Collagen anyone?

I’m kinda stressed up with all the overwhelming things that’s going on right now, and my face kinda show my stress level. A friend commented that my skin looked dull and fatigue. Being a vain person, I knew that just using cleanser, lotions and whatnot to take care of my skin is just not enough, and I need to heal and repair my skin from within with supplements like collagen drinks and whatnot.

Now, I’m not quite familiar with those beauty drinks and whatnot though I’ve heard that it’s really effective to combat skin fatigue and signs of aging for some people. Do you ladies have any recommendations for me? I’m not quite sure what to get myself, considering that there’s so much of those collagen/beauty drinks in the market, and I can’t possibly try out one by one as it’s kinda expensive to just simply try out some.

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  1. don says:

    eh.. when u found edi, tell me ah..
    now me is on and off drinking the eu yan seng one, but really superrrrrrr expensive… but my skin condition is heavily rely on my hormone stage one, if hormone is good, then face also less oily, if period time, then all sort of break out will start to haunt. so i also don’t know effective or not.
    my friend took the one in watson, wat kimino thing, that also not so effective also according to her, but her face also due to hormon one, sometime ok, sometime not ok.
    i ever tried the brands one, also i don’t know effective or not leh.. coz to me everything also same only..

  2. Twilight Man says:

    A lady friend swore that collagen drinks made her prettier with radiant skin but still no guys tackled her. I blamed it on her arrogance and too high expectations for a fairy tale wedding.
    When she stopped taking it for a while, her skin looked like prunes again.

    Another senior lady never heard of collagen drinks but she looks relaxed & winkle free. All I know is she goes for yoga 3 times a week and does yoga for 10 mins daily at home. She also goes for body massage every weekend. That was her secret and it is so much cheaper. STRESS KILLS.

  3. Angeline says:

    I heard of kinohimitsu ~ So does it really that good? I’m not sure. But can try right?

    Hada Labo range is also good to try. For me I use Za products. So far so good for me.

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