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When I was still practicing journalism, I attended loads of events, launching parties, meet and greet sessions as well as press conferences. It was fun to be in the media line, especially when it comes to covering things that’s related to the local entertainment industry. It was good while it last.

A few years back, blogging industry haven’t flourished, and bloggers were not exactly considered as part of the media family. It’s different now. Bloggers are classified as a member of the media. They are known as the alternative media, and you can see them invited to cover for a lot of events-be it in the business industry, food or the entertainment industry. Bloggers are considered influential in the media industry.

But then again, I can’t really say I am proud to be a blogger. I prefer to tell people that I’m a freelance writer, an author, or a retired journalist cuz not many bloggers are ethical whenever they cover for events and whatnot.

Sometimes, I feel ashamed to admit that I am a blogger. Why? Well, some bloggers are really arrogant, and they are too proud with the fact that they are a blogger. They have no respect for others, and they think that they deserves better treatment… just because they own a blog- an attitude that is rather shallow in my opinion cuz everyone can be a blogger. All you need to do is just setup a blog, write some junk in it, and you’re done- you’re a blogger. What exactly is there to be proud of, may I ask you? Any Tom, Dick and Harry can be a blogger. And to me, there’s nothing to be proud of either to tell people that you own a your own domain name. Domain name doesn’t worth that much. It’s merely USD10 per year, and anyone with basic IT skill can setup a self-hosted wordpress blog and whatnot. What exactly is there to be proud of? Did you know that in some part of the world, even a 14 year old kid can have his or her own self hosted blog with a .com domain?

It is beyond my comprehension why some bloggers must tell event organizers that they must be respected and must be treated like a VIP. To me, bloggers are just like any other members of the media.

Yesterday, when I was attending Nasi Lemak 2.0 Red Carpet Gala on 28th August 2011… I noticed that apart from being arrogant and fussy, some young ‘famous’ bloggers are disrespectful and inconsiderate towards people who are fasting as well.

Geez… I know that some of you may be food bloggers who are constantly invited to food tasting and whatnot, but can’t you wait for the breaking fast time before hogging the buffet spread table that’s prepared by the organizer? And can’t you be more considerate towards those who are fasting and let them take the food to break their fast first before acting like a bunch of hooligans and stand there for a full 5 minutes just to snap some photos with your damn DSLR camera? And is it really necessary to pose with those food while people are lining up to take the food to break their fast? Why can’t you just get out of the way?

I don’t know how the rest of the world view bloggers, but as long as these sort of people exists in the blogging industry, I will feel ashame to admit that I am a blogger.

Cleffairy: There’s a difference between professional media practitioners and the non-professional and the unethical ones. Professional media practitioners will concentrate on reporting about certain events, while those non-professional will be self-oriented and talk about themselves instead of covering for the events that they were invited to cover for.




  1. suituapui says: just hertfordshire dating

    Celebrity bloggers mah… Ewek!!! I think it is the Malaysian mentality – perhaps the VERY Chinese. We joined our Muslim colleagues for buka puasa once in my former school. We were all seated, the food was all served…but we were waiting for the time and the prayers…but guess what they did. They didn’t bother to wait – they ate and then they just left even before the whole thing started. I really felt so ashamed that there were people like that among my own kind… No respect at all for our fellow-Malaysians and their religious practices. Is it any wonder at all that we have all these problems in our midst? Don’t blame the politicians, don’t blame others, blame ourselves – we are really pathetic, to say the least.

    • Cleffairy says:

      Celebrity apa celebrity? Those real celebrity oso dun behave like this wan, you kno? Makes me feel malu as a blogger… some of these so called ‘celebrity bloggers’ really have no shame! And I feel so embarassed that these people have no respect for other people’s practice. Not to say that I’m good or wud, but at least I dun simply makan in front of people who are fasting. And I dun go baham food before breaking fast time, even though they say it’s all right to do so. Malu, you know, malu? Paiseh oso leh. No harm wait wud? Have to be considerate to others who are fasting ma, and eating together would be more fun.

      I saw some of those ‘celebrity’ bloggers took those food at the buffet spread, eat before breaking fast time, and by the time the azan was heard, they have already finished eating. Why be selfish? And why must demand special privileges and whatnot? Everyone is just the same! So cocky got benefit kah? Eee…make me wanna puke. šŸ™

  2. suituapui says:

    I remember there were tv and newspaper reports on the national-level Hari Raya Open House – how people thronged the place bringing their plastic bags and taking home all the food. The tourists interviewed expressed their shock at the disgusting behaviour. Disgraceful! These people really give Malaysians a bad name…

    • Cleffairy says:

      Very true… if u dun respect each other, dun go blame those politicians for making an issue out of these things!

      Haihh… go ppl’s open house and those big big open house, why nid to bring plastic bag… šŸ™ buat malu aje… later pl tot we kebuluran…dah lah those stuff are free, still wan to tapau? Disgraceful. If you paid for it lain cerita la…

    • Cleffairy says:

      šŸ™ Yalah, really buat malu aje. And to tink that they hog the buffet table spread and camwhore there while those who are fasting where lining up patiently to take the food to break fast! TSK…

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