Beware of Eggs

I made a point to make half boiled eggs for my son to dip with toasts every now and then these days. He enjoyed the simple breakfast very much that sometimes he’d ask for it a couple of times a week. And so, a couple of days ago, when my husband was home, I made extras so that he could have the same breakfast too.

Unfortunately for both of us, I was not aware that half boiled eggs could make someone’s stomach cramp badly. My bad. The man already told me not to give him any breakfast cuz he couldn’t really take breakfast these days and will have terrible stomach ache if he does. I suppose breakfasts does not fit his tummy or his schedule anymore, and packed lunch or brunch later in the day is a better alternative as the stomach is much more settled by then.

I bet some people cannot take breakfasts too, especially half boiled eggs cuz their stomachs are rather sensitive and they are liable to get awful cramps. So ladies, take note. Half boiled eggs are not for everyone. They could be very bad, in fact. I’m just so glad that my son did not have any diarrhea or worst, food poisoning for eating the half boiled eggs that I made, or I’ll be having tough time settling him down for the rest of the day!

Cleffairy: Well, huge lesson learned.  Half boiled eggs are not for everyone. Perhaps something milder and more sophisticated like minced meat porridge with salted eggs or fried rice would be much kinder on the stomach for people with sensitive stomach.


  1. small kucing says:

    Laaa didn’t know u take half boiled eggs else give u some fresh ones fr sg kurus.

    I x take. Dint like the texture. J take

    Adoi…your hubs cramp?lol..the way it sound like hvg period la. Anyway, must b makan tak tentu time. Work follow USA time too much.

    Try get him eat more healthily. Fall sick susah liao.

    • says:

      Ah, yes… me and anak kinda ular la. We always makan half boiled eggs. One week got two or three times. Makan with toasts, sedap. But my hubby kenot take. Will cramp…kakakaka…kesian. Macam period u kno. Sakit perut. Haizz…very chamz. I din know. Anak perut quite kebal ma. Hahahah…

      He dun follow US liao now. Now work normal time…but makan tak tentu hala oso la. Lucky got kind friends and colleague always tapau and feed him. Else will kebuluran!

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