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I’m quite a big fan of Hello Kitty. Apparently I have a soft spot for everything girlish and pink. Yes. I’ve been a huge fan of Hello Kitty, the fictional character produced by the Japanese company, Sanrio. She is depicted as an anthropomorphic white Japanese bobtail cat with a red bow.

I used to think that Hello Kitty is a cat, but apparently my whole life is a lie. The character is a gijinka, an anthropomorphism or personification of a cat. In August 2014 an anthropologist from the University of Hawaii was told by Sanrio that Hello Kitty was not simply a cat, describing her as a little English girl called Kitty White, from outside London. The name Kitty was inspired from Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking-Glass, where in a scene early in the book Alice plays with a cat she calls Kitty.

So there you have it, folks…the truth about Hello Kitty that not much of you probably know. She is more than just a what she seems, a mouthless cat. She is a little girl, who is every girls’ best friend, and last week, I was given an opportunity to catch a glimpse of her at the launching of her clothing line at Kitschen, Fahrenheit 88, Kuala Lumpur.

Sanrio’s Hello Kitty range of products are usually quite high priced, but now you can wear the Hello Kitty themed collection by KITSCHEN which is tagged affordably between RM39.90 to RM159.90.

 photo IMG_20141113_155024_zps7ivsykec.jpg

Hello Kitty, posing with models during the launch of Hello Kitty clothing line at KITSCHEN.

Check out the video for the collection line up. The amazing exclusive Hello Kitty themed collection features a wide range of silhouettes that brings out the rock and roll, and funky side of Hello Kitty and in the collection includes maxi column dresses, stretchable knit covers, cropped tops, oversized tops, mini dresses, denim shorts and baseball jackets. Also, drawing inspiration from the wild, the exciting collection features Aztec and Tri-colour leopard prints in a variety of ultra-fashionable colours, ranging from Pink, Turquoise, Grey and Black.

A variety of fabric materials are used in producing the silhouettes, which ranges from jersey, PU leather, fleece, sequins, neoprene, netting and denim. These exciting pieces of the Hello Kitty themed collection will leave KITSCHEN’s wearers thrilled with a whole lot of fun to play mix and match with the pieces.

To celebrate the launch of its exclusive collection, KITSCHEN is organising a ‘KITSCHEN Loves Hello Kitty’ contest from November 15th to December 15th, 2014. Customers who purchase any Hello Kitty items are entitled to one entry token. 10 lucky winners will be selected at the end of the contest period. 2 x Grand Prize Winners will each win two Special Hello Kitty Meet & Greet passes, two admission tickets to SANRIO HELLO KITTY TOWN Nusajaya and one RM500 KITSCHEN cash voucher. 8 x Consolation Winners will each receive two admission tickets to SANRIO HELLO KITTY TOWN Nusajaya and one RM200 KITSCHEN cash voucher.

Apart from that, customers with purchase of RM50 and above worth of KITSCHEN’S Hello Kitty Collection are entitled to a 20% discount on SANRIO HELLO KITTY TOWN Nusajaya admission tickets.

SANRIO HELLO KITTY TOWN Nusajaya is the first SANRIO HELLO KITTY TOWN theme park outside of Japan. SANRIO HELLO KITTY TOWN Nusajaya consists of various walk-through attractions, as well as interactive activities and rides based on the iconic Hello Kitty character.

Still contemplating on purchasing the cute clothing?

 photo IMG_589994164382946_zpsnfttnson.jpeg

KITSCHEN is also throwing these freebies in! 😉 So, ladies and gentleman, boys and girls…what are you waiting for? 😉 make a grab at the collection before they are gone!

For more information or ticket purchase for SANRIO HELLO KITTY TOWN Nusajaya, kindly visit For news and updates follow

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