watery. This type, usually is known as Laksa belanga… cuz the soup is made inside belanga.

      We have another typle… known as Laksam…. now that is asam punya laksa. Really masam wan… but the noodles are koay teow. Not this kind of noodles.

  3. Beii says:

    yala! I got confused during my growing up stage when I start looking at hawker stall writing curry laksa and it came out as curry mee..I’m like..what?!?

    haha! my mom loves laksa like yours as well! Very authentic…penang or something right? She grew up in Kedah so I guess that’s the taste there! XD Hard to get those kinda laksa that’s yummy nowadays.lucky lucky u!

    • Cleffairy says:

      Yeah… this is Penang Laksa… or Laksa Utara… as some might call it. Asam laksa have a darker colour, and usually served with flakes of fish on top of it along with garnishes, including some mint leaves. I dun like asam laksa… abit geli to eat. LOL… but this one sits very well with me. Alot people mistook this kind of laksa for Asam laksa. I don’t know why… it’s pretty easy to distinguish to me.

      Haizz… i dunno why they call those mee curry laksa? Those noodles are not even laksa to even begin with. They’re yellow noodles for God’s sake.

      LOL… this laksa I had… taste just so so… nothing in comparison to the one my mum made. But beggars can’t be choosers. Had to settle for this one. This one is quite watery to my liking, but still tolerable.

  4. June says:

    I don’t like to add pineapple in laksa and i dont like eat with eggs.. lolz

    I like bowl laksa with a lots fish, thick soup, must go with thick black prawn paste, lots of mints leaves and raw onions!! Every time I eat laksa must have keropok udang / keropok ikan. Dip inside soup crunchy!!!

    I used to eat only laksa soup with keropok udang / keropok ikan during my sec schools! 1 bowl laksa soup RM0.50, 1 packet of keropok is only RM0.30 LMAO damn missed those days!! =D

  5. Joanne Tiew says:

    I called it Assam Laksa.

    I love the soup which is not too thick and preferably not too much of onion.

    I will normally ask the seller to add more “ha gou”, and chili padi for me.

    And later I will add in some light soya sauce into the soup.

    • Cleffairy says:

      Woi… i tink u need to check ur brain… when I deny I’m from Penang? When I said I am not from Penang… that means I AM NOT in Penang… I was in Penang. There’s a difference between present tense and past tense. Everyone here knows that I used to live in Penang, but not anymore.

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