Beautiful Island Escapade: Jungle Trekking in Tioman Island

The media entourage were brought for jungle trekking during our TICD 2016 trip in Tioman Island. I usually enjoy jungle trekking with my husband and son but this time around, I gave this activity a miss as prior to the trekking session it rains rather heavily and I believe the trek was still slippery and I was not equipped for the trekking session. It would have required me to wear hiking shoes with excellent grip but I only brought a non grip sports shoes with me, so only my husband joined in this activity. Shame, as there was there is a hidden waterfall in the depth of Tioman Island.

Here’s sharing some pictures my photographer husband Adam Lau, Raja Sheril and Neyra Syazeyra took during the jungle trekking session:

 photo received_1802242323355705_zpsnzti9o4w.jpeg

The trek was still slippery and therefore the route was much more challenging than usual.

 photo received_1802242466689024_zpsdk58lo6p.jpeg

A participant balancing herself during the jungle trekking session.

 photo received_1802242250022379_zpskui64zwj.jpeg

Participants were told to walk in pairs had to rely on each other to climb up jagged paths and from the look of it, it was not an easy feat indeed.

 photo received_1292292757488171_zpskjcyi4nz.jpeg

The trekking session took about 1 hour with no leisurely stop before reaching the waterfall.

 photo received_1291915984192515_zpsvjcellfm.jpeg

And here is the reward for the participants, a quick shower at the waterfall.

 photo received_1291915510859229_zpspepype1x.jpeg

One quick photo for the album before they were ushered back to Berjaya Tioman Resort as it was getting really dark and it was really dangerous to stay in the jungle when it is dark.

For more information on seasports activities in Berjaya Tioman Resort, head over here:

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