• Cleffairy says:

      Lol…aiya…u think too much oredi. Wasn’t talking about life. I was simply talking about safe sex. Took this photo a few years back in Midvalley during the AIDS Awareness Month. Saja put up for Wordless Wednesday. Tot it would be a good mesaage. I’m all for safe sex and wearing condom thingie… unless you’re planning for a baby, of course. I’m kinda against unplanned and unwanted pregnancy…so yea…Playsafe…or Durex all the way. Lol.

      Ps: Got to let u kno that Playsafe is not exactly safe thou…can ‘accident’ wif it wan. Easily broken. Durex is good and trustworthy…but not very nice to use lerr…kinda ‘dry’.

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